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  1. Well. That sure was something. Kind of felt like they turned on the information fire hose and aimed it straight at us. Pluses were the origin stories of both Amalia and (to a lesser extent) Maladie, Laura Donnelly's acting chops, and a deliciously tousled Augie giving Amalia the nod after the Drill Team reunited. I'll have some more of that, please! Minuses were the aforementioned fire hose style of story-telling, my all new list of questions (#1 being who was the woman in the Galanthi cave who touched the elevator and made it rise? - or did I imagine that?), and the really awkward
  2. I thought Siobhan was cagey about the new girlfriend becaus of the age difference. At one point, Mare even said something like, "who's that adult?" So I'm guessing Siobhan knew that would be a point of contention with her mom. Otherwise, I liked this episode, although I felt a bit of deja vu when the most recent abductee encountered Katie. Reminded me of "The Family," when they flashback to the kid's experiences while kidnapped and held with another boy. After this reveal, plus Deacon Creep disposing of Erin's bike, I'm still leaning toward separate perps for Erin and these other two girl
  3. Interesting takes on my dislike for Drunk!Zabel. YMMV, but the scene felt heavy-handed to me. I get it, they wanted to muss him up a bit, show he's got shades of gray like everyone else. But especially on this show, I liked having a straight-arrow foil to Mare. Also, the reunion setting and breakup story just didn't work for me. If they want to dig deeper into his character, I would have preferred more focus on the hints that he's actually not the wunderkind detective he's been made out to be. And for what it's worth, I have no issue with getting drunk at a reunion. I've gotten drun
  4. Ugh. I did not at all like the turn this episode took. Having Mare plant those drugs is very, very close to shark-jumping territory for me. And Zabel as a drunken mess was an interesting choice, since he's been portrayed up until now as sane, organized, good at his job, generally just together. But turns out he's just as dysfunctional as everybody else, and all because he's got baggage from being dumped close to his wedding day? ::sigh:: This doesn't bode well. Also, the deacon should not have the bike unless he's up to no good. I can't believe the writers would so obviously point the fi
  5. freebie

    S05.E03: Mother

    I came here to fangirl over the fact that Thomas Jane directed the third episode, but no one has mentioned it. I loved Miller so much that I guess I'm conditioned to spotting the actor's name while the titles roll. I initially thought I was mistaken, but I rewound and, sure enough! I'll have to re-watch to really be able to comment on directorial choices, but I thought the tight focus on faces in certain scenes was effective, as was shooting up toward characters that were speechifying/trying to convince others to follow them. And the last scene - before the SFX kicked in - was also well done a
  6. 20 Instagram accounts? I only see the main one (itsabuzzworld) and then individual accounts for Adam and Danielle. There are a lot of fan-run accounts, some focused on the individual girls, which I sure wouldn't like if they were my daughters. But I don't think the family has anything to do with those accounts.
  7. When I said "late May birthday" I was referring to my birthday as occurring late in the month of May. I did not say that having a a birthday in May means that you have a "late" birthday for purposes of school cutoff dates and whatnot. I was just trying to point out the wide range of ages in any particular grade level, without even factoring in kids who skip grades. For example, the cutoff date when I entered school back in the day was October 1. With my late May birthday, I had turned 5 only a few months before kindergarten started, but there were kids in my class with birthdays in October, No
  8. I'm not sure I understand the concern about Riley moving up just one grade. She's 4 and in kindergarten and will be 5 when kindergarten "graduation" rolls around in June. If she always stays one grade ahead, she'll be 17 when she graduates high school. Is that really such a big deal? I have a late May birthday, never skipped a grade, and had just barely turned 18 when I graduated high school. Also, I'm 4'11" and was always the shortest kid in the class. I somehow miraculously survived both my late birthday and my diminutive stature to achieve adulthood and a law degree. I'm sure someone as plu
  9. Pretty sure Dr. Megan is legit. She did a fellowship at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia about 4 or 5 years ago, so she's been out of a med school for around 10 years or thereabouts. Young, but super accomplished.
  10. Four-year olds are spoiled little "bitches" now? Wow. Just wow.
  11. Best not to make assumptions. I've been in the workforce for over 30 years and a litigation attorney for the last 14 years, so I have considerable personal experience with unpredictable schedules. Before law school, I was a government consultant, and one of my projects involved traveling extensively throughout Texas for the U.S. Air Force. From that experience, I can tell you that if you live outside Houston and need to be in Dallas that day for work, you fly. Otherwise, you're spending 4 hours in the car, minimum, one way. Yes, she knew he had to head up there at some point, but thro
  12. Maybe that was a factor, the same way that Danielle's frustration about being a stay-at-home mom is a factor, but at that moment the bigger issue seemed to be that they had just generally been talking about him having to go to Dallas sometime soon, then he waltzed into the kitchen, said he just heard from the boss, and alerted Danielle that he was headed up to Dallas that morning! I think she still would have been exasperated if he said he had to fly out in the next day or two, but a few minutes advance warning is insane! I mean, I know they get up early with the girls, so Adam's morning
  13. I sure missed this. I was actually pleased to see Riley reaching out lovingly to her sisters on two occasions that I recall in this episode. When Parker was upset at the cake shop, Riley was very concerned and tried to interest her in talking about what cake she wanted. And when Hazel came home with the new glasses, it was Riley who declared they were "so pretty" and gave Hazel a hug and kiss. As for Riley's intelligence, I agree that we haven't seen much to corroborate Adam's statement that her abilities are "astonishing." In comparison to some of the other girls, she does seem leaps and
  14. I watched the episode on the TLC app, as it's already available there, and although there is some editing that makes the promo misleading in places, the parts where Adam and Danielle are sniping are not the result of editing. Suffice to say, I'm on Team Danielle here, but I would still rather watch the kids than this hot relationship mess. Thankfully, the parts with the kids are worth the watch, but this episode did not need to exceed an hour. To avoid spoilers, I won't post more specific stuff until the episode airs for real.
  15. Ugh -- hate the staged drama of Adam having to run off to Dallas for work, Adam not pulling his weight in the household, Adam up and deciding to buy a puppy. Focus on the quints! Throw in some Blayke and her cousins. Add in a bit of Mimi and Uncle Dale for occasional zaniness. This is not rocket science TLC! Meanwhile, Riley can read. Danielle and Adam are in big trouble.
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