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  1. Sincere shout out to Garrison!

    I'm slowly budget landscaping my backyard. Been stuck on a particular unusual sized space. Saw this clip last week and was zeroed in on the corner connectors. Never saw them before so quickly went to the Home Depot website and there they were, $2.98 ea. And they cut the boards per dimension. $40 and I've got a planter for my desert plants. Ground is like concrete so had to go above ground. Told the kid who was cutting the lumber I saw this on a reality show (would never say which one . . . to anybody) and he just stared at me. One morning install, no help, and done.

    Sister Wives on TLC - The Learning Channel

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  2. Found an interesting comment after a Letter to the Editor, Polygamy a choice?, written by one of Christine's cousins. 

    "Rebecca Kimbel April 1, 2020 At 5:23 pm

    DNA testing should be required with every welfare check. Fathers..ALL fathers, single or married, should be held responsible for THEIR breeding rights. NOT THE TAX PAYERS, When those fathers assets are held in the name of a church that endorses polygamy, THAT CHURCH should be held financially responsible for the Costs of Polygamy, not the tax payers. Responsibility SHOULD BE on those who crated it. Freedom of choice is NOT a choice when somebody else has to foot the bill.
    Kody Brown’s wife Christine is my cousin. She AND her sister wives ALL admit that it is hurtful knowing he is having sex with another wife. Kody declares bankruptcy every five years in the name of a different wife. Kody’s wives have been indoctrinated to believe they will loose their eternal salvation if they don’t live polygamy.IT IS NOT GOD WHO CREATED DUAL STANDARDS.Kody’s wives are about as happy as Kody would be if he had to share his only wife with a BROTHER HUSBAND."


    Looks like Robyn's on deck for the next bankruptcy after the show gets cancelled.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Art Of Noiz said:

    Dayton dropped out

    If true, poor Gabe.

    . . . ranked 10th of over 800 students academically, was a rising star on the wrestling team and was “friends with the entire school”. He even had a girlfriend he was seeing for almost a year.

    Wonder how he rilly feels about Robyn.

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  4. 1 hour ago, ginger90 said:

    episode where Krystyn  Decker appeared

    Sister Wives On the Ropes              Season 6 (2013-14) Episode 9

    The family argues that the practice is spiritual for them and that they think of it as an issue of personal freedom.

    Decker said that the practice was inherently misogynistic, while Kody says that it was a matter of personal choice.


    Highlights from the RadarOnline Interview with Krystyn  Nov. 4 2019

    "Kristyn explained how she feared she would “be held accountable and go to hell” if she left or warned people from joining plural marriages, as that is what the church teaches.

    “It’s a miserable-happy life,” she explained. “The Browns are miserable-happy. They’re miserable on the inside. I don’t think any of them know what genuine happiness and freedom is. I thought I was happy. I thought life was great and I was serving God. I was happy serving God, but miserable doing it. The more you sacrifice, the better your blessings will be in heaven.”

    “If there were no show, there would’ve been a bigger chance for them to leave,” the author explained. “That’s their income! All the parties, traveling… none of that would’ve happened without the show.”

    “She said that while physical abuse is common in AUB, it is “not as common as emotional and mental abuse.”

    “Polygamy is a system of abuse overall,” she explained. “Mental, emotional, and spiritual. The groups believe their leaders are the right ones and the others are wrong. Overall, polygamy is a system that’s harmful to men, women, children and society. You will live in polygamy and the women will be submissive. The women must let the men have other wives or they’ll go to hell.”

    Kristyn compared polygamy to a “cult-system.” “If we look up cult, everything within the AUB or religion of plural marriage, the system they have and believe in, it’s cohesive. The men will be the leaders. The men are the ones who bring the women to heaven if they qualify. The final decisions are with the men. If any of those women wanted to have another man, they couldn’t. It’s not an equality or equal system.” Kristyn told Radar that the “more information that gets out there the better.” “My heart is still in helping victims of polygamy,” she explained. “We were all taught that protecting polygamy was more important than to protect the truth.”



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  5. The visual of this guy, Add the personality, Add the family = LOSER

    The arrogance and behavior of this proud mama's boy, to appear on this show, is disturbing.



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  6. Mike continues to imitate his pathetic version of Eeyore in the preview of the Tell All. Apparently what they didn't show us, was after the happy, happy dinner and romp in the bedroom, Mike took off, stayed away for an extended period of time, came back and told the bunny boiler he couldn't get married "that day". Of course bunny boiler thought he went to be with a woman.

    These two look physically awful, to match their personalities. Shawn, in rare form, gives Mike the business and Tarek, remotely, chimes in how awful that was.

    Should be fun . . . maybe


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  7. Any thoughts on the dramatic increase in the reality of Kody this season, especially this episode?

    He really appears to be losing his grip, ie. the beady eyed rant in the car was quite the performance. The acknowledged anxiety walking into Janelle's and how uncomfortable he seemed with Gabe, Garrison, Savannah. The obvious indifference to Christine and the girl's when they dropped off birthday presents. And all things Meri.

    It appears to me to be authentic, and so out of character from his usual over the top ADHD performances. So I wonder, why now? Covid lockdowns, filming themselves, producer "ramp it up or be cancelled" stress, or the realization he's lost control and nothing is working like he "planned" and The Principle isn't doing what it promised. He's such a diva, I would think he'd maintain his composure to look good, even as his Family Titanic goes over the edge of the Grand Canyon.

