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  1. "The Beverly Hills show, like she says, is just a bunch of clowns trying to make a living," he quipped. "It's a show about nothing basically but people seem to like it. Yolanda seems to enjoy it and I think she comes across very classy on the show and doesn't really engage much in all the banter that goes on."
    Per My Love, 3 years ago


    Who says sh*t like this? Much less when you're starting a "new job".


    "Classy and not engaging in banter", my how times have changed!! 

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  2. While researching the Manchausen by Prenup theory, I came upon this little tidbit of Divorce Yolanda style.

    It appears she has a talent for divorcing her a husband, getting her pre-nup declared null and void and, and landing on her feet quite handsomely.  Anybody know the cause of the first divorce, or for that matter, the second.  Was she "ill".  If I recall, she filed first both times. 
    Who needs to go to college??



    Yolanda was married to Mohamed for eight years.



    Yolanda filed for divorce from Mohamed in Santa Barbara County in 2003 and under terms of the divorce settlement agreement obtained exclusively by RadarOnline.com, she retained ownership of the Santa Barbara mansion, a $6 million dollar Malibu property, an Arabian horse, sole ownership of Hadid Interiors, several bank accounts, a Range Rover and an Escalade.  Yolanda also received a one-time cash payment of $3.6 million dollars and receives $30,000 a month in child support for the three children they had together: Jelena, Isabella and Anwar.

    She was receiving an additional $10,000 a month in spousal support, but that ended when she married David Foster.


    The former couple have joint custody of their three children and agreed to “relocate the residences of the minor children more than 100 miles from the other parent, without prior written notice to the other notice.” Mohamed pays for private schools for the kids and pays for a full-time nanny to live with Yolanda and the kids.   Mohamed agreed to have a $1 million dollar life insurance policy and that the beneficiaries are Yolanda and the children.


    Interestingly, Yolanda and Mohamed did have a pre-nup that was declared null and void when the divorce settlement was executed, and signed by both parties in 2007."

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  3. Last nites episode reminded me of watching the Jodi Arias testimony (minus her violence), mind games, not making sense, distortion of the truth (aka LVP) do you believe me, or your lying eyes tv audience, eerie facial expressions, dead eyes. Puzzling enough for me to post about her.


    Nothing makes sense - why did she agree to be on a reality show; why didn't I find her so seriously obnoxious and distasteful until now. Maybe being bff's with Kim and Brandi made her seem reality tv "normal"?


    Tried to read her manifesto and my non - lyme brain shut down. Was only able to read it in entirety thanks to TamaraTattles comments. 

    I've been trying to make some sense of Yo's behavior and comments, and was leaning towards some combo of entitlement/mental illness.


    . . .until I read up on the Pre-Nup theory. Could she possibly be this much of a pre meditated, manipulative con. If so, this is a story line I can sink my teeth in.



    I am adopting this comment as my current go to Yo theory:

    "Was very intrigued about the AmberKnows
    December 3, 2015 at 11:45 am
    Actually it’s Munchausen by PreNup."


    Calling Juan Martinez.....

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    Yolanda's blog! https://yolandasblog...24/episode-613/


    She can't be returning next season, right?


    Watching her is pissing me off and that's not the reason I watch this junk.


    The entitlement and self serving victimness is off the charts. This is the real her, right. Cause if not, she's excellent at acting like a jerk.


    Starting to feel sorry for her kids.


    At least we can fast forward and/or turn off.

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  5. Such a huge drain and a drag this Yolanda!  Not buying the 3 year death bed storyline AT ALL.


    How much energy and bad karma does it take from a person to be this miserable and confrontational in public. SHUT UP already.


    I am embarrassed for her, would hate to have all this on film for ever. Constant verbal street fighting over everyone's disrespect of me, me, me.

    Goes for the others as well-Stop with the sickness crap. Who cares anymore. Circular conversations. Remind me of teenage girls. Yeah I had some shit for a while and the last thing I wanted to do when I was up and out of the house, was keep talking about "it" much less argue with people about how "sick" I've been and what crummy people everyone is cause they are not putting their lives on hold to feed my insatiable ego. Because I've been thru so much don't 'cha know. If you don't remember check my online presence


    This storyline is beyond stupid. Yolanda is not a nice or gracious person.  Stay in bed Yolanda.

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    "He (Jim, Jim Edmonds) always seems a lot nicer and like he actually at least likes her when they are on the phone.  Maybe he is uncomfortable being on the show.  It seems weird since he's a on-air sports commentator, but maybe the cameras in the context of a reality show are more invasive and bug him."

    As I read this, I was unfortunately reminded of my dear ex husband, also in the Major League Baseball industry. Traveled ALOT, and was always the guy I fell in love with on the phone. In person, he had the same attitude, disrespect, & tone we see in Jim, Jim Edmonds.  And then we saw the happy go lucky Matt Keough. Fun lot, those baseball guys. Happy to have mine in the rear view mirror.


    ...I should add, lots of side pieces, hence the ex.

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