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  1. I know, so annoying! And she also did that kind of thing when Richard was trying to help Lorelai get to enjoy Rory's graduation. Well at least he had some nice moments in there in that last season. I had forgotten about the one at the party so it was nice to see and I am glad he didn't let Emily completely ruin the moment and went through with it anyway.
  2. Rewatch complete. She’d some tears in the last episode. I loved the sweet Richard Gilmore comments, and of course the party, Luke, and the ending scene. I do really think the writers got things back on track once Christopher was out of the way. Many good Stars Hollow moments, along with the end of Yale, Gilmores, etc.
  3. Thoughts on Rory after she had the interview in Rhode Island? I get wanting to keep your options open, but it annoyed me how she just assumed she would have all of these options and took that offer for granted. It was especially annoying listening to her go on and on about it with Lorelai and Logan walking through Stars Hollow. Sometimes Rory just drives me nuts. This is also why I get annoyed when the writers make her look confident in situations that don’t really fit her personality or skills...because much of the time she isn’t very savvy.
  4. I think it is hard not to discuss it, as part of the reason the Bachelor isn't really hiding it on their promos either is because they are marketing those that have seen the show for years (assuming that is what the audience will be). But I will try to refrain too.... 🙂 I also think they highlighted the ending for Trista so much is because her wedding had 20 million viewers so they figured that having that in the promo would garner more viewers for the rewatch. Versus trying to gain new viewers for a season in an episode show...
  5. Yes, the Cassie thing was stupid.. She should have just declined. Noone really cared about her anyway. I liked Brad too! I think a lot of people did in the end when they realized that he made the smart choice by not choosing anyone (after seeing how things usually play out for the couples on this show). Amanda was very openly sexual, and this was the first Bachelor show, so it really stood out against Trista. But she was very sweet and fun...so nothing really controversial about her, she just stood out in that Bachelor run. I agree about Alex completely--so awesome that he just left to do his own thing.
  6. I completely agree. I think the change just happened over the years so it was hard to see exactly what was tainting the show, but seeing the older seasons reminded me why I liked it so much (and not as much now). I love how subtle it all was, and how so many of the people on the show were pretty decent people. I know even Amanda seemed controversial at the time, but she was actually quite nice--she was just very open about who she was. Compared to some of today's contestants, she is an angel. And I loved seeing Trista with her final two guys--she handled that so well, as did they. It was great seeing Charlie again in present time. He is such a nice guy. Obviously she chose the right one for her, but she had great options to choose from.
  7. I loved seeing Trista’s season again, and that was nice Chris surprised her with Ryan showing up. Oh, Brad season coming up....that should be fun...
  8. I think it is impressive that Alex has kept his distance and kept to his own life. I always kind of liked the guy. He seemed nice and normal. And Amanda seems a lot less controversial now years later. Lol! I totally agree. The kissing thing is so annoying now,
  9. I am already enjoying this so much more than the recent seasons. It reminds me how much fun the show used to be. Much simpler and not so over the top.
  10. Yea, Christopher and Lorelai broke up finally! lol! I can watch all of the scenes again. 🙂 I will say, I actually like Season 7...there are so many good character moments thrown in that seem to go back to how things were before they messed some things up in Season 6. There are some great moments with Lane, her mom, Sookie, Michel, Luke, etc, etc. I am looking forward to the post L/C scenes to finish up my rewatch.
  11. I get it. I used to force myself to do it, but every time even when I didn't mind they were together, they are just SO BORING. I mean her and Luke are like a super exciting couple in comparison because at least they had funny conversations. So now with the nice feature to see who is in the scene as you fast forward, I can skip all of the L/C scenes and just watch the other parts until L/C break up. lol
  12. These scenes in season 7 with Christopher and Lorelai are beyond boring. You have to laugh that a couple that was actually interesting was broken up for this. Good fast forward material.
  13. I am looking forward to the first two seasons. It will be such a refreshing change to see it how it was meant to be. Not saying there isn't some crazy stuff happening--but seeing the process with the intentions of trying to find love versus trying to find instagram followers. I haven't seen them since they were on TV.
  14. I think this current rewatch has softened me some. I was actually a little okay with the whole Lorelai ultimatum and her questionable behavior afterwards. I think before I had a hard time with it because it was that classic, let's break up the couple by having someone do something stupid. This time I felt like I had more time with Luke and Lorelai in their relationship, and though their relationship was going really well for a long time, it really did go south with the appearance of April. I think although Lorelai asked Luke to hold off on the wedding because of Rory, the difference was she was actively spending time on him and their relationship throughout that experience, and he was always up to date on what was going on. When April came, though I understand Luke's shock and surprise, he really held Lorelai off too much and for too long--that would ruin many relationships. I think when she made the ultimatum she knew it was either moving forward or it was done, and she couldn't take anymore of sitting on the sidelines/not being a part of his life. There are so many ways he could have fit her in separate from April, and he didn't do it. The sleeping with Christopher didn't bother me so much this time because I sense she wanted to make sure she ended it with Luke and this would do it. I think she knew the relationship was done (at least for now). So when Luke comes back and says he wants to marry her--before I felt like, why did you mess this up Lorelai? and this time I was kind of feeling--I get it. She knows it could have ended differently but she also knew why she made the mistake that she did. Can I add how funny I found it that Rory was mad at Lorelai about it? Excuse me, miss sleep with a married man and break up a marriage girl. lol This all said, I don't at all like what is to come with Christopher/Lorelai in season 7--so I am not totally crazy. I will probably FF through most of their scenes.
