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  1. I was laughing my ass off at Miss. Victim’s tweet. I also live in the city. She’s such a liar. FOX news used the same descriptions about NY. I’m so glad they're off this week. She would've been scowling and whining extra hard about not being able to go outside because it’s a war zone out there. So all that complaining about not leaving the house was because of the virus and now it’s all the looting... ..I can’t dye my hair, I can’t buy a crib for this unborn thing I’m not really excited about having. Because you know basically I’m living on my own in war torn NYC lol
  2. She will use any opportunity to mentioned her dad’s death ....I find it even more insincere and morbid than ever that she’s attaching it to the coronovirus. It’s all her all the time. Every time she says she’s the young one at the table, I think really? She acts so old and crochety.
  3. Damn she’s so dumb. Again it’s all about her. That’s all she hears in her tiny head. Damn girl he’s guilty and even though she claims to dislike Trump she can’t fool me. She’s still finding ways to defend that pos.
  4. Hey everyone don’t you know?MM is obsessed??? She can’t just say she’s a fan, she’s obsessed... ok and apparently knows everyone, and has worked everywhere. I loved watching how uncomfortable she was when Alec was talking. She can’t fake a smile if her life depended on it. Girlfriend is showing her jealousy- she just had to be in on something. She’s so messed up. Even if it means being one of women who was sexually harassed which she claims never happened to her. I saw Bombshell, Abby was represented in the film Not MeAgain.
  5. Another dead on article about her “She’s bad at effectively articulating the perspectives she does have. When they fall flat, she tries her hardest to present a compelling narrative about her own victimization. That never works either. McCain is always desperate to play the victim, but her martyrdom as a conservative white woman is exhausting. Why should we feel sorry for her? Sure, she doesn’t support Trump, which somewhat sets her aside from the rest of her party, but that’s not enough anymore. When she has a chance to speak out about the administration, she rarely takes it. McCain’s shtick is part self-martyring and part self-pitying. Her seeming lack of self-awareness, her refusal to listen to anything other than her own anxiety-filled voice as she yells at everyone to stop talking and just listen to her. She just makes it so hard to feel sorry for Meghan McCain. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/amphtml/scaachikoul/meghan-mccain-the-view-whoopi-goldberg-meghan-mccain-crying
  6. Drink every time Nutmeg brings up being the 1- Only conservative in the universe 2- The stigma of talking about Miscarriages 3-Using her new found word of the day incorrectly 4- Looking into the audience and screeching out in order to distract herself from a topic 5- Sex, relationships, having fun etc - nope not talking about that unless it’s written down on my blue cards 6- Oh yeah did I mention my family are in the military, so I understand that life better than anyone else you can all add more I know I’m missing but damn you can actually predict her reactions to things now before she opens her mouth. I guess her dads eulogy about Trump means crap because I can’t for the life of me figure out why she’s siding with the other side. I guess being a conservative is more important to her than family loyalty
  7. Eeeew Tania and the saggy boob bunch giving her advice gimme a break she’s a horrible selfish person period...
  8. The last show was taped Thursday afternoon. I had standby tickets but they didn’t go through. I was pissed because I put in for those tickets awhile ago after they had already cancelled my tickets for the show taping where Ronan Farrow was originally supposed to cohost. Guess the promo code they give you for cancelled shows are bullshit. I only wanted to go to see Darlene Love sing. I saw her a few times singing on the Letterman show. But glad I didn’t go, too effing cold to stand out waiting ...I did it and caught a cold twice. Then of all talk shows, they give the crappiest gifts. The gift coupon I got from Minted is basically worthless. Joy is a better person than me, I wouldn’t given that bitch shit to eat. Instead of saying just thank you, she has to point out she wants more? Take your rhythm less greedy ass home.
  9. Now that was a clear precise to the point stfu! Lol but she didn't throw the tantrum she displayed the last time Whoopi shut her down. That shutdown was more satisfying to watch because most of it happened off the air. Man wish I was there today. but glad I was when the other smackdown happened if you all recall. Whoopi shouted to Meg to basically stfu, slammed her Hand on the table in frustration. I think both Whoopi and MM learned fast just throw to commercial and just stfu no arguing because Nutmeg screamed back to her, fled off stage. She had be coaxed back on, uncontrollable crying, eye makeup touch ups with Q-tips and pointing her finger at Whoopi. Now THAT was a thing to SEE . I think After that occurred, MM decided not go ballistic and lose it because of the embarrassment. No Q-Tips were needed today Love Deniro, Trump is a lowlife
  10. I was listening to show from another room and all I heard was nutmeg screeching the most...so effing loud. Joy can rile Nutmeg all she wants. After witnessing her explosive immature tantrum at a live taping almost 2 years ago and all the numerous times she’s continued to be rude, condecending, uncouth, exhausting and devoid of humor...Like the row of shocked women who sat behind whispered ... what a bitch
  11. I never said she did, but on other sites, Facebook Twitter they have. I was referring to the previous post by dbell1 Which I should’ve quoted.
  12. Me me me me Meghan. Always figuring out a way to relate a story back to her. Missy has been a regular now for how long??? And she still acts like it’s her first week. ***Can I talk now, says we’re going to commercial, relaying her Leo story and the way she threw it back to Whoopi, I don’t remember this topic being discuss at the morning meeting, I didn’t know we were going to talk about that... scrambles blue cards, looks around the studio, ohhh look points out random people in the audience during discussions, etc*** like wth
  13. I’m happy for Hannah and Alan. Loved Pasha. Carrie Ann is still delusional and female hating..Critique the performance but to go as low as calling Her a whore or a bitch etc was too much. The viral hating is out of control
  14. Oh God, I thought I was the only one. Glenn getting his head bashed in?? nada..no nightmares..but this episode really stood with me. I had a hard time getting to sleep and thought about all day today. One of the best episodes in a long time.
  15. Yep I was scheduled to attend the live show on Wednesday but it’s been canceled due to the impeachment hearings they said.
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