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  1. Yes, his mother and wife are totally unsympathetic. There was a line the mother made in a conversation to Tata about Pablo's childhood, that explained everything. Don't remember the exact quote, but the jist of it was a conversation mom was telling wife about some girl making fun of Pablo's shoes. He went and stole a pair or the mom stole a pair, and Tata said "you always take what you want". Apple part of tree. Such a contrast to Pablo's father, eh?
  2. Thanks Rapunzel! Son's film on Netflix - is called "Sins of my Father."
  3. While watching I thought all of what we were seeing was fact. While researching between season 1 and 2, it appears there may have been some poetic license taken, ex. Ms. Valeria. I think I also read that Gatcha from S1 blew himself up with a grenade vs being mowed down with his son from a helicopter. Excellent series, fascinating story, superb acting. There was so much going on with the story, trying to follow and read subtitles, I may have to revisit the series in the future. Post research had some interesting facts. Watch the Netflix show about Pablo done by his son. Apparently Lit
  4. Absolutely nothing but contempt for both Mom Pablo and Wife Pablo.
  5. I was physically shaken when Limon shot Maritza, didn't think he'd do it. Immediately closed my eyes waiting for him to shoot the baby. Appreciate not having to see that and hope it didn't.
  6. Also, I liked the ending of the mistress tv chic in the series, much better than what really went down with her.
  7. Anyone notice the real Murphy and Pena cameo in the Miami bar scene, when Pena found out Pablo was killed? Nice touch! Been researching like a maniac since watching season 1. This is the wildest tv ride I've ever been on. Thought Season 1 was too much..until I watched Season 2.
  8. Eight Episodes In. I thought Season 1 was wild, Season is 2 knocking me out! Was thinking to my self how Pablo can remain so calm while creating all this chaos and not get sick. Then a scene appears where he had passed out-stress related. And a little more insight into Pablo's mom & wife. Can see where Pablo gets the entitlement from.
  9. Anyone have insight on the criteria bravo uses to sign on a housewife? How could she have hid/managed this level of emotional chaos? I Kelly appears so manic, unstable and scary I can't believe that was hidden from whatever interview process they perform. As previously mentioned, Kelly RHNY and Danielle RHNJ never seemed this unhinged. A better venue for her should have been Snapped, plus its only one episode.
  10. ON 8/20/2016 AT 5:40 PM, TABLOIDLOVER SAID: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/juicy-scoop-heather-mcdonald/id1135332109?mt=2&i=37399050It really is worth a listen. Please let me know what ya'll think! Back to this gem! Thanks TABLOIDLOVER! During the interview, Kelly explains her first marriage. Something like, dated for 3 years, married for 3 years, husband was an attorney, then Kelly decided she just didn't want to always live in Scottsdale, so she wanted a divorce. No big reason I could decipher. The husband watched star wars? or something. Chick makes no sense and appears v
  11. Kelly wants Vicki to show her how to be a better person. no words.
  12. "Kelly pled not guilty to the domestic battery charges, but she still attended 10 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and went through six months of psychotherapy." ...not nearly enough of both
  13. OMG-she is a nightmare. My head hurts listening to her. Can't figure out what her problem is, but she's certainly got a few. Texting a 6th grader to have him stop his parents from texting her?*/*?!!
  14. And while I am at it, not buying all this "Poor Mike" the "playah", "cheata", "oh, woe is me, my wife of a minute, kicked me to the curb" crap. girl bye!
  15. Lived on the boarder of AZ for many years. Yes, totally different experiences driving a vehicle ( very long lines & if they feel like it, at minimal hassle and/or very stressful ) vs walking ( not bad, long lines) across the boarder. First time in 80's. Last time was 10 years ago. And I can imagine that it is worse, as all this illegal immigration/cartel crap intensifies. Which shows how lame Mike and his partners are for not planning appropriately for the keystone cop transfer of goods across the Mexican Border. Major Fail.