    I think a big part of Kody's problem is with his kids. He is so immature. He had a better relationship and enjoyed their company when they were younger. It takes a different attitude to have a relationship with teens and older kids vs the younguns, you need to be interested and authentic. His grown kids are now more mature than he is, has his number,  don't adore him any longer, and he can't relate. He seemed very uncomfortable and hostile talking to and about Gabe and Garrison, and his glomming on to young Sol.

    I think this ridiculous Flagstaff move 100% didn't work out according to the plan in his head and the wuss that he is wants to take the easy way out. Blame the women. If he can bully and demean Meri and Christine to the point they will leave him, he will be happy. The heats off him-he didn't ask them to leave. He'd be fine with Robyn and Janelle.

    Was this a result of the Covid surprise, would it happened anyway, or without the lockdowns and mixed messages we all lived with, would they have been able cover up the devolve and continue giving us the shallow show of seasons past?

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  8. Dorinda's groundbreaking memoir will be released August 17, 2021. I wonder who she and Simon & Schuster thinks are interested in her life story?

    "The proud mom told us that her daughter was critical in helping her piece together her memoir and getting her through the parts she didn’t want to discuss — like the chapter about her anorexia battle when she was younger."

    "She explained that she “was very honest and forthright” in the memoir, which she started writing in November. “People kind of see me that way, sort of the voice of reason, tell it like it is, like me don’t like me,” she said. “Sometimes it serves you and sometimes it doesn’t, but it always teaches you something and I really wanted to speak about that coming from [humble beginnings].”



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  9. 2 hours ago, laurakaye said:

    I can't ever seem to get my head around if what Meri did was considered cheating when she was officially divorced from a man that clearly wanted nothing to do with her and had found himself a shiny new playtoy with long legs to keep him company.

    I'm with you LK, enjoying deep-diving into the psyches of these psychos. (as a wannabe, shout out to onceafan, for the professional takes!) Understanding Brown behavior is like a three tiered chess game wearing a blindfold in a tornado. 

    Does Meri relinquishing her legal wife status automatically shift her to a spiritual wife? How would one be removed from being a "spiritual wife"? Can one be a "spiritual wife" without a spiritual ceremony and new dress? Will Kody be stuck with Meri for eternity (🤣)? Does a plyg divorce clean the eternity slate? If Kody successfully bullies, demeans and breaks Meri into physically leaving the "family", will she also be gone from Kody's celestial death planet?

    Where can I find the plyg rulebook. So many questions . . .

    I know these guys are accomplished grifters, but unless they have grifted their adult life out of paying taxes and social security, Meri, as a legal wife, will be able to link her spiritual wife status to Kody's future social security. 🤣😂🤣



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  10. 4 hours ago, Elizzikra said:

    I really want an episode (or more) on the financial house of cards that is the Brown Family Finances. Someone had said that his name was not on the birth certificates for all of his children and the only reason not to have it on there is so that the family can claim benefits without having him on the hook for financial support. They don't seem to have health insurance either and with that number of family members, that just seems like a financial catastrophe waiting to happen

    This is what I'm anxiously waiting for!  

    The helicopter spotlight on the F's - Fraudulent Finances and Phony Faith.

    If not on this "reality" show, hopefully the gossip rags will take up the slack. There is something so shady about the adults in Brownsville. The arrogance of these  gypsies deserve a public exposure. AUB wants nothing to do with them,18 kids, multiple homes and  bankruptcies . . . c'mon man! None of them are likeable or sympathetic.

    This is what keeps me interested, knowing they will eventually be taking a bow after their last act, triggering the real "behind the curtain" show.  There's nothing from Hollywood anymore, no real news, maybe some hungry, enterprising writers are going "Huh?" along with all of us. 


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  11. "In connection with an opposition to [Erika Jayne]’s request to get a part of the $600,000 exemption from Tom Girardi’s house, a lender has provided damaging signatures showing her direct involvement in the borrowing by [Tom] and this will become powerful evidence against her in any future case if she tries to claim she didn’t know what was going on,”

    “She may claim she didn’t know Tom was broke or borrowing a lot of money but this negates any innocent housewife defense.”

    A snarky article. "Speaking of Erika, I love how on the show she talks about how she has two private jets she flies everywhere. Funny, because I sat across from her on an American Airlines flight a few years back (along with her “glam squad” that she takes everywhere)… I guess both of her jets were in for maintenance that day?"


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  12. 2 hours ago, ReadMeLattice said:

    Polygamy isn't a relationship structure I think is generally the healthiest, but a more mature person

    That's the point. These 5 people are not mature, healthy, happy or in love. If they are sticking to the "faith" concept as the motivation for this lifestyle, it was fleeting and has failed them. Faith has been replaced by money as the bind that keeps them (somewhat) together. Their onscreen personalities have done a 180. Someone previously questioned their acting ability. I agree, they do not appear to be acting. I see negative, combative or checked out. 

    And they never do anything. All those people and all we see is moving, whining, fake business deals, periodic trips, weddings, births and birthdays.  Unless they are having a difficult time obtaining filming approval ie Kody at the gym, Christine in Phoenix selling her MLM, Meri at the Inn with real people - they are very boring people.

    Yep, Polygamy is great.

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  13. 17 minutes ago, smarty said:

    causing Robyn to cry

    Seriously Kody. That's her job. What doesn't make her cry? Certainly no need for snide remarks from anyone for her to turn on the fake waterworks. 

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  14. 1 hour ago, suev3333 said:

    stay off of SM

    Speaking of Social Media, they are even on Linkedin. One of the last places this Expert Brown Snarker ever thought they would slink into and found it full of humor and a surprise or two.





    Nothing for Meri or Kody Brown Family Entertainment, but bonus find for one of the PA’s.

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