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  1. That clip was amazing!!! I always knew I liked Bill, but damn!!!!!
  2. Somehow, I read that as, "No wonder Thomas is fucked in the head; the worm didn't fall far from that tree". I laughed for a solid minute. (Not a Thomas fan.)
  3. Queried are legally married? Quinn kicked Ridge-pen and Puffy out? Really and truly? I have 30 episodes I haven't been able to watch, because if this story was going to go bad, I didn't want to see it. I keep expecting Ridge to have Eric declared incompetent and put away, and I cannot bear to see that happen. But this news gives me two rays of hope that maybe Queric will have a happy ever after. At least for a while.
  4. THIS. This is exactly what I am afraid of. Eric may very well be temporarily knocked down as he recovers, and I can see Ridge isolating him and making sure he doesn't get the rehabilitative therapy he might need to completely recover, because Ridge doesn't want Eric alive and well. Dead would be preferable, but incapacitated will suit Ridge's purposes just as well. I hope that Eric recovers and disinherits his entire family. I get so angry at those spoiled, entitled children masquerading as adults. I'm sorry I can't think of anything sharp and funny to say about this, but it honest
  5. Yes, it appeared on top of a plateau somewhere, like it was burned into the earth. Btw, my friend last night immediately said "circuit board" when she saw the scalp design.
  6. I think venting one's aggression can be positive or negative depending on the person. There's the idea that releasing aggression by pursuing violent experiences acts as a pressure valve, bleeding off excess aggression, and then there's the idea that the wolf you feed is the one that grows, demanding that each subsequent experience be more intense, more violent, more destructive. I think the show will explore both of these ranges of response -- remember the guy on the train casually recounting his second trip as "straight-up evil", smiling as he said those were the best weeks of his life? I
  7. Makes sense -- Days has a weird history of striking gold with minor teen characters and then discarding them instead of developing them. Remember that gal that JJ brought to town to pose as his girlfriend? She was smart and funny, so of course we didn't keep her around.
  8. I watched this Sunday night with one friend and Monday night with another and I AM IN. (Despite my fears that this will only get one season -- I don't think this is going to have a massive audience -- I am willing to fall in love with it.) Love the dialogue! I'm fascinated by the way the hosts reuse their scripted language. I'm very interested in the behind the scenes world -- the intersecting storylines give the hosts a framework to exist in between being used for an 'adventure'. Love the annoying scriptwriter with the bow tie -- in that room, I would be the one yelling that you
  9. I just saw a piece of Will and Sonny's wedding -- when Caroline addressed the church. WOW. Peggy McKay KILLED IT. She was amazing.
  10. I feel that leaving out "banging inappropriate women and being duped by them" does a real disservice to his character.
  11. DisneyBoy, I have been watching this storyline but there are gaps where I can't find episodes and it is making me crazy. Here's what I know, I hope someone else can fill in the gaps. Somehow, Nicole came into evidence [did she steal it from Daniel?] that proved Eric was drugged and therefore raped. She and Eric were not engaged when she found it. She was going to give it to him but he professed his love and she rationalized that he had accepted leaving the priesthood and destroyed the evidence. Daniel spent May of 2014 trying to get Nicole to tell Eric what she had done, but she
  12. Bitter but not petulant! I can cope with Eric being bitter if he's a grown-ass man about it.
  13. I can tell, Apprentice79!! You write about them with a lot of passion. Thank you so much for the history lesson. I did find a stash of Stayla videos, but frankly, I'm afraid to watch them! I'm going to settle down with some early Kim and Shane -- I already like them so much.
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