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  1. lmdreamer

    S03.E08: Unfit

    My issue with junes plan was serena told her where hannahs school was back in ep 4 so she had the time equivalent of 3 episodes and that was the best she could come up with. Also why is she lashing out at her commander. Does it occur to her that even if he doesnt know right then where hannah is he wont try to find out if she butters him and his wife up? She needs to stop burning her bridges.
  2. lmdreamer

    Spoilers With Speculation

    Did the boys ever figure out how to kill or slow down a nephillum in case jack goes rogue? They are hunters you would think someone would have kept looking even though jack is good at least on the down low.
  3. lmdreamer

    S14 Ep12: Prophet and Loss

    Was a good episode but why didn't Donatello go with tfw to the bunker? By choosing not to pull the plug they are responsible for him now. Plus he is a soulless loose cannon who the bad guys can easily use as proven in the past. Or at the very least have someone keep tabs on him or send him to jody/donna, something.
  4. Im currently rewatching the series. Why after the Verrat and evil wesley left didnt the captian tell adiland nicks mother had the baby in season 3? She only went to back to them because she thought they had the baby and removed nicks power to get her back.
  5. lmdreamer

    All Episodes Talk: Saving People, Hunting Things

    I just want it addressed somehow: a discussion or fight between Naomi and Cas, a meet and greet with Cage!Michael, something. As of the first episode of season 14 Sam had all but declared himself King of Hell so its not completely impossible.
  6. lmdreamer

    All Episodes Talk: Saving People, Hunting Things

    Also if the angels are worried about heaven and need arch angel grace so bad, why are they not looking into this?
  7. lmdreamer

    All Episodes Talk: Saving People, Hunting Things

    It is annoying that they keep ignoring our michael who is still in the cage.
  8. lmdreamer

    Spoilers With Speculation

    Also rather than fighting with the Winchesters every time, why don't the angels explain how integral heaven is to the survival of humanity? Its stupid on the angels part. In some aspects they are on the same side. I'm tired of Castiel being the only decent angel.
  9. lmdreamer

    S14.E01: Stranger In a Strange Land

    If Nick is still alive after being stabbed by an arch angel blade does this mean that Gabriel's vessel is still alive in the AU world?
  10. lmdreamer

    Spoilers With Speculation

    I want someone on the show to remember that there is still another archangel in the cage. I know that they had tried to have Lucifer explain away Michael by saying he was a drooling mess. But why would anyone take Lucifer, the least trustworthy character's word on it? Chuck said it would take too long to rebuild him but he supposedly didn't even know Gabriel was even alive. Cant someone make a deal with someone to have a meet and greet with our Michael to see if he is in his right mind? He might not help the Winchesters but maybe the remaining angels could convince him to help them rebuild heaven. If I were Naomi I would swallow my pride and cooperate with whoever she needs to to make this happen. Does anyone think we will see our Michael/Adam this season or is he forever lost in a deep plot hole?
  11. lmdreamer

    S14.E01: Stranger In a Strange Land

    The question to ask is why didn't Michael kill her?
  12. lmdreamer

    S13.E19: Live Semi Finals 2 (Tuesday's Show)

    I don't want to offend anyone but i have noticed that a lot of the contestants are from other countries with some having even won or placed in their own 'got talent' show. The title of the show is "Americas Got Talent'. I think being a legal resident of America should be a requirement. Again sorry if offended.
  13. lmdreamer

    S02.E13: The Word

    I hope not because the writers would really be pushing it if the new season starts with her back in that house after all of that.
  14. lmdreamer

    S02.E13: The Word

    What makes june think she wont get executed the moment she returns to the Waterford house? She just just aided and abetted a kidnapping. She should have left with Emily. She is no good to Hannah or anyone else hanging from the wall.
  15. lmdreamer

    Spoilers For the Hulu Show

    In fact it would be nice to see The Aunts and the Marthas explored more. I think those two Gilead classes are one we haven't seen as much as the others.