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    Hazel has nystagmus, likely from being a preemie. It's a condition that causes your eyes to move involuntarily, so nothing to do with the TV lights, being tired, etc.
  2. freebie

    Our Favorite GOT Moments: It Is Known

    So, so many options. I think I like the small moments best. From S1 Bran lying in bed and peevishly sparring with Old Nan ("I hate your stories") and with Robb ("I'd. Rather. Be. Dead.") - the kid could act, before he was reduced to staring off into space From S2 Brienne pledging herself to Catelyn Stark - the feels! this moment sets Brienne on her path From S3 Jon and Ygritte's (first) farewell scene ("I do know some things") - gah! getting teary just thinking about it From S4 Sandor telling Arya the story of how he was burned - these two, every scene was a treasure From S5 Master Aemon's "kill the boy" speech - the complexity of this character and how much he was able to reveal in just a handful of scenes, I just love him From S6 Gilly standing up for Sam at Horn Hill; Sam deciding to take Gilly and Little Sam with him and helping himself to Heartsbane on his way out the door - perfect encapsulation of this little family and who they are to each other and themselves From S7 Sansa to Littlefinger: "No need to seize the last word, Lord Baelish, I'll assume it was something clever" - one day, I will slay my enemies with these very words From S8 Arya jumping up into Jon's arms the same way she did when they said their goodbyes in S1 - I was waiting for this and never, ever thought I'd get it
  3. freebie

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    Well. That's that. Much to process, but I think it all started to go downhill for me when the staircase Tyrion needed to access the Tomb of the Greatest Love of All was completely intact and totally safe. What else? Bran as king. I confess I let out an uncomfortable little laugh when Tyrion threw his lot behind Bran. It was like being at a dinner party and listening to an acquaintance wonder why the system of government in The Handmaid's Tale wouldn't work in the U.S. And then you realize they're serious. When Bran the Smugly All-Knowing, First of His Name, responded that he wouldn't have bothered to come south otherwise, I almost threw something at the TV. My beer was nearest, so I opted for a long swig instead. Finally, the Small Council. Seven Hells! I don't know what was worse: that TPTB utterly failed to think about who could fill the three empty spots or that His Grace, Bran the Couldn't Be Bothered, just left the Bro Council (props to whoever upthread coined that phrase) to their own devices. I did like Arya saying toodles and bugging out with her direwolf-emblazoned sailing ship, and Jon meeting back up with Tormund and most especially Ghost. Also, Sansa's hair, crown, and dress were very pretty. I hope Jon leaving Castle Black is a permanent thing. If anyone's watch has ended, it's his.
  4. freebie

    S08.E05: The Bells

    Well, if Saint Jon stated that he was uncomfortable with incest, then the audience (and the show runners) would have to acknowledge that the Greatest Love of All, which involves a twin sister and brother, is also problematic. Better not to say anything, I guess. Sometimes, I wish Tywin was still around. He would set everybody straight on this topic in a New York minute.
  5. freebie

    S08.E05: The Bells

    Some random observations, having read through the thread: I'm in the Mad!Dany is unearned camp, although I like the idea of it, just not the execution. If Arya decides to take on one more assassination for the road, I'm warming to the idea of her being named the Queenslayer. I thought the sudden ability of Dany/Drogon to figure out how to avoid getting shot was sort of ridiculous because there didn't appear to be a reason for it. And how busy were the smiths and engineer-types? Because they sure managed to assemble an amazing number of anti-dragon artillery in a short period of time. I think they have written Jon into a dead end. He couldn't have been more ineffectual. I can attempt to understand where his head might be at -- he's still reeling from having risen from the dead, he now knows his true identity/parentage (and realizes his girlfriend is actually his aunt), and he very likely did not believe for one second that he/they were going to survive the Army of the Dead. So, I can forgive him for being unable to think on his feet in recent weeks. But, that's just something else we weren't shown. How much time would it have taken to show him deferring to others on strategic decisions, acting confused and unable to concentrate, or just plain confiding in Davos that he was D.O.N.E.? I mean, I think he could have used an extra couple of weeks to recuperate more than anyone else, but alas. Cersei/Jaime was just the worst. And I wasn't terribly moved by Tyrion/Jaime either. It was more stupid decision-making by Tyrion. I get that Jaime in the show treated him better than Jaime in the books, but Tyrion's loyalty to and love for his family doesn't make much sense. I can understand those feelings for House Lannister in the abstract and for this version of Jaime in the flesh, but I can't understand extending those feelings to Cersei. Clegane Bowl was fan service. Yes, I said it. It went on too long, and it was improbable that Sandor got in as many licks as he did, considering that Zombie!Gregor couldn't actually die by stabbing. But I liked how it ended. Seemed fitting. I'm curious to see how Jon, Davos, Tyrion and Arya are going to interact with Dany after this. Jon in particular -- who tells the truth, who graduated from the Ned Stark Academy of Right and Wrong (school colors: black and white, of course), who would swing the sword himself if he sentenced a man to death, who is a man of his word -- is going to struggle mightily with this mess. I really hope Varys put some plan into action before he died. Otherwise, I don't understand why he burned the one note, when it looked like he had multiple scrolls when we first saw him writing, or why he left his rings behind. The little girl Arya was trying to help (along with the girl's mother), was holding onto a toy white horse. When Arya surveyed the fallen, after almost being crispified herself, she saw the body of the little girl still clutching the toy horse. Then, an actual white horse rolled up. Not sure what they were trying to say there, but ::handwaves:: magic!
  6. freebie

