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  1. I think the Halloween one is my favourite so far. So creepy.
  2. I don't know why I keep watching this show. I have never heard of Jordyn Woods. And a few of the guesses for the others were names I've never heard before.
  3. Maybe so, but I'm not complaining! Also, glad to hear that Little Jamie "still stands up by himself every morning"!
  4. Oh dear. Who the fuck was that child? I thought there were supposed to be "celebrities" under those heads.
  5. I totally did not see it coming that unknown brunette would turn out to be Jack's adopted sister in the future. So, congratulations show, you got me again. Randall is officially the worst character on TV. Total dick. I thought Kevin was aged way too much in the last scene (Rebecca's deathbed). Judging from the look of his twins, 10 years or less has elapsed, but Kevin looks 20+ years older.
  6. I didn't like either T-Rex or Swan, so I'm fine with Swan leaving, although I have never heard of her and have absolutely no idea who she is.
  7. I was really disturbed by Rebecca's snotty and completely uncalled-for reaction when the acting teacher said that carriage rides aren't good for the horses. A horse just recently collapsed and died from the overwork and abuse that is heaped daily on them for selfish tourists. It was obvious from the very first moment of that first trip that Rebecca wasn't going to get to do "her" thing. What made Jack think he knew better than her about NY? Oh right, Saint Jack knows EVERYTHING and has to take someone else's knowledge as a personal affront to his greatness. Randall is a dick. How dare he exclude Miguel from any decision-making regarding Rebecca's care? And his pissy comment to Kevin about being "abandoned" (for all of 5 minutes!) at KEVIN's premiere? He just sounds petulant and jealous, and would have grasped at any excuse to go back on his agreement with Kevin to let their mom have a pleasant evening. Her forgetting the name of the hotel wasn't exactly a crisis moment.
  8. Lily H

    S01.E01: Episode 1

    That was stunningly bad.
  9. I'm pretty sure Kate said she wanted 3-Cheese Macaroni.
  10. I've always hated with a passion the song Our House by CSN. Oddly enough, I also hate the completely different song Our House by Madness.
  11. Lily H


    I hated the unhappy ending. Except for Lord Babington, who I liked a lot, and I'm glad at least that he and Esther are apparently going to be great together. Why would Sidney be so willing to give up the woman he supposedly wanted, just to bail out his dipshit brother once again? Tom is so undeserving of such a sacrifice. He would have probably had the money for insurance if he hadn't wasted so much of it buying expensive and unnecessary jewelry for his wife. Even if Eliza dies soon in the terrible accident I'm imagining for her, I don't think Charlotte should take him back. Stopping her carriage and raising her hopes, only to spout some platitudes to make himself feel less guilty? Sorry Sidney, I do think badly of you. My ending is that she realizes that she's actually in love with Stringer, who becomes a famous and wealthy architect (maybe in America?), and they live happily ever after.
  12. This was obviously meant to be just another joke about how Wendy is always the forgotten one, but really it just shows Jill again being Jill. She talks about being sorry that "no one" remembered to invite Wendy, but it was Jill's spa, Jill was paying, it was Jill's way of making it up to everyone that she blew off their fancy lunch, so it was Jill's responsibility to invite Wendy, as presumably, she invited all the rest of them.
  13. This may be an unpopular opinion, but I sometimes don't really like Jill very much. Inviting them all to lunch at her club and then blowing them off when they were all there waiting for her was just so selfish and typically Jill. She's not as bad as she was when we first met her, but I don't think she would make a very good mother because she's so completely self-centered.
  14. I don't get why it has anything at all to do with Kate that Madison slept with Kevin. Neither of them is married or attached, so why not? Madison seems quite immature though, so I hope Kevin sees her silly phone calls to Kate as a big red flag, and I really hope she's not the baby mama.
  15. The fire alarms had been disabled and their cell phones didn't work.
  16. Lily H


    After watching both last night, I realized that I now like Sanditon more than Outlander! What a shame there's only one more ep. I like Lord Babington, and I think he deserves better than Esther, even though he's besotted with her.
  17. Well, there should now be no more question as to whether this show is completely fake and staged and with a preordained result. Some stars clearly only want to appear 2 or 3 times at most, so their contract specifies a quick exit. Other "performers" (Gronk, I'm looking at you!) have nothing better to do, so they agree to be in it until the finals. I mean, only a hard-core Patriots fan would have thought that display by the White Tiger was anything but excruciating.
  18. Lily H


    And just when Sidney has become much more likeable, he rushes off to chat up the insipid-looking Eliza, leaving newly-lovestruck Charlotte standing alone in misery in the middle of the dancefloor. The old lady's not actually dead yet, right? Aren't they taking a big chance by destroying the will a little prematurely?
  19. The funniest episode yet. I've never laughed so much in a half-hour in my entire life.
  20. I hate to say this after enjoying almost every season, but I think I'm done with this show. I found it boring, nonsensical and unwatchable.
  21. Don't forget 'married with kids' as well!
  22. This show is so awful, I can't believe it's Stephen King.
  23. Watched this tonight because there was nothing else on, and thought, How bad can it be? (Answer: pretty bad). I think I may have gotten a headache from all the eye-rolling I was doing. The writers really filled in ALL the squares on their Diversity Bingo cards, didn't they? Plus the bonus of Baby In A Tree. I hadn't been watching other shows Rob Lowe has been in lately, so it really struck me that time has finally caught up with him. He actually looks like a man in his mid-50's now (albeit a handsome, in-good-shape one).
  24. I'm liking Randall less and less. His behaviour in his office when Darnell came to see him was boorish and rude. You don't pick up your phone and ignore someone who is sitting across from you trying to talk to you. Whoever's calling can just leave a message and damn well wait.
  25. This was the funniest show I've seen in a long, long time.
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