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  1. Sam if I were to find out that you are actually of the actors or members of the production staff, I would not be shocked. How are you always the first to find this stuff? And, thank you.
  2. Wow! Did he do two different interviews or where several reports present and each does their own story? Either way it promises that this is considered a fairly 'big' episode.
  3. Very interested in seeing Max again.And Ray should be a treat. I'm glad Afghanistan is being addressed but it can't just be about the kidnapping. I'm sure Hetty didn't intend for Kensi to be hurt but she was because shewas sent in blind. I really want Kensi to confront her about that.
  4. I think I'm in the minority but I like Skye's bangs. She looks a lot like Linda Cadellini did on ER to my mind. And also in my head, I'm fanwanking that the bangs are there to help obscure the shape of her face and make her slightly more surveillance camera resistant, as SHIELD is now operating from the shadows.
  5. Given that we've already had one team member turn out to be a mole, I don't think Simmons has really turned. But given that scientific curiosity seems to drive a large part of her motivations, I don't think it's outside the realm that she joined for real. And what a twist that would be!
  6. That is exactly what I was thinking! Meredith knows when Richard ended the relationship with Ellis and the (after Derek) he's probably the first person she's going to go to verify Maggie's story. Not to mention that Maggie of African American descent. Meredith may have her dumb moments but figuring out that Maggie is Richard's daughter won't be one of them.
  7. Callen has hair and beard!? Methinks Kensi and Deeks are both channeling some frustrations with other and I don't mean in a fun way.
  8. Has the promo for ep 6.2 been posted yet?
  9. Yeah but is is driving me nuts. No way Sam has a child out there that he isn't an active parent to. Writers need to get it together. That is fairly big plot hole. As for Hetty, I like her but it's time to answer for Afghanistan. And it's time for her to face Kensi and confess what she has done.
  10. Loved seeing Sam and Callen MacGuyver their way out. And I thought it was very true to both their character that once they figured out what was going on, neither hesitated to accept that they had to stop the bomb, even if it killed them. Liked the aside to Sam writing a letter to family. Just how many kids does Sam have? He references a daughter occasionally and she usually sounds like an only child when he does. There was only 1 child in the picture he was carrying in Spoils of War. But he clearly said 'kids'. Either lazy writing/continuity or Sam a child who's life he is not very involved in. Which doesn't fit his character in the least. I'm not pleased they went to the catfight place with Kensi and Talia but I am glad it was more because Talia was very deliberately needling Kensi rather than straight jealousy. And I think it fits that neither of them would be wiling to tell Deeks what had happened. Love the last scene of depth charges at the boathouse. Trust Deeks to come up with something so wrong and yet so appropriate!
  11. This role suits him so much more than Buffy/Angel ever did. I never realized what a great comedic actor David is until this show came along. But it's still weird to see him in the sunlight.
  12. I didn't realize that. No wonder the belly looked so natural on her. Sometimes it's supremely obvious when an actress is wearing padding but this looked okay.
  13. That was brutal. Daisy is very close to delivering Little Lance. From the looks, she got to be at least 6-7 months in.
  14. Oh I like that! Ray was pretty cool and I'm sure having him around a little will be all sorts of entertaining. I wonder if this is the context in which we find out more about Deeks mom. I thought I remember that storyline getting kicked around last season but it getting shelved due to Dani's pregnancy.
  15. I really want it to be the second answer. If for no other reason I feel like Deeks has grown beyond the whole 'girl fight' thing, at least as far as Kensi goes.
  16. I think I'm in the minority but I'm not liking Penny's new hair. I've never been a fan of that look and to me it makes her look a bit boyish.
  17. Cool! Vance! Not that I don't love Hetty in all her mysterious glory, I'm not opposed to her getting raked over the coals a bit for the Afghanistan debacle. But hurting her is taking it too far.
  18. The original NCIS doesn't have gag reels on their DVD's either. I think it depends on the actors/production team. Some folks feel like a gag reel is embarrassing and highlighting screw-ups they'd rather keep hidden while others think it's just something funny to put out there. I have noticed that gag reels tend to be more prevalent with comedies rather than dramas.
  19. I too am curious about the post-it exchange. Especially about those notes that ended up on the other 4 desks at the end as well.
  20. Thank you Sam84! While I am aware that we are not actually in danger of having Sam or Callen killed off, there did seem to a be a good amount of tension as to whether or not they're getting rescued. As for the commentary on TVline, I'm thinking Talia's advice goes something like this: "Your partner talked you about the whole time we worked together. I happen to think he's a great cop and pretty easy on the eyes but he's clearly got a thing for you, so I didn't make a move. That courtesy will not last forever. Figure out your 'thing.' " The following is pure speculation on my part: We know Hetty is in pretty deep doo-doo over the Afghanistan debacle (and she probably should be!) and had to get out of it somehow. A huge chunk of her mystique is what she knows and who she knows. Along those lines, I'm wondering if Senator Lockhart (from Merry Evasion) might show up again. He was pretty vocal about owing the team a debt and it would be a plausible way to get Hetty out of trouble. Of course, I also want to see a nice smack-down from Vance first, preferable with Granger in the room. I think they'd play nicely off each other and it gives me hope of seeing Grager go toe-to-toe with Gibbs. Which would be epic.
  21. I think Amelia will get some brother/career drama, especially if Derek ultimately remains in/returns to Seattle. She agreed to take over his practice and could find herself very much in her older brother's shadow, in a new city and having recently broken up with her financee/boyfriend. Not to mention she *is* in recovery and could find herself struggling with it.
  22. I was going to say, if we're going to discuss realism in terms of the jobs we see, there are 6 other's to go through first.
  23. The Ice Bucket Challenge has spread to the CBS stages! http://www.csifiles.com/content/2014/08/ncis-ncisla-criminal-minds-csicyber-stars-take-the-ice-bucket-challenge/
  24. She made a comment about pitching softball in college during "Power Down" (season 3 Christmas ep) when she and Deeks were trying to short out that Tesla coil burglar alarm.
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