    Hereditary (2018)

    LOL! So late to the party, but I just watched via Kanopy, which is a free service you can access with a library card. I'm firmly in the camp of viewers who are glad about not having spent money on this. Like some of the commenters here, I really was hoping for a psychological thriller from end-to-end, rather than an ersatz Rosemary's Baby. Some of it was honestly just ridiculous, even at the beginning, when I wasn't sure which way it was going to break. Annie's eulogy was so inappropriate -- textbook example of saying the quiet parts out loud. And then when she unloaded on a group of random, grieving strangers with her circus freak show family history, I actually laughed out loud. All I could think about was being in a group like that and having some newcomer spill all of that tea at her first meeting! I probably would start questioning whether I was grieving at all after sitting through her litany of woe -- formerly estranged mother with dissociative identity disorder, father who starved to death, uncle who killed himself -- yikes! I found it completely improbable that someone with her history was able to marry and have her own family. She must have had a ton of therapy. And don't get me started on how so many of these characters defaulted to the most illogical next step. Every time. Daughter has severe nut allergy and will be attending (a) a wake where there is typically food from a number of well-meaning friends and relations, and (b) a high school "BBQ"? No worries -- leave the epi pen at home! Random woman from your grief group (that you went to once, months ago) invites you to her house (what a coincidence -- her door mat looks just like the ones your weirdo mother used to make)? Sure, tell her your darkest secrets, like that time you almost immolated yourself and your kids. Totally normal. Random woman from your grief group conjures her dead grandson (on just your second visit to her home -- isn't this friendship moving a bit fast)? Don't run screaming -- take the candle she offers and a handy printed copy of the incantation. You might need it later when you coerce your husband and son to participate in a ritual to raise the spirit of your dead daughter. Son has some sort of seizure/psychotic break at school? Let's get that broken nose checked out, then head on home, kiddo! You probably need a nap. High school is so stressful! Dad is burnt to a crisp on the hearth and deranged mom attacks from a darkened corner (because who would think to flip on the lights when it's still dark outside)? Head upstairs into the attic. Probably nothing freaky or scary in there. Sheesh!
  7. freebie

    S03.E17: R&B

    It's so fascinating to me that neither of the Pearson brothers recognize their own power. Sophie had to point out to Kevin that he never has to choose, and Beth had to point out to Randall that he always gets his way. What's disturbing is that neither seems to understand even now. Kevin's immediate conviction that a lifetime of Zoe was worth not having kids rang so false to me. If things run true to form, he'll get Zoe and kids because that's how it works for people who don't have to make choices. And Randall's failure to hear Beth at all early on was not even remotely endearing. Neither one of these guys can hear the word "no" and process it's meaning. Maybe adult Randall will have more of a clue, but based on the flash forwards we've seen so far, I'm not counting on it. Ugh. This show is becoming a chore to watch. At this point, if they just showed Toby and Kate raising their little button to manhood and Rebecca and Miguel getting together (because I love Mandy Moore and because Young!Miguel = rowr!), I would be more into it. I honestly used to get teary-eyed at some point during every episode, but this stuff is just too uncomfortable any more.
  8. freebie

    S09.E06: To Grandmother’s House We Go

    LOL! I am now actively looking for opportunities to fit this phrase into as many conversations as possible.
  9. freebie

    Counterpart in the Media: Prime Coverage

    Argh! I still had the last two episodes to watch when Starz pulled the plug. I needed a warning!
  10. freebie

    Sweet Home Sextuplets

    Well, I'm here for the tea. So far, we have babies named after Confederate soldiers and inanimate objects, Kate Gosselin's transformation into a "psychotic Greek mythological creature," and a poor little girl who will have to grow up explaining that she is named after a baseball glove. This thread is gold! Frankly, I am torn. Do I hate watch because of the bad baby names, the self-referencing as God's Divine Nine, and the fact that Courtney's dad looks a little too much like Attorney General Jeff Sessions? Or do I just sit back and enjoy what seems to be a sincere couple whose relationship looks strong (so far) and their cute little brood? Decisions, decisions.
  11. freebie

