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  1. I don't find them annoying as people, I just find the frequent switchovers to their "funny" scenes a bit much. I would like their scenes more if it wasn't so frenetic between crafting to them back to crafting, back to them, etc. I don't like the flow, so thus that is why I considered them more annoying this season.
  2. He was really annoying. It just wasn't necessary to the storyline to have a character like that.
  3. I think you have a good point. And I honestly really hate when people are addicted to having kids and then use their current kids as an excuse as to why it is okay (that they can babysit, etc). It isn't like the olden days on the farm where they would try to have several boys so that they could have free farm hands. I mean, how many kids do people need? And if your kids have to do most of the work and can't have their own life, what good did you do? sorry, not trying to sound mean, but it does annoy me how cavalier people can be about having kids...
  4. Yes they are just kind of ruining what was a great show. I still feel like the reveals are so rushed that I can't take it all in. They rush so much of the show, and then spend so much time with the "funny" segments, that I am not liking the show nearly as much this round. Plus the fact that they are having the episodes all together all week long also makes it too much. I feel like I can't really get into the new episode because I just saw one. I guess this means they can cancel the show and I won't mind? lol
  5. Nick and Amy are really getting annoying. I don’t think they did this as much last season?
  6. I loved when Barry put the tape on his nose to make fun of Erica. It just was really funny to me.
  7. The show was not renewed, I guess? I am really not surprised.... (if this source is correct) https://www.onecountry.com/pop-culture/tori-spelling-bh90201-canceled/
  8. I actually thought this episode was better than the others. I actually found a few scenes to laugh at.
  9. I liked it, but I feel like they are rushing it a bit, and instead of showing more of the contestants, they keep going back to the hosts to do some funny bit very frequently. It is okay once in a while, but I find it distracting and would like to see more of the contestants and what they are doing. I also think they always rush the reveals and I hardly get to see what they made. Lastly, I thought the guy that made the chair should have won. The screen didn't wow me, but maybe I missed something about it in the quick reveal.
  10. I haven't seen any commercial for this, which surprises me.
  11. That was kind of a nice episode. It also gave me a better idea about why some people might like Myrtle Beach. I went to that area briefly for half a day and was baffled by why anyone would want to go there, lol, but seeing how they liked all of those other activities, it made more sense. The daughter was very sweet and mature for her age, which was refreshing. In the end, they chose well, I think, esp for the price as you stated.
  12. Some of those I agree with, but you can't exclude all categories or they wouldn't find anyone to compete. I think there will always be someone that we get stuck with most of the season that we don't like, no matter what subset of fame they come from.
  13. I totally agree with this. I don't think Bachelor Nation is as much as everyone makes it, and for some reason Hannah was just more popular than I ever thought she was. I didn't actually think she would make it very far. I didn't mind her, and I didn't love her. But in the end, I am glad she won over Lauren and Ally. I didn't think Lauren was that great, and the whole Ally thing was annoying all of the way through. I would have preferred a final with James in it no matter who won, but for me Hannah winning was better than some of the other options.
  14. I am really missing James not being in this finale...
  15. Do you think the judges like Ally? I can’t tell... lol
  16. I am pretty sure he became much more accepting and appreciative of it over time. Like I have said before, I call him the Christopher Plummer of Sound of Music. Another serious actor (at the time) in a role that wasn't his norm. He didn't love SOM at the time, but over the years he became much more positive of the experience and sharing that with the castmates. Sorry I didn't go down far enough to see your similar response. lol! I had mentioned Christopher previously on this thread for this topic so it made me think of it again.
  17. I agree with all of the mental health comments. It has been clear that she hasn't been right for some time. The fact that she is a fairly open person and likes to engage with her fans, but has never been able to become truly open about her finance problems and in addition flaunts expensive vacations, etc, just really shows that she has not gotten to the core of her personal problems. Eventually it will catch up with her no matter how easy she has it with her mom paying the way, having been able to have so many kids, getting to live the Hollywood lifestyle....something will fall eventually.
  18. You have a very good point. I don't think people think about the time you spend cleaning (even parts of the house rarely used) when you have more square footage than you need. And hiring a housekeeper is risky for her, as she could have some of her secrets spilled, so to speak. Finding someone trustworthy might not be easy. This is one reason among others I am happy in my little home. Much easier to pay for and much less time cleaning.
  19. This was not my favorite episode. I think having Higgins do that was just annoying and distracted from the episode which was weaker than some of the others anyway.
  20. I agree with you, but was just agreeing with a previous poster that given how they handled everything that I was surprised that Ally was chosen over James, his situation excluded.
  21. I totally agree. I was watching the end on mute, and actually thought James had gone through from what I could see. So when I quickly watched the end, I was in shock they chose Ally. I mean James has been the show's main "star" all of the way through, I figured their is no question he would go through based on his dancing, great attitude, and what he brings to the show. Their loss for sure now.
  22. I wanted to add that I could not remember how far along James wife was, but it sounds like the baby was due in April so pretty far along. When I heard she was in the hospital, I guessed that something must have happened, and news articles do say that her life was at risk. That is a lot for them to go through, so in the end I can see how leaving the show will be best for him, but it is a sad end to the show. I saw a family picture, and wow their kids are adorable.
  23. I agree. She has been harsh on Hannah in a weird way--not just this is how you can do better, but she does make it a personal critique every time. And you could feel in that rehearsal footage when Carrie was pushing at her Hannah just wanted to say--you make me so damn uncomfortable. As for this season, it really has been quite lackluster, esp since my favorite is gone and now I am left with Kel, who I hardly notice for some reason, Ally, who has always gotten on my nerves, the country singer, who bores me, and well, that leaves me actually liking Hannah. (she doesn't bother me as she does others here)
  24. How are they fitting all of those in from February to "spring" where they say Magnum will come back on? I am so confused. lol
  25. I am guessing because otherwise why would it be so short? Our household liked MacGyver though, so we will miss it (and do right now as well).
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