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  1. WonderWuman73

    Sex And The City

    I’m nodding at everything that’s being said about Carrie. She is not the same character like in Season one. I wonder if they dressed her crazy outfits on purpose to distract us from her horrible behavior? Lol She’s a sex columnist and was so judgmental and ignorant about sex. I became more annoyed with her character around the time she started to stalk Big. Then it started to snowball.....The ignorance about bisexuality, nightmares about how there was no drama when she was dating Aidan, forcing him to forgive her, the screeching about a squirrel, allowing Big to come up to the cabin, loving the nightlife she got to boogie without Aidan and even complaining about it in the second film with Big, Charlotte not offering her money she thinks she’s entitled to, always turning every conversation back to herself, stalking Natasha then Nina Katz her because God forbid someone doesn’t like her, screeching again about Berger’s use of the word Scrunchie, and shutting down The Russian every time he wanted to talk about his friend with Cancer. Im sure there is more. She’s just too much. I adored the rest of the ladies. They evolved and changed while Carrie was still pulling her crap in the films.
  2. WonderWuman73

    "The View": Week of 7/8/2019

    The tension is so obvious. Moody, no eye contact, cold shoulder, irritated at the littlest sayings...(well that’s Nutmeg all the time) but yep we all see it.
  3. WonderWuman73

    The $100,000 Pyramid

    I can’t wait to see July 7th’s episode. I’m a huge Impractical Jokers fan, and got tickets to see them Sal and Joe play at a live show taping. The studio is very tiny. Everything on stage is crushed together lol ... but seems larger when you watch it on TV. The audience was smaller but the energy in there was booming. They played dance music really loud so it feels like a club atmosphere. They seat college students in the front row which are the only audience members you see on camera. I met one of contestants while after the show as we were leaving. From the pre show prep rehearsals, the warm up comedian, my dad being teased by the comedian, Strahan being really affable, the studio dance contest to the actual show... it was good game ... we had so much fun.
  4. WonderWuman73

    The Family Chantel

    I just saw the sneak peek preview of The Family Chantel. Oh joy - both families confronting each other, Pedro asking a lawyer to help get his mother to USA, Chantel confronting the girl who danced with Pedro, threats of violence between both moms, Chantel’s sisters’ love life, and her boobs looking even more bigger??!
  5. WonderWuman73

    S04.E09: The Truth Comes Out

    I just saw the sneak peek preview of The Family Chantel. Oh joy - both families meeting again in DR, Pedro asking a lawyer to help get his mother to USA, Chantel confronting the girl who did the bump and grind with Pedro, threats of violence between both moms, Chantel’s sisters’ love life, and her boobs looking even more larger!?
  6. WonderWuman73

    Season 15: Speculation and Spoilers

    Hannah was on the RuPaul talk show yesterday and was asked if some of the guys are kept longer on the show on purpose ...and she kinda hinted yes.
  7. WonderWuman73

    "The View": Week of 6/17/2019

    So true. Somewhere along the line, her human development was stunted. I can’t believe at her age, or at any age someone acting like this?! I have a special place for Joy because I met her daughter once. My cousin and her daughter were and still close HS friends. She even attended my cousin’s wedding where I was part of the wedding party back in 1992.
  8. WonderWuman73

    "The View": Week of 6/17/2019

    I totally side with Joy. Always will. I didn’t take any offensive about her Watch the Talk remark. I don’t like the Talk to begin with. And don’t let their getting along on that show fool ya, there’s lots of shit that has happened behind the scenes on that show too. I can’t stand Sharon Osborne. No fucking way Joy and MM are chummy bitches. I saw in person first hand the frustration by everyone in the studio toward Megan when she had her meltdown. Did anyone come to her side, comfort her while she cried?, Nada, nothing. Whoopi, Joy, Abby and Sunny totally ignored her. They avoided her like a plague. She was vile and embarrassing to watch that day. I think Joy is over Nutmeg. She was probably still recovering from her eye surgery and said to herself fuck it, let her say or believe what she wants. I’m through trying to fight back. From the day MM said you’re supposed to listen me- and Joy didn’t get an apology..I thought she’d get called out or apologize. MM will never suffer the consequences or be called out ever again. The producers are afraid of pissing her off for fear of causing a meltdown.. so now the other ladies have to play along.
  9. WonderWuman73

    "The View": Week of 6/10/2019

    Other than the much needed haircut, Nutmeg looked like Rainbow Brite to me. Her join me at #deaddadclub tweet for Fathers Day? Is truly pathetic. Whoopi’s annoying valley speak has always been irritating. Why not have Megan do the intro to pop culture topics instead?
  10. WonderWuman73

    "The View": Week of 6/10/2019

    Thanks for understanding everyone. I was all set to go and meet my folks in the city, but I had a nasty flood in my bathroom. Ughhh Next time, I’ll just come here after I’ve finally been to a show. Lol. That way I don’t get anyone’s hopes up. Speaking of Nutmeg’s antics during commercial breaks, I can attest to the fact that her tantrums are tolerated and almost ignored like a child you watch throw themselves on the floor and cry. They wait til she finishes crying, screaming at the producers and Whoopi, running off, ignoring the audience (as they quietly converse together or look at their phones) I’m telling you it was was very freaky to watch in real time. She forgot the audience was watching everything and didn’t care. Whispers around me were : oh shit, oh man, wtf is wrong with her, to damn she’s such a bitch. This was the show last November with Candice Bergen that she did this.
  11. WonderWuman73

    "The View": Week of 6/10/2019

    Hello everyone. All of all days! Im so incredibly pissed that of all days i had tickets, I had another frigging emergency that I had to attend to. No one was hurt but I wasn’t able to make the show. Damn. At least I was there for a her meltdown in November which I don’t think they will ever allow to happen again so publicly but this show had some juice. I wish I had been there to let you all know what happened. I’m sorry ☹️
  12. WonderWuman73

    "The View": Week of 6/3/2019

    Yes you are right. My dad was supposed to go with me but he fell sick. I’m happy to report he is doing well and will be there with me.
  13. WonderWuman73

    Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    Megan, you in Danger Girl! Whoopi reportedly has had enough of entitled McCain https://newsone.com/3853933/whoopi-goldberg-meghan-mccain-the-view/amp/
  14. WonderWuman73

    "The View": Week of 6/10/2019

    I’ll post my full report here if anything juicy happens between the commercials after I get back from Monday’s show. 😁😁😁
  15. WonderWuman73

    "The View": Week of 6/3/2019

    Did anyone noticed when she Nutmeg said that she that they didnt agree on nothing to Joy- she petted both sides of her hair? She did the same move when she nastily shaded Joy not too long ago. I’m noticing more and more Whoopi having to throw it to a commercial so Miss Cactus doesnt have a full meltdown in front of everyone. You can tell she was malfunctioning like a robot when all the questions were coming her away and she didn’t know how to answer them. So she strikes back by being nasty and rude. What else is new. She’s just an all out hateful bitch, unprofessional, immature and ignorant. I’ll be at the show this Monday. This coming week is my birthday and I hope Joy makes it since she said she was getting her other eye operated on. Please have another meltdown, tantrum ... like the horrendously entertaining one I saw. Hehe