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  1. kirkola

    S01.E01: Pilot

    Why not? They fell how far? and nobody has a scratch. Buildings are destroyed, sure, but cars look fine and the people have no injuries at all. The science just isn't there for this to be in any way based on realistic history. So I'm perfectly willing to accept wrong era dinosaurs. For whatever it's worth, I grew up on Land of the Lost, which managed to terribly have dinosaurs, lizard people, and primitive man (the seventies were just a weird time in TV world). So yeah, I was expecting a modern day version of that. It was the sort of adventure series that kids of a certain age would
  2. kirkola

    S01.E01: Pilot

    It wasn't horrible for a pilot, but it wasn't "great". I knew the science would be hokey, because the science is nearly always hokey in a network television show. I'm expecting all the usual tropes (food hoarding, fights between survivors, surprise visits, etc.), so I doubt much about it will surprise me. But I will be back at least for the first season. I will admit, (and no one promised me there would be) but I was highly disappointed there were no dinosaurs. If you are going to do an "alien" landscape (or in this case, back in time landscape), there ought to be dinosaurs. Highligh
  3. I'm white and was born in 1975, so well after MLK, Jr. But I believe it was one of the watershed moments. And yeah, even as kid (12 or even younger) can feel the tension of the moment and know it's a big deal. Mine was the loss of Adam Walsh. I was like 6 or so at the time, but his kidnapping was just huge in my little world. Other than watching the nightly news, my parents weren't that invested in the disappearance or the aftermath. But I was quietly absorbing every detail and understandably freaking out. A few years later, I can remember the exact spot I was in when I watched the Chal
  4. I loved it. It's kinda refreshing to see the time period played out from the other side of the fence. I will admit, going into it, I had wanted them to update the timeline a bit and maybe had the family trying to adjust to the late 80s or something. But, the execution of this was good. I'll also admit, to a wee crush on Dule Hill dating back to West Wing. So anytime he's on my screen, I'm happy. And I loved Mom & Dad talking in sync.
  5. I'll probably re-watch either before the end or after I know the killer to watch for the clues. Oh and definitely before a Season 2. But what I most want is to watch the hours and hours of outtakes that you know Martin & Short managed, while trying to break each other....or when Gomez lost it because the boys are genuinely funny.
  6. Gomez is a nice bridge between generations, as well as a nice bit of sanity to Short & Martin. You need a straight man to balance out the zany, and Gomez is managing that quite nicely. Part of her delivery, I suspect, has to do with the character's depression, making her a bit moody/flat. On the other hand, I love a good black comedy, so her deadpan responses to the guys tickle me. Also her attempts to modernize them. (It doesn't hurt that I feel like I spend most of my work day doing something similar to my aging coworkers...which is extra hilarious, because I'm middle aged...so I of
  7. That was my brother. And he would scour the local conventions to get VHS tapes when he could...bootleg or not. I was just sort of along for the ride, but I never could stay up late enough to catch them. I didn't catch the bug until Nu-Who and #9, though don't get me wrong, I have very fond memories of #4 & #5. Interestingly, my brother preferred the Moffat, and I preferred Davies. Though if I'm being honest, his critique of Davies (lack of returning villains with #9 & not knowing how to write a good ending) is pretty valid. For me, I didn't care for Moffat's crazy timey-wime
  8. I'm confused as to why Liz is confused that medicine can be used to do other stuff than intended. I thought the original application for Viagra (help heart disease patients) was fairly common knowledge. Also releasing it for a cosmetic application will increase the funding that will pay Liz's salary. You'd think Liz would know that. On the other hand, what sort of neurological "helps with missing limbs" medicine has cosmetic applications? I feel like I missed whatever they were trying to go there...except I don't think I did. It felt like an excuse for Liz to act like a petulant teenager
  9. I believe it was once the home of a military base that was used to run "secret" military tests. Outside of that, the surrounding areas were vacant with no towns to speak of, just the military base and possibly a Native American Reservation. A great place to test military weapons, etc. as nothing will be harmed (except for the environment and the Native Americans...but it was the 1940s, so who cares). Also, Roswell sorta leaned into it. They had to do something after the military base closed. The conspiracy minded were already coming to Roswell looking for proof of aliens anyway, so wh
  10. For me, this entire season has been about Loki's growth, with some setup to Phase 4. Loki plucked from the losses in New York would have easily said yes to Miss Minutes' offer in the beginning of the finale. But instead, the TVA, and more specifically, his uneasy friendships with Mobius & Sylvie, showed him a different way. Also, I think I'm one of the few who didn't really see a "romantic pairing" between Loki & Sylvie. Sylvie, unless there's some comic book reason she's not, is for all intents and purposes Loki. Another version of himself. So yeah, I get that he would ulti
  11. Sarah's original Executive Order was stupid. Her "fix" was worse. All crime is punishable by community service? Really? My first thought was "so, murder is okay...just as long as you pick up some trash?" She really needs to get her head out of her rear and start stealing the better parts of each economic system or she is doomed to fail. At this rate, she probably is. I did think being told to her face that she was a dictator was priceless. I want to like Sarah...but she's making it hard. I did like Maya's storyline with her Dad. And I enjoyed Danny's failures at chess &
  12. The song felt like the nail in that particular coffin, er plot twist.
  13. I am hoping for a bit of both of these. Owen taking the Deputy Chief job and letting Judd be Captain. Judd's got the skills to be Captain and Owen has built Judd a top-notch team who will follow Judd. As I understood it, Billy is retired, so making him a Deputy Chief seems a little out there, but I do get that I don't have any firefighting family members or friends to know the politics of it all. But if other firefighting TV shows are anything to go by, Deputy Chief can randomly just appear at fire calls anyway. Also, it would be nice to get away from the "Owen saves the day" trope
  14. I am loving this list of titles for Red. What I immediately thought was Ivan whispered something like "Masha is N13". She would have been just a baby or toddler at best...and it would have been easy for her to tell something she wasn't supposed to tell to the wrong goon. Or that for some reason, N13 isn't a person trading secrets, but that N13 is the secret. She's Russian right? Maybe Masha is Anastasia's daughter or granddaughter or something. And now all that Tsar Nicholas II money is owed to her. Then she could reclaim the throne of Russia...which might upset some people. Th
  15. This. Exactly! What you describe in your Conceal Carry Class is what I've heard others say too. I've not done it because I have no interest in owning or shooting guns. But I do associate with people who do...and it's difficult to not associate with them in America...they are everywhere. And the problem I see is that the average human gets a CC Permit, and goes home with their gun and puts it away. They are good people and they believe that every other gun owner is like them. And groups like the NRA & your local gun club will support this idea. Even though it is total bs. The p
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