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  1. We really need a WTF emoji here people! That’s all they could do for her? Seriously?? I thought they were attempting to bribe Derick to not write that book, but this level ain’t gonna do it 🙄
  2. Sounds to me like someone’s a bit envious @Zella 🤣🤣
  3. I was eagerly anticipating Captain Glenn’s sit down with Jenna. Of course, yet again the previews were misleading. Will have to wait another week.
  4. Unfortunately no. I sat through it as well
  5. I’m not finding the video. Granted, I haven’t had coffee yet. Someone have a link? Found it!!! Had no idea they had a YouTube account 🙄
  6. She lives in New Jersey and has a boyfriend, I believe he is her cameraman for these. She’s very tight lipped about it.
  7. Exactly. Stimulus check for refund of the taxes they DON’T pay... I’m positive they get a massive refund every year, in spite of not paying taxes due to NO FUCKING JOBS #rantover for now
  8. See, this is the issue. We look through the common sense lens, you know, the one that says plan ahead and be frugal when no one has a freakin job with a ton of kids. See above comment regarding planning ahead at all.
  9. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ She’s taking a few steps forward and then at one foot back. It’s still more progress than I EVER expected from her. And I absolutely love that I know damn well that DimBob and AlprazoMom are furious at their loss of control
  10. THIS!! 👆🏻 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Is there a reason she can’t wear the sweater OVER the dress? I’m a little confused by this... but I really shouldn’t be cuz it’s Jillybean 🙄
  11. And she and Kourt were part of an anniversary drive by for Leeann... https://people.com/tv/rhod-alum-leeanne-locken-surprised-by-friends-with-car-parade-for-one-year-wedding-anniversary/
  12. Leaving this here in case anyone is bored today and wants to listen for all of us 🙂 #firstclassfatherhood ??
  13. Did she say which book of the Bible she got this quote from? Because I don’t remember reading that...
  14. Excuse you. It’s a POND!! You know, a smaller version of their very own lake. Only the best for the Kody Klan 🙄
  15. Social distancing... I don’t think it means what you think it means, Jillybean. That’s now how it works, that’s not how any of this works. 🤦🏼‍♀️
  16. My husband walked in the room and said “is that the whole season?? Talking about moving/finding a place?” Umm, pretty much
  17. I’m quarantined with alcohol, and all I can do is put my head in my hands as my eyes roll back in my head.
  18. I really thought someone would beat me to this, but here ya’ll heathens go:
  19. Does she just randomly walk up to people and ask if they know Jesus? Based on what? That’s just so fuckin crazy.
  20. Yes! That’s been happening for me for a few days as well.
  21. My dvr taped Abbie’s birth special last night. Was i the only one? Or did I miss it the first time around? Couldn’t help but notice that film crew only filmed parts, the majority of labor and all of pushing was not filmed.
  22. Im sorry ya’ll. I’m confused... what is this “coffee” that you speak of? Is this a common thing? 🙄🙄
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