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  1. Gizmo321

    S02.E16: Rebirth

    I had forgotten that Batwoman has already been renewed for season three. As we move to the "finish line" of season three it seems like they are starting to jettision things from season one that were more or less "kate kane centric". The Crows are gone. Feels like Dougray Scott won't be around for season three. Sophie has quit the Crows and has no real story line anymore so it's easy to see her decide to leave for a new city and new start. As for this episode I was truly surprised by the deaht of Ocean. I have been thoroughly enjoyin the Alice redemption arc and foolishly thought she woul
  2. I do enjoy the camp of this show and especially enjoy the episodes that highlight Elizabeth Gillies' singing voice. As I recall she and the actor that played Steven sang really well together. I appreciate how the show tries as often as possible to have Elizabeth sing. As for Adam, with Kirby not pulling away from him after he confessed most of his sins I wonder if he will come completely clean and admit to her what he did to her half brother Steven. Oh by the way, I also did a gaslight number on your brother and he's now a bit more mental than he was. And did I mention that I tried to ki
  3. I think Darlene would be better off without Ben. He fails to see she's struggling and needs his support. He berates her when she tries yet again to get him to understand. And she finally caves in and sells the tickets. Way to be. I too wasn't thrilled with the whole Jeopardy subplot and making Jackie look like a fool. Rather than silly plots like this it would be more interesting to have her son Andy make an appearance and deal why she never mentions him (estranged? went to live with his father?). Bring back a happier Jackie. As opposed to the constant harping on what a bad mother Bev i
  4. I suspect it will be Ethan in the casket. Fallon is there feeling bad about Trixie and now her brother. I was hoping that Adam would confess what he did to Steven when he was unloading his sins onto Kirby. Hope springs eternal that we will see Steven come back. I suppose the mysterious safety deposit box will contain everything Dominique needs to claim her portion of the Carrington fortune. Which won't be very much now that Blake has put up all his personal assets. I have really missed this show and I'm glad it's back.
  5. I'm also getting a bit tired of Ben lately. He knows she's sufffering (as mosmt recent episodes keep telling us) and rather than take that into consideration and propose smaller get aways he essentially tells her to suck it up buttercup and use the money from the tickets to help out with the finances of the Conner household. I am also hoping that Darlene realizes been is not taking her needs serioulsy and cashes in his ticket and takes the trip on her own. Ben needs to go. In a perfect world Johnny Galecki would have agreed to come back to the show full time so that Darlene and David could hav
  6. One that has been driving me nuts about The Conners they seem to keep changing where the door/stairs are to the basement. They did is a couple of times on the original Roseanne but it more obvious on The Conners. On the origial, when David walked off to go to the basement he went to the backporch where the laundry machines are. Then the basement door became part of the fourth wall that we never see in the kitchen. Now it seems like they either go off to the back porch, or more recently they head toward where the bathroom used to be. I don't recall them using the fourth wall in eith
  7. Wasn't it just and episode or two where Anders was complaining that Sam wasn't treating him like a true partner? So Sam steps up and does so and now Anders just up and leaves. The speed at which potential storylines get burned thru is amazing. I remain amazed that no one seems at all concerned about Steven. He really needs to come back. Not a fan of Adam continuing to screw with people with no consequence. Liam needs to remember Adam attacked him. Nice to see a potential love interest for Sam. Glad Monica finally knows the truth about her Mother and sister. Despite the fla
  8. Didn't watch this while it was on CW...ended up doing a few binge watch sessions on Netflix. I am surprised there's going to be a season 2. The mystery is over, the majority of the players dead. Darnell and Nia seem to be the only ones left standing from the mystery. And I doubt we will see Chloe. I hope they bring Max back for season 2. Although Nia will most likely revenge. I suspect I won't watch it while it runs on CW but it's a great Netflix treat.
  9. I'm holding out hope that season 8 gives Oliver, Felicity, William, and Mia a do-over and they end up having a much happier ending than the rather bleak one shown in season 7. It'd be nice to see Oliver and Felicity break the cycle and raise Mia and William together. Hope Springs eternal. Perhaps the writers will present EBR a scenerio that tops the send off that Felicity got in season 7.
  10. Glad to know I wasn't the only one wondering if Adam killed Steven last week. Also happy to hear I wasn't the only one that was enjoying the true camp of this show. The scenes with Liz Gillies singing were also highlights of mine. She seemed to have good chemistry with brother Steven. I hope they bring the character back into the fold. I continue to hold out hope that Liam returns. I think the show is struggling as it moves away from the true camp and tries to be serious. They just don't seem to know how to make that transition. Not a fan of Crystal 1 or 2 now. Trying to give th
  11. He still had his memories. and with the loss of the "Mother" construct and realizing he killed his mother...his psychosis took him back to the last time he was truly happy.....when and his mother only had each other...when he and Norma first arrived in White Pine Bay to start anew.....
  12. that makes perfect sense smorbie...thanks for clearing that up....just makes the episode that much better for me.
  13. Wow. Just wow. Kudos to the creators, writers, directors, actors, and the entire crew for creating such a stellar series over the years. I will miss this series very much. I will admit being surprised when Mother "left" of her own accord saying that Norman knew everything now and there was nothing left to protect him from. At that point in time he was still going to facing murder charges...wouldn't he need to be protected from that? And I do wish we had seen Dylan learn what happened to Caleb. And we had learned the true fate of Dr. Edwards. But those are small nitpicks compared to t
  14. WIth one episode left...will Dylan learn that his dad Caleb is dead?
  15. I also think the Crimson and Clover montage with Emma was stellar. One of the things I love about this show is that a group of people from AfterBuzz TV (viewable on youtube) get together every week to discuss the episode blow by blow. This week they mentioned the perfect ash scattering scene. There was no *blow back* from a shift in the wind. It made me wonder....were the ashes CGI? Or were there multiple takes until there was a perfect scatter with no blow back? With only one episode left I wonder if ti will come to light that Norman also did in Bradley Martin and his former t
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