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  1. Yeah but Rachel worked her way into that position over the 10 year run. And had a degree, just not in fashion. Hailey on the other hand.....
  2. I don't understand what Michelle could have done differently. The guy was coding. If she doesn't shock him he dies.
  3. I think we might be done or at least seeing less of Glasses. Jake Borelli is apparently starring in a new series on Freeform
  4. She sounds like she's singing through clenched teeth
  5. I want Jo Jo to get Picture, since Taika got snubbed for Directing.
  6. They're definitely gonna go long and I can't blame it on the producers. It's the darn commercials!
  7. The cat costumes alone made me hit mute before anyone opened their mouths
  8. Chrissy is singing at the Oscars right now
  9. She always says 'bless the hands that prepared it' which to me has always seemed incredibly self serving. Mary is missing the point with Missy. Missy is praying and developing her own relationship with God. Missy believes in God. She believes He has power. Isn't that exactly what is supposed to happen if you take kids to church? Getting ticked cause Missy doesn't pray the way Mary *thinks* she should is a good way to turn her off religion altogether. I'd be interested in Pastor Jeff's opinion on the subject.
  10. Was anyone else a bit sad to see Georgie and Sheldon actually bonding, knowing how hard they'll fall out in the future?
  11. Are we playing 'hide the bump' with Melissa again? So happy to have my Nine-Nine peep back!
  12. anna0852

    Station 19

    I'm gonna say it again: Andy, move to LA. Station 118 would treat you a thousand times better. A captain who cares and actively supports his crew. And a wildly less toxic work atmosphere. Take Dean and Travis with you. Maybe Vic, if she promises to drop Jackson.
  13. Just saw on Facebook that Fatima has been promoted to main cast!
  14. Crushed drywall. That stuff gets everywhere.
  15. As an adult, Father of the Bride drives me nuts. 500 plus guests, at $250 a head?! I'd have loved to see George ask Nina which retirement account they were going to drain to pay for it. Or maybe crack the little brother's college fund? Not to mention physically fitting that many people into their home. How on earth did they not kill their plumbing? I'm 1000% on George's side about the costs.
  16. anna0852

    Station 19

    So I finally got a chance to watch the season premire. I know I'm in the minority but Iike Andy. I feel really bad for her. Sullivan was clearly encouraging and participating in their thing. After the tacit approval for Vic and Ripley (the freaking department chief!), why would Andy think there'd be problem with Sullivan. Don't get me started on how her father spoke to her. I watch 9-1-1 as well and a big part me wants to see Andy quit, take off for LA and join the 118. I think she'd like having a good captain and genuinely nice coworkers for a change. Disney owns ABC and Fox. It could happen 😁
  17. Getting better. Loving the open communication between people. Judd and Grace can fight and make up. TK can be pissed at Owen but then embrace. Mateo gets the probie chores but Owen also sits with him after the tornado dad died. I also love the beat of Owen deferring to Judd's experience and acknowledging his expertise. First with the silo and now the tornadoes. Also really liking that not only is religion part of the responders lives but that it's different religions. And that there is struggle in faith. It's not blind following but questioning. I kind of love it.
  18. Spring Premiere Date! March 16 Commercial just ran on Lone Star
  19. I hope that the long term resolution to JC departing is NOT Alex's off-screen death. If Justin had to leave unexpectedly I would really like the door to stay open for him to come back if he wants to.
  20. My 3 year old nephew eats whole tomatoes like apples. Kids are weird.
  21. I know Jill is a hot mess but it still makes me smile every time she deviates from her upbringing. Taking her kids to the library, getting real plates instead of disposables, getting a haircut all seems so simple but I see these as steps towards truly breaking free.
  22. My guess is that she never expected to fall for John like she did and doesn't quite know how to relate to him. And then when he broke up with her, it hurt far more than she expected. Dale is basic Texas good old boy and Connie probably figured she's got a better idea of how to deal with his type. And if he's jerky she can dump him or be dumped with far less emotional turmoil. My two cents at any rate.
  23. anna0852

    Station 19

    Guess I was right ☹
  24. I hadn't realized that Connie's husband only passed 5 years ago. And fairly young too. Only 59. For some reason I felt like she'd been on her own much longer.
  25. I hope we're heading towards the end of Catherine. Isn't she based on the East Coast and we just see her visiting Seattle? She owns Grey Sloan but doesn't work there. If she and Richard split up we should see far less of her. Also, Vic is going to be so glad she dragged Dean to dinner next week. Always nice to have a friend when things turn awkward.
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