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  1. I believe her; I just think the endless obsession with "purity" is creepy and overdone. I was homeschooled and was very sheltered (and not just a virgin, but had never even been near a guy on my own) until college. Jill's parents appeared to be quite strict and her upbringing was likely the same.
  2. I wonder if Amy (and Jill, I'm sure) will ever realize that being anti-vaccine can harm people beyond those denied the vaccines. Amy's unvaccinated kids will most likely bounce back from the flu with no problem, but because she's in a high risk category, she may not. I had a crush on my 30-something Sunday school teacher when I was 12. That's actually quite normal. What would be beyond creepy is if he had shown interest in me. And David staring at Jill when she was 14 is definitely in the creepy category. Actually, staring at anyone of any age is not acceptable. You think she hasn't been hoping for another baby as soon as she gave birth to the last one?? She has to be frantic by now. Not much time left to either be "showing" or to make a precious announcement at Nurie's wedding -- which, we can now assume, will likely go ahead no matter how bad things are with COVID-19.
  3. I'm guessing Amy isn't thrilled, based on the fact that, after Jill posting nonstop videos and updates on Amy, she had a post saying that Amy and family had asked her to stop. It may have been phrased slightly less bluntly, but that was basically it. I doubt they'll postpone the wedding. They'll be heartbroken if laws and/or people's own choice mean that basically nobody comes, but it's already a long engagement by fundy standards. The Duggars always say creepy things about how they have short engagements because it's too hard for the couple to wait. You know Jill was already going to go live on Facebook with the wedding anyway.
  4. Someone's probably already posted Nurie and Nathan's wedding registry, but I don't have time to go back and read all the pages I've missed after not having been here most of a week! https://registry.theknot.com/nurie-rodrigues-nathan-keller-july-2020/39538197
  5. Oh, I think he does. I know his type. The more obsessed you are with doctrine, and MacArthur Calvinists are very obsessed with it, the more smug you are that you are one of the very few chosen ones with all the right beliefs. He truly does believe Catholics are bound for hell, along with most of the world.
  6. Reformed Presbyterians (the church I grew up in and what MacArthur is) very much believe in the absolutely literal interpretation of the bible, though. The motto of the RP church is "Sola Scriptura," only Scripture. King James only is quirky, but so is rejecting instruments like my church because they aren't mentioned in the New Testament. Looks really aren't everything, though. I can't imagine deciding whether or not to marry someone based on their looks. He looks fine. I'm much more concerned with how young they are.
  7. I see him as so completely devoted to Abbie that he realizes her well-being is the most important thing. She had to go to the ER multiple times with hyperemesis gravidarum and I cannot imagine him ruling with an iron fist, telling her she absolutely had to have unlimited kids and be deathly ill each time. I think if she told him she could never go through with it again, he'd accept it. I don't think there's any doubt that Austin is the most conservative of any of them. They consider their family camp to be full time ministry, so that would be his answer to the fact that he hasn't gone overseas.
  8. The contrast between the women in his law class and Jill must be stark. I feel badly for her because that's not her fault. I am quite biased against homeschooling because my parents were lazy and did nothing except buy textbooks and ignore the fact that being pulled out of public school made us miserable and depressed. So I'm thrilled that they're sending their kids to actual school. I am fascinated by the rift and hope to hear more about it.
  9. I guess we just have different interpretations of what fundamentalist means. I've always thought, and have seen definitions to back it up, that it simply means a rejection of theology that takes a less than literal approach to biblical interpretation. Fundamentalists believe the entire bible was inspired by god and should be literally interpreted and its rules followed today. Calvinist Presbyterians and conservative Baptists all completely agree on this. I grew up under MacArthur Calvinism, so I'm very familiar with it. The whole predestination thing is different from what Baptists believe, but that's about it. Calvinists still believe Christians are supposed to evangelize and try to lead others to accept Christ to avoid hellfire. This is interesting and I value your opinion! I'm actually fascinated because it never occurred to me that anyone would question whether my former denomination was fundie or not.
  10. A divorced woman, who clearly has rejected the rules she grew up with, wearing a decidedly low cut and revealing wedding dress? The Rods wouldn't want to get anywhere near that, although it sounds like it's also true that it was a small affair. I'm glad the Kellers still attended though.
  11. In what world is Jer not a fundie??? The only thing he has that the Rods don't is a bit of class and world experience from having attended college. He's fundie to the core, make no mistake. It's refreshing that he doesn't buy into the anti birth control, pants are evil views, but look up John MacArthur, the pastor who founded the seminary Jeremy attends. Jeremy and Jinger solidly believe in wifely submission, that all are going to hell except those who accept Christ, that homosexuality and feminism are sins, and that women's bodily autonomy when it comes to reproductive rights is nonexistent. They more than qualify as fundies. People seem to focus too much on the fact that Jinger now wears pants.
  12. To be fair to Stevehovah, this isn't true. They decided Pepsi (regular, actually, not diet, my guilty pleasure as well) was coming between Terri and Jesus, and that she needed to sacrificially give it up. They didn't in any way at all connect it to her depression. They even went so far as to admit that it was worse after she gave birth and that they knew hormones were out of whack, but still didn't want to interfere with God's plan by using medication. I'm linking both blogs below: https://articles.titus2.com/nothing-between/ https://articles.titus2.com/a-journey-through-depression/
  13. Statistics say about 30 percent of moms are stay-at-home, far fewer than in the 70s, but there are still plenty. Oh, yes. I was a victim of apathetic homeschooling. My parents basically bought the textbooks and that was it. We also did all the housework. We were expected to have the maturity and ability to teach ourselves. Thankfully, we were naturally gifted or it would have been a disaster, but I still entered college basically knowing nothing about science.
  14. Thanks for the clarification. So basically, Erin was trying to appease her social media fans with the statement, which was technically true, but didn't tell the full story.
  15. Not that it matters, but I think Brandon and Kelton are pretty strange looking. Actually, so is John, Alyssa's husband. Chad and Evan are both cute. If I had to have a fundie husband, Chad does seem like he genuinely adores Erin (and is quite handy with projects, to boot.) At least they made the public statement that they no longer support Gothard. That's something.
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