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  1. cooper

    S05.E07: Inseparable

    S5 E6 - Norman in the kitchen with mother: "In that way, I am mad. But the world is full of mad people who function, many of whom are heads of state." It is brilliantly inserted by the writers of the plot. - Who the f*** did he mean...?
  2. cooper

    Charleston Tucker: Izzie Joins the CIA

    Alas! I forgot. And of course the (fictional) head of the CIA will be skipped by the President on behalf of the Head of Department, precisely that chick who's smarter everything everything hangs out in this series. - Oh man, what kind of bullshit. More please.
  3. cooper

    Charleston Tucker: Izzie Joins the CIA

    I beg your pardon? A militant Muslim can turn from an American? By a woman? Sorry. Which mental hospital have been discharged to this script writer. NBC. Clear. The quota kings. Probably they were stoned to below the apex when they approved this series.
  4. cooper


    CBS's known not just to produce the highlights of series. But with RECKLESS they have probably thrown the biggest shit on the market. Illogical together knitted story, stupidly acting actors (blame the directors) and dialogues that make no sense. - An applicant for a sex scandal cop takes a job in which she dressed like a hooker must roam. A lawyer who is at her boyfriend, who is the investigating Detetctiv, complained that he was not feeding her with information. Super realistic.These are just a few examples of absolute imbecility. And all this after only two episodes. - Friends of the Sun, forgive me, but this series is good not even to exterminate moths.
  5. cooper

    Character Thread: Bashing on the Bravermans

    OK, people. You can see that so. Or you can see it so. I see it so. - No matter what we and the others watch, listen to or read. You will never get a uniform opinion. Thanks Zeus, I can only say. Of course, the actors have found the characters of their roles. The only problem is, in the course of time they no longer play their roles, they caricature you just yet. And so they rob them the initial (S01E01) credibility. On german, we say: they play punch and Judy show. - But what is it. They do it in the sense of entertainment. And so people like we may grumble a bit. And as we are, we make it obedient. Have a nice weekend everybody. Good luck and good night. Correction: they caricature them just yet. Sorry, (stupid german)
  6. cooper

    Martha Bullock

    I don't believe that except me someone else take a look at this series. She's already been 9 years. Anyway, I discover Martha Bullock, here played by Anna Gunn, that I for the first time ever in "breaking bad" seen. And what I then thought about person and role will be confirmed here. Her name should be better "Anna Gone" are. See you later. Cooper
  7. I'd say John Wayne and Randolph Scott are green with envy in their graves. This story started limping like a bad comparison and increased from season to season. It is a pleasure to see S4. Everything needs a western was taken into account. Anson mount: cool like an iceberg. Good as it gets. He would have to actually wear the "white hat". All antagonists are excellent. And it's thankfully not figure in it, which brings us pain in the as. The pioneer period may represent a qualitatively greater Horn of plenty with more and better material for the writers. Please keep it going.
  8. cooper

    Past Seasons Talk: Alicia Florrick 2.0

    Thank you Reishe. On german "Eine einzige Scheiße" (laughing: means only shit) Happy easter if you celebrate.
  9. cooper

    Past Seasons Talk: Alicia Florrick 2.0

    Excuse me, pennben . A synonym for "suck" is..............? - And yeah, Maherjunkie. Together we are strong. (smile)
  10. cooper

    Past Seasons Talk: Alicia Florrick 2.0

    S6/E14. Eli´s daughter. What the hell has to find this little look-like-a-pancake-flubber-girl in this story. (sorry for these verbal slip) She is as superfluous as the Pope's balls. What is her mission? The only thing, I guess, she has powerful to trample the audience on the nerves like a baby elephant. We had it with amber at Parenthood, with Debra with Dexter, Skyler and Marie in Breaking Bad... Does anyone know more examples? - And as already suspected, the story is getting thinner and thinner and dumber. What a pity. But run out of ideas at some point even the best writers. It begins to be a viscous paste. Nevertheless: I hold on to the bitter end.
  11. cooper