  16. WTF!! Whitney and his "I really don't care" that his restaurant is a zillion$$ over budget, light years behind schedule and the unfortunate investor may lose his $$ and pull out of the project. Wow, what an attitude...or was that really Caitlyn Jenner?
  17. Interesting story about Kate's daughter being a high level muckety muck in the church of scientology.
  18. The thing with people who are prone to speaking this disrespectfully to their spouses, (or anyone for that matter) like almighty Tom Girardi, Matt Keough, Jim, Jim Edmonds, don't care AT ALL how it makes the other person feel or how it makes them look. They may apologize in private, but IMO, it is only to shut down the conversation. The behavior is habitual. They are UP HERE and the others are down there. Just take a look at their business card. I was married to a business ca®d like this. As his pay grade went up, so did the disrespect. Never saw this when he didn't have a pot to piss in. Cha
  19. Poor Anwar! https://www.pinterest.com/favorites1712/the-hadids/ Mail Online Yolanda Foster carried by son as she battles Lyme Disease Yikes
  20. (Apologies if this has been brought up-two pages behind.) Am I seeing this correctly? Kyle walk's into the dining room, both hands holding filled dishes for the table. She put the dish in right hand down, and goes for the potato, still holding the two filled small dishes in her left hand. I had a rescue Golden/Yellow lab (RIP Scout) that would have left me with a hook for a hand if I tried doing that, plus broken dishes, a mess to clean up and no potato. After a long day of yard work, while waiting for a bath, I went to answer the phone and in the few minutes I was gone, He Ate
  21. "The Beverly Hills show, like she says, is just a bunch of clowns trying to make a living," he quipped. "It's a show about nothing basically but people seem to like it. Yolanda seems to enjoy it and I think she comes across very classy on the show and doesn't really engage much in all the banter that goes on." Per My Love, 3 years ago Who says sh*t like this? Much less when you're starting a "new job". "Classy and not engaging in banter", my how times have changed!!
  22. While researching the Manchausen by Prenup theory, I came upon this little tidbit of Divorce Yolanda style. It appears she has a talent for divorcing her a husband, getting her pre-nup declared null and void and, and landing on her feet quite handsomely. Anybody know the cause of the first divorce, or for that matter, the second. Was she "ill". If I recall, she filed first both times. Who needs to go to college?? http://radaronline.com/exclusives/2012/04/yolanda-hadid-divorce-settlement-real-housewives-beverly-hills/ Yolanda was married to Mohamed for eight years. Yolanda fil
  23. Last nites episode reminded me of watching the Jodi Arias testimony (minus her violence), mind games, not making sense, distortion of the truth (aka LVP) do you believe me, or your lying eyes tv audience, eerie facial expressions, dead eyes. Puzzling enough for me to post about her. Nothing makes sense - why did she agree to be on a reality show; why didn't I find her so seriously obnoxious and distasteful until now. Maybe being bff's with Kim and Brandi made her seem reality tv "normal"? Tried to read her manifesto and my non - lyme brain shut down. Was only able to read it in entiret
  24. She can't be returning next season, right? Watching her is pissing me off and that's not the reason I watch this junk. The entitlement and self serving victimness is off the charts. This is the real her, right. Cause if not, she's excellent at acting like a jerk. Starting to feel sorry for her kids. At least we can fast forward and/or turn off.
  25. Such a huge drain and a drag this Yolanda! Not buying the 3 year death bed storyline AT ALL. How much energy and bad karma does it take from a person to be this miserable and confrontational in public. SHUT UP already. I am embarrassed for her, would hate to have all this on film for ever. Constant verbal street fighting over everyone's disrespect of me, me, me. Goes for the others as well-Stop with the sickness crap. Who cares anymore. Circular conversations. Remind me of teenage girls. Yeah I had some shit for a while and the last thing I wanted to do when I was up and out of the
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