    S01.E09: Henry Deaver

    Argh ... I posted this morning, but don't see it anywhere now. Long story short, I loved this episode almost as much as the Ruth-centric episode. The parallels between Kid!Henry's version of events and original Henry Matthew Deaver (OHMD)'s version were super-detailed and thorough. These stood out to me: Kid!Henry gearing up with a flashlight before heading to the basement/Dennis doing the same before descending into the pit at Shawshank Dad Deaver and Warden Lacey saying to their respective Henry's, "Remember that story you told me ..." Both men being influenced to build a cage and imprison someone Both men committing suicide Kid!Henry and OHMD both exploring the homes of the recently deceased and finding evidence that the imprisoned Henry had not aged The fires attributed to each of the Henrys and the fact that neither was interested in getting too close to a cell mate Both Henrys becoming involved in sheltering the recently freed Henrys I do think we got answers to some questions, like what Kid!Henry meant when he said the forest was where Molly died. I also thought the two timelines explains the anachronisms some folks pointed out early on -- Kid!Henry's timeline is not the same as OHMD's timeline. And the parallel universes could explain what's going on with Ruth, if she's someone not stable in any particular timestream. I noticed that young OHMD had a carved soap figure in his cell, and he had that same figure (or a similar one) in his hand when Pangborn rescued him. Those figures remind me of chess pieces, so perhaps they're meant to be a coping mechanism similar to the one Ruth uses? For me, the biggest reveal is that both Henrys are essentially pawns. They're not inherently malevolent or in control of some malevolence. OHMD found himself in a parallel universe and went "home" just as Kid!Henry's Dad Deaver had received his creepy revelation. Presumably, Kid!Henry ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time when the warden had *his* eerily similar revelation. But Kid!Henry is a normal, respectable person in his own universe. The only weird thing is that neither one aged while in the "wrong" universe. OHMD was in Dad Deaver's clutches for years, but he walked out onto the ice and was rescued by Pangborn after being missing for a matter of days. If Kid!Henry makes it back to his own universe, would he similarly be missing only for a short while? Now I'm really curious about the other figures that were visible to OHMD and Alt!Molly in the forest. And I want to know what really happened with Kid!Henry's cellmate, Dennis's rampage at Shawshank, the birthday party family, the murder couple, the fires in both universes, etc. If both Henrys are not evil personified, then why are these terrible things happening around them? Is there something perhaps neither is aware of going on here? It's interesting that OHMD has no memory of his captivity or even events prior to it, but Kid!Henry seems to have total recall. I wonder if that means anything. At any rate, I'm in for the long haul. This is getting good!
  12. freebie

    S01.E08: Past Perfect

    Was the professor-turned-innkeeper daydreaming about attacking the tenure candidate, or did he really do it? If he did, I guess that's what prompted the career change. But presumably, that didn't happen in Castle Rock, so the guy's violent tendencies were already close to the surface. I'm starting to agree with the cop, though, people die around Henry. The odds of him surviving the murder couple were not good, but he comes out relatively unscathed, and they're both dead (with an assist from Deus Ex Jackie). By the way, my creep-out meter went to 11 when she tasted the "mysterious" red substance on the bracelet. ::shudder::
  13. I don't know ... when I passed the bar here in Maryland, I got taken to task by the Character Committee interviewer for some old speeding tickets from years prior (law is my second career) in another state. You would be surprised what they can/will dig up. Even if you don't have the more obvious red flags on your record (criminal conviction, academic honor code violation, etc.), they want to know about things you wouldn't think would be issues, like your debts, civil actions you were involved in, mental health issues, etc. The general standard in most states, including Arkansas, is that you have to be of "good moral character." Good luck, Josh.
  14. freebie


    They are being held so that the three adults and five tiny children can be in frame for the entirety of the conversation. I don't think the teachers are carrying them in on the regular. It's just that this is a TV show about adorable quintuplets, so production will take any opportunity to put them in the shot while the adults chat. Also, I don't think it's a cheat that Adam had help from the babysitter and Dale/Crystal. The point Danielle was making was that he does not have the kids from morning until night the way she usually does. That's not to say she goes it 100 percent alone because she has help, too. But he handled baths, bed, and breakfast the next morning (complete with Riley meltdown) without another adult in the house. I was actually impressed with how he handled Riley while still interacting with everybody else. Plus, Adam doing their hair the next morning was adorbs.
  15. freebie

    S01.E04: Ripe

    I don't blame Camille for not noticing anyone sitting there. I was so checked out by this point in the episode, I didn't notice either! Also, I thought all of the racing around looking for Amma would have been more effective if (a) we weren't shown her actual whereabouts at that moment, and (b) this show wasn't telling me over and over again that Amma is a central figure and that the Adora-Amma-Camille triptych is important, so I don't think Amma is going to be in any real peril, at least not this early in the story.