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  1. Wanting to be loved and desired for herself and not as a baby machine/mother isn't out of line. Amelia is more than her uterus. 

    If Linc had said from the beginning that he wasn't sure of the relationship but let's try to make it work for the baby, then I'd have no problem with him pulling back with paternity in doubt.

    But he didn't. He went all in and convinced Amelia that he loved her. That he wanted her. That they were good together. And for her to find out that that those things aren't actually true, Linc is really only with her because of the baby and now he's potentially out is incredibly painful. 

    Amelia didn't do anything wrong. Going from one partner to another isn't a bad thing. Birth control failures happen and have to be dealt with. She was honest in telling Linc about the pregnancy and at that time had no reason to believe that paternity could be an issue. And when paternity became an issue, she was honest. Amelia could have just as easily kept her mouth shut. But she instead she faced up to the problem.

    Only to find out the person who said they loved her didn't really mean it. He's not with her for herself, he's potentially with her provided she's really carrying his baby. Amelia is reduced (again! already been through this with Owen!) to her ability to provide children. Which sucks!

    Not to mention, at the end of the day when the paternity is figured out Amelia is going to be stuck co-parenting with either Linc or Owen. For at least the next 18 years she's either going to have to deal with the guy who has apparently lied about loving her or the guy who's life she's going to have to blow up and will probably lose his s**t again when she does so. 

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  2. I can see how Amelia is struggling. Because between Linc and Owen all she is hearing is that her only value to them is the contents of her uterus.

    Linc didn't move past FWB because he loves Amelia. It's because he thought she's pregnant with his kid. And if it's not, that means he never meant any words of love or support that said to her previously. It's okay for Linc to not want to raise another guy's kid. It's not okay to say you love someone and want to make it work with them, when you don't mean it. You don't say I love you, you say let's work out the co-parenting. Amelia didn't hide the paternity issue once she found out. She's been honest every step of the way. 

    As for the baby being Owen's, that is probably a big nightmare for Amelia. They broke up over kids. If Owen starts sniffing around again because now there's a baby Amelia will know that Owen never meant any love from before. He is only interested in her as a baby breeder/mother. Amelia is pregnant so now she's of value to him when she wasn't before. And that is leaving aside the mess of Teddy and two other kids.

    If I'm Amelia I'd be hinding under the covers too.

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  3. I was kinda expecting the thing with Jack and Andy. And oddly okay with it. They were both pretty honest about what they wanted. I'm always a fan of honesty. 

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  4. Something that has been bugging is that Sheldon's physical age should be impacting his education more, like what we saw here. He's 10. Any group he's assigned to is going to have to work around the fact he does have a bedtime and parental controlled transportation. 

    How does he access the university library when needed? The high school won't have those types of materials.

    And why do we see him in gym class with older kids? He could be legit injured. At the very least special arrangements should have been made for that class. 

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  5. I think Jack has been side-eyed by the department after he ended up with PTSD from the high rise fire and subsequent breakdown followed by months of therapy. Which is wildly crappy.

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  6. That could work IF Camilla is ready to leave the show. There is a real person playing Jo and Grey's is her paycheck. She may not be ready to leave. Which massively hamstrings story choices for Alex leaving. 

    That's always the issue when you have characters with interlinked stories. Same as when Patrick left. 

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  7. I actually rewatched my DVR.

    First off, Krista should not think that her This Is Us ripoff went unoticed. I see what was done there. 

    Loved the levity of Dean clutching the pillow and being handed the baby for practice. 

    Maya, it's not the damn army nor is this an elementary school. We are way past the point of group punishment. Dean is late, so everyone has to re-work out? Massive BS. Don't blame Andy in the least for that 'no'. And she should have been fired on the spot the way she spoke to Sullivan.

    Oh Andy. I think I'm the only one on this board that doesn't think you're awful. Girl is holding herself so taut and brittle she's about to crack. 

    Sullivan, if Andy ever finds out you let her father tell you *not* to promote her then I think the Seattle FD will have massive and justifiable lawsuit on their hands. 

    And Pruitt? Die of cancer already.


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  8. That explains so much about Jack.

    Moving out is a good choice Andy. Roommates with Jack, possibly a bad choice.

    Maya sucks as a captain. She has no leadership qualities at all. 

    Oh Dean. This should be fun.

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  9. She always says 'bless the hands that prepared it' which to me has always seemed incredibly self serving. 

    Mary is missing the point with Missy. Missy is praying and developing her own relationship with God. Missy believes in God. She believes He has power. Isn't that exactly what is supposed to happen if you take kids to church? Getting ticked cause Missy doesn't pray the way Mary *thinks* she should is a good way to turn her off religion altogether. I'd be interested in Pastor Jeff's opinion on the subject. 

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