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  1. Wasn't Weevil's grandmother Logan's housekeeper? And she got fired after Paris Hilton accused her of identity theft, but it the culprit was really Weevil's cousin?
  2. Fun fact: Adam Kaufman also played Veronica's partner in the filmed pitch for season 4. And he's been on iZombie recently, as well.
  3. I've never even watched this show, and I *still* want to smack Brandon for that door-kicking gif.
  4. Yay!!! I love these for 90210 and I didn't even watch that show.
  5. Mecca was the one who got catfished, Tanner was the chronic liar. Mecca was the rampant homophobe.
  6. [quote]Is the 1985 version starring Megan Follows? I'm looking on Amazon, and would love to see it, but don't want to spend $20 and get the wrong version from Amazon.[/quote] Yes, it's Megan Follows. I still vividly remember the day in sixth grade that our gifted teacher had us watch it. I fell in love hard and there's no way I will ever love another version like that one.
  7. That smooch is almost as squee-inducing as Logan and Veronica were!
  8. Archie is SOOOOOOOO the least interesting thing about this show. Betty's plan for vengeance, plus her investigative reporting thing with Jughead (who is more than low-key sexy) were giving me Veronica Mars feels! If the show was just them against the world, I'd be so happy.
  9. Man, the hugger whose face we see in that image looks a lot like Alyson Hannigan. Like, Buffy season five era.
  10. I am not sure what it is, but I think Katsuji is very cute!
  11. I was happy to see Brooke, Shirley, Sheldon, and Katsuji again. (I actually find Katsuji strangely attractive. Way more so than Sam.) But in lieu of the others, I'd have rather had Lizzie from S10, Nina from S11, and Doug and Gregory from S12. Maybe some of them were asked but didn't want to return. Or else producers aimed for a split between "has a genuine chance" and "provides drama."
  12. I have long believed that chickens are inherently funny!
  13. @adhoc I'm watching through a PBS app on a Roku TV, and I also had the same issue with the fleeting closed captions.
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