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  1. Does anyone watch High Maintenance on HBO? The latest episode revolved around a lighter that had a sticker of SMG as Buffy on it. The lighter is passed from character to character, and one of the characters was played by K. Todd Freeman (Mr. Trick). He looks at the lighter and comments that it has Sarah Michelle Gellar on it.
  2. Since the first week, I felt like Abbi was so familiar on this show. I guess with her curly auburn hair, I thought maybe she reminded me of Rhylee or Baker, but this episode with the crying and the wallowing, I realized there was a bit of Caroline in there too. Of course, I needed to look all of them up on IMDb, because as soon as each season ends, I forget everyone. Also, Ashton’s drunk alter ego (Ashtobob?) was really off-putting and made Brian’s confidence even more appealing.
  3. Agreed. I want to refer to her as the Breakable Kimmy Schmidt, but it’s really upsetting to see her so anxious.
  4. For me personally, the turning point for Friends is the Reese Witherspoon arc in Season 6. I will pretty much rewatch any rerun from the pilot up through the end of that arc. After that, I will only watch a handful. Joe put it best when he says the plot lines are warmed-over. They are all just so anemic in later seasons. Tara is correct that this cast can elevate lackluster material, but not week after week for four seasons. It’s especially jarring when TBS or other cable channels show random episodes out of order. You can see the quality difference between the earlier seasons and later seaso
  5. Sarah, the paintings above Kim’s bed were painted by none other than Rhea Seehorn.
  6. So glad to hear someone else mourning the cancellation of The Mick and most likely Champions. I also like LA to Vegas. I love B99 but its cancellation/resurrection definitely sucked up all the oxygen the week of the upfronts.
  7. Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford. Donna would have great tips on affording luxury items on a regular salary.
  8. While I don't think the writing supports it, I wonder if the fact that the two closest females in Veronica's life were both gone explain why she was so focused on getting Lianne back in their lives. She did not have that option with Lily, so maybe she focused on getting Lianne back because she was still alive? I don't know. As for Teddy Dunn, it was frustrating at the time that he was so far behind the other actors. But, in hindsight, the fact that they wrote him out and the fact that he is no longer acting, make me a bit more forgiving. That said, this season, which was really great overal
  9. I don't think anyone sang with the band. It gets points just for that.
  10. I agree with Tara. Retta would be my first choice, followed by Yvette Nicole Brown and maybe Leslie Jones. I think Retta has the best combo of live-tweeting ability, knowledge about the shows she watches, and snark.
  11. Turk dancing to Poison on Scrubs
  12. "Bitch it is 5:30" from Cocktails & Dreams is my morning alarm on my phone
  13. Totally agree with Tara's assessment of Divorce. I had high hopes because of Sharon Horgan, and it has a lot of talented people both in front of and behind the camera. But, Sarah Jessica Parker is also the problem for me. So glad Tara pointed out how frequently she brushes the hair out of her face. I haven't seen her in anything since probably The Family Stone, so I don't know if that is a tic, a character choice, or an itchy wig. It was really distracting in the season finale. Also, cosign on how great Fleabag is. Hilarious and devastating.
  14. Tara made my day when she said "rough stuff" the Happy Endings way. I use it all the time and get weird looks.
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