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  1. I knew Elizabeth Hassleback had to be part of the Survivor catergory. I was surprised Bill and Ted was a TS.
  2. I think a couple of them missed the seven words on the one question about the president. One guessed Harrison and another Adams.
  3. When Alex Trebek said Jennifer was getting closer to the top ten in two catergories, I knew that he had jinxed her. I too was sad Judy Blume was a TS. I once played Lurvy in a community theatre performance of Charlotte's Web ( with a young Gilland Jones as Charlotte ) so I knew that book right away.
  4. I thought Dave looked like a famous actor, but am not sure which one. I work at a gym, and pickleball is very popular, so I knew it right away. I grew up in Augusta, Ga for sixteen years, so I loved seeing it on Jeopardy.
  5. We have been talking of James and Jeopardy at work. Yesterday, someone talked of his strategy on going for the higher up questions first to get the DD's. I said it would be funny if it was the first question so all he could do was wager $1,000. I thought it was ironic it actually happened last night.
  6. I went to high school with Katy Mixon for a year in Florida, so I loved it when she mentioned both high school and Florida at the end. Seeing Thomas Lennon always makes me think of Joey's hand twin on the Vegas episodes of Friends .
  7. Tonight, I was curious if The Family Guy would be accepted. Last night, as soon as I saw TV series finales, I knew M*A*S*H had to be in there somewhere.
  8. Has anyone seen the last farewell on Amazon video? I watched it last night but it lowers the volume for the final scene during Onward Christian Soldiers. I assume because it's a Christian song? Alegtoststandon , the actress in that episode who got locked in the ice box was Melora Hardin, who played Jan on the Office.
  9. Earlier today, I looked up info on Mount Rushmore because I always found it interesting that the husband of Carrie Ingalls helped name it. I read a lot on Wikipedia, so based on the dates on FJ, I got it right away . It was pretty cool I was reading the article the same day it was a FJ.
  10. I am a member of the James Best fan club on Facebook, and some members are part of the stagecoach west club, a joke based on a short lived tv show he made a couple of guest appearances on. It made me think of you guys. Sorry I have not posted in awhile. I went to look at the old Stagecoach board for good memories, and saw it is gone. I have AA's book on my kindle. Great interesting book.
  11. Mmecorday, I saw your post from January 5th. This came up on the old nitpickers guide. To be fair to the show, this can be explained. If Halfpint wrote a letter to Prisspot in regular English, Mary could not read it. Adam would have to read it to her, and it would lose its privacy. But if Laura wrote in Braille, Mary could read it by herself, and it could stay private between the two sisters . Here is the link to the nitpickers guide.
  12. I couldn't believe no one knew Laurie Metcalf, and they even had a photo. She was also Andy's mother on Toy Story. I too said Social Security for FJ
  13. Our ABC shown here is out of Asheville, NC, and the first half of the show was pre empted due to coverage of Billy Graham's death. It started at Double Jeopardy. A couple of days late, but on Monday , I was thinking of fun things to do with my nieces and nephews, and thought of doing the alphabet backwards . I remember a contestant on Jeopardy did it once, and lo and behold , Rob did it that night. Eta: I do agree with y'all it was not necessary for the show that night or that special. All the kids are ten and younger. I don't mind Rob.
  14. https://mobile.twitter.com/EricRaygor AuntieL, that reminds me of what he put on Twitter tonight. It looks like an angry face to me.
  15. I got Nantucket, but I was a huge fan of the TV Show Wings, so I instantly think of that when I hear of a Massachusetts island. When I saw the BW to color TV shows, I said The Andy Griffith show had better be one of the five, so I was happy . I am a janitor at the Y, and we use Cintas, so I liked that answer.
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