  15. The Kellyoke and her segments at home are so much better than some of the stuff in the studio. I agree! I think it is also for me that she looks decently "styled" for whatever video she is doing. She isn't overdoing it with odd clothing choices. I just think she looks better and seems more normal in excerpts from home--much more quiet and comfortable.
  16. I meant as she got larger, not making judgment about her weight. Just talking about when she gained a lot of weight a few years back and was saying she was happier that way. Talking about the differences in her own weight over time....not saying she is a huge person. I think you missed my point. Another person commented about her interviews on it too....the discussion was about that.
  17. That is a good size for her, I agree. I think where she lost me is when she kept gaining and gaining and gaining and instead of being realistic and saying what she probably really felt--which was that she needed to get healthy, etc, for her kids and for her--she would do those interviews saying what you said above. She would say she was her least healthy when she was thin and then would go on about how happy she was at her current weight--and this was when she was way beyond overweight (before her weight loss she had last year). I never quite believed that is how she really felt, but that is up to her to decide.
  18. That is a very good point. And as you said at the same time it is unfair of Anna to be so weirded out by Lorelai--esp since Luke just found out about his daughter, has his own life, and it isn't his fault the relationship with April just started. He shouldn't have to exempt his fiance as if all of this was his doing--April did pursue him for the paternity test. And on that note, Anna acts like, oh that is just something she wanted to do, I had nothing to do with it.... umm perhaps you should have something to do with it since you never told Luke, and you are her parent? strange... I have been trying to avoid fast fowarding because I would miss the good moments that help me through the bad parts. And I think that is the saving grace...I have had a lot of lol or moments I have really enjoyed by just trying to focus on that stuff versus the big storylines. It seems to be helping a lot because there actually is a lot I like about this season that I would not have remembered otherwise.
  19. Yesterday, and I don't know if it was pretaped or not, but she was all excited about a woman that after being separated from her husband went on an all out life change. She became much smaller, prettier, and won Miss Great Britain. Kelly seemed a bit enamored with her. And...she is doing something like the lose the quarantine 15 or something. Kelly never wants to talk about losing weight because she is always trying to tell people she is happier as a bigger person. (I don't buy it for her personally, but that is what she tries to tell everyone) So the fact she is even doing this topic tells me that she feels less comfortable about her weight as a single person. Just a guess...
  20. My latest GG assessment. I am finding this rewatch interesting--I think maybe more time has passed since the last one than usual, so I had forgotten some things, and the bad things I know that are coming aren't quite as bad because there have been some good moments to help through the pain. lol. Anyway, my assessment of the Luke/Lorelai/April situation, though I realize this storyline is totally at the fault of the writers-- in this rewatch it makes absolutely no sense to me why he didn't tell Lorelai right away. They have become very close, share their lives, and just had the fight about Christopher and realized they need to be honest with each other. There wasn't a single reason for him not to tell Lorelai right away...this is the woman that had a baby at 16 and ditched her parents, come on... So weird.
  21. He has a show called Build me up coming in July. I think it is the same type of show with a different name.
  22. And then Richard saying he paid 40k to remodel her sex house! Omg. Too funny.
  23. And I have to add the dinner with the reverend, talking about her virtue as a gift was really funny. I had forgotten about that. Lol
  24. I just have to say after how much grumbling I do about certain scenes and storylines, I always find it refreshing on my rewatch sessions that there are so many good things mixed in that I forget. Or sometimes a storyline isn't as bad as I remembered. For example, as much as I hate the Rory leaving Yale story and Emily/Richard's role in it-- what I do like is that Lorelai stands her ground and she has a nice bit of time for her relationship with Luke, which I like. I forgot there is actually a decent amount of time they are together before everything goes crazy. I also like where Richard has that moment of Lorelai was right, and that he brought her the dollhouse. I also really like that she didn't fall for it all again and basically told him he was on his own with Rory. I love that Rory didn't know about the engagement and got to see how things feel when you go off and do your own thing with no care for others. I also like to see Rory taken down a few notches during all of this time. What I don't like is how they make Rory look so capable in these social situations when she can barely handle anything very well at all. To me that seems a bit fake and makes her look silly. Just the way she is at the DAR stuff and other things...I am not buying it. Lastly this is a good time for Lane and her mom/the band, and that is kind of fun too.
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