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  1. The song felt like the nail in that particular coffin, er plot twist.
  2. I am hoping for a bit of both of these. Owen taking the Deputy Chief job and letting Judd be Captain. Judd's got the skills to be Captain and Owen has built Judd a top-notch team who will follow Judd. As I understood it, Billy is retired, so making him a Deputy Chief seems a little out there, but I do get that I don't have any firefighting family members or friends to know the politics of it all. But if other firefighting TV shows are anything to go by, Deputy Chief can randomly just appear at fire calls anyway. Also, it would be nice to get away from the "Owen saves the day" trope
  3. I am loving this list of titles for Red. What I immediately thought was Ivan whispered something like "Masha is N13". She would have been just a baby or toddler at best...and it would have been easy for her to tell something she wasn't supposed to tell to the wrong goon. Or that for some reason, N13 isn't a person trading secrets, but that N13 is the secret. She's Russian right? Maybe Masha is Anastasia's daughter or granddaughter or something. And now all that Tsar Nicholas II money is owed to her. Then she could reclaim the throne of Russia...which might upset some people. Th
  4. This. Exactly! What you describe in your Conceal Carry Class is what I've heard others say too. I've not done it because I have no interest in owning or shooting guns. But I do associate with people who do...and it's difficult to not associate with them in America...they are everywhere. And the problem I see is that the average human gets a CC Permit, and goes home with their gun and puts it away. They are good people and they believe that every other gun owner is like them. And groups like the NRA & your local gun club will support this idea. Even though it is total bs. The p
  5. We need to see more from Dani's side of things. It's very clear she cares for him and enjoys his company, but with Gil saying stuff like "keep an eye on him", you have to wonder how much is Dani doing her job, and how much is Dani being interested.
  6. That's where I am too. Ben may be right from a strictly money stand point, but he is going about it in a rather childish way. They have had several conversations about the need to better communicate their feelings, and I think Darlene is doing her best here. It feels like the panic attacks scared her and Ben isn't giving her the space to deal with it. He is discounting her feelings on the matter. He can be right, without railroading her feelings. Also, it seems sort of petty that he insists on sleeping in the store. Now, as for Ben, I get that sleeping in your girlfriend's childhoo
  7. My initial response to the alligator story was "at least it's not in Florida, so we don't have to worry about her getting eaten by an alligator." Imagine my shock when it ended with her getting eaten. Also, to be fair to Florida, alligators aren't stalking residents. But every Florida resident knows that if there is a body of water, chances are better than average that an alligator lives in it. When I was growing up, a local business built a retention pond, surrounded by a fence. So picture a small pool with a concrete bottom, surrounded on all sides by a chainlink fence to keep kid
  8. Just wanted to add, I think a brick wall would have "decent chemistry with Ryan McPartlin". Dude just sort drips charm from his pores. There's a reason my family still calls him "Cap'n Awesome"...even though Chuck is long gone.
  9. It doesn't help that Scott Wolf doesn't look near old enough to have a college age daughter. Also, as soon as I heard Nick talking to the girls about George, I was kinda hoping they would jump to the wrong conclusion, just because they were just a weirdly unprepared for life. I mean, I know you can make pancakes in the oven, but don't they usually need eggs?
  10. As to Jonathan & Jordan, I actually said "they must be the wonder twins" to which my siblings graciously knew I meant "they need each other" and not "one turns into water and the other into animals". (I really ought to read more comics and not just rely on the history of TV/movie superheros). Also, I am loving this version of Lois. Her superpower continues to be the pen...Morgan Edge doesn't stand a chance. (Assuming the town doesn't metaphorically skin her alive before she finishes the job...)
  11. After the disastrous 30 minutes that was the pilot and binging the entirety of Miranda, I've been watching Max in each episode. I don't know what the writers are putting in Max's mouth, but the actor follows Kat with his eyes. He's constantly watching her when she's not looking. So while he might have freaked out and said "can't even conceive of the notion", it's not like he hasn't been paying attention.
  12. The pratfalls are considered canon to the original source material, so Bialik is keeping it in the storyline. Not my favorite either, but keeping it toned down is helping. The original TV show had way more physical comedy. And I agree that the will-they-won't-they trope is totally played out. But, again, seeing the original helped me realize where they are going with this Max and Kat storyline and I'm all for it. We saw a little bit of Max's goofy side in this --breaking into song for no reason--and his sweet side--genuine desire to want to see Kat happy. I also love Kat's straightf
  13. While the twins weren't as well fleshed out as I might have liked, it was clear the two actors had good chemistry as brothers. The sibling petty fighting and snide remarks, but heaven help the person attacking from the outside was on point, as far as I could see. I loved the chemistry between Clark and Lois, but then it was a highlight with whatever random arrowverse appearance happened. It looks good.
  14. I was born in 75, and I can remember my Mom having to provide a marriage license to get store cards, because according to the stores, she had no credit. So it had to have been early 80s, possibly very late 70s for me to be able to remember it. My Mom was always looking for teachable moments, so she explained it to my brother and I. The entire thing seemed stupid to my kid ears, because my Dad rarely bought anything on his own. Mom did all the shopping and if Dad wanted something, he'd give her a list to work from. It made hardware store shopping fun. The Airbnb and birthing story nee
  15. Unless the real Robin Masters sent an employee, posing as Robin Masters into Afghanistan. Or Higgins, as a master spy, has a bunch of different alias, one of which is Robin Masters, famed, but reclusive, writer and the person in Afghanistan was just a fake. Yeah, if they decide they want to go the "actual writer plots that the original show played with" they will stretch it into whatever fiction works best. Though I'll admit, the second potential explanation I've offered would require explaining what a random fake was doing joining embedding himself in a war if Higgins didn't send him t
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