    Past Seasons Talk: Alicia Florrick 2.0

    Hello People, wish you a happy day. To first of all: it is close to the Greek tragedy drama of the first class. This is not television, as we Germans know it, this is great cinema. If you see a German series, you are close to a depression due to the miserable performance of the actor and always tries to eat the remote control against despair. The only incidentally. Season 1-5 are excellent almost to one hundred percent and operate as well as everything the viewer with excitement. Wonderfully written and implemented by directors and actors. What a wonder if Ridley Scott has his hands in the game. -But! That's right, there is a "but". Not Peter, he is a butt. Not Chris Noth. He is a good actor and very credibly plays the Svillan by Governor. Now to the "but": it would have been better to let the story end with the fifth season. Season six very active to maintain the tension. And you get the feeling, the performers are weary of their role. The Verve and vitality start to shrink under the experienced game. I know a German actor, who had to play a comedy on stage 1,224 times. He told me: the type (role) depends on me to the neck out. Probably it's the good-wife-team otherwise. And it's all at the expense of reality. The plot is predictable, you got the impression. I'm on S6/E8. This constant "I'm running not!". And what is she doing? -Although the viewership (for season 5) again increased, the quality decreases at the same rate. And one more thing on the edge: you know, I'm german. German actor (in TV) have a disastrous speaking culture. But what some American actors are mumbling in his beard, it's no cowhide. See you later. Cooper
  12. cooper


    The authors put one or two characters in each series - until the bitter end - which goes every viewer fully on the bag with full intention. Feed you with a hate object, so that you put on the screen. Here it is Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) that ruined the show. This shit running gag has become a fucking fault element. Just missing that Dexter with a blowjob of her happy. (But that she did then after filming)
  13. cooper

    Character Thread: Bashing on the Bravermans

    I'm going over to "Arrested Developement". Who wants, can follow me. - By the way: This is an excellent and exemplary Forum.
  14. cooper

    Character Thread: Bashing on the Bravermans

    @inquisitionist: hope, I put no spoilers in.
  15. cooper

    Character Thread: Bashing on the Bravermans

    Hello people. I know exactly whether I will now give the following from me or a spade fell in Wyoming, it comes out the same. Anyway I got to increasing due to my psycho-hygiene. And so read, who enjoys it: You can judge a series by three criteria: a) the story, b) the staging, c) the actors. OK, this "Parenthood". To a) The story is so easy to see through, and predictable what's going to happen. Inexperienced members of Bravermans (I can no longer hear this name) show professionals, how is a thing to manage. This is of course nonsense. Looks and gestures tell from the outset how the action continues. This is no suspense but in the long run it is bored. Yawn. No suddenly surprises. And again, and again happy ending. Want to puke. Note for the story: below average, 1 star. To b) Each of the directors leads the actors constantly on the same mental path. None of the characters evolved mental. That is unrealistic and stupid. There are too many scenes that are similar. Always, you have the impression that you have a perpetual Déjà vu. These directors have dialogues which are superfluous because they describe what we have just seen. For what? Note for the staging: average, 2 stars. To c) Oh, man. Here, I don't know where to start. Why, everything in the world, chooses Peter Krause always roles of men who have no balls? By the way included a hallmark of all male members of the Bravermans. Joe included. So, you must really have a box of calmative agent on the Chair to not wake up with scream cramps the neighbors, when you see the female actresses. One dumber than the other. The worst of all Kristina. This woman is a pain. A misfortune. A punishment of God. In each episode, there is at least one reason to kill Kristina. This also applies to Sarah and her daughter. Sarah builds ever shit only in their whole life and so screwed up the lives of their children, but constantly confronts them with smart shits. Unbearable this. The only tough women seems (!) to be Jasmin and Heddie. The grandparents are the cause of all evil. (Or Vietnam?) Zeek, a typical american? No! All over the world are Zeek´s. This intolerable and annoying species of better knowledgeable crab. Only congratulations at this point to Craig t. Nelson for the appearance of Zeek.- Totaly 3 Stars. Again to Peter Krause: I hope he has not ruined his career with the role of Adam. This was not a serious spectacle of him. What a pity. Conclusion: I've watched the final episodes only with time jumps because I could no longer see the faces and hear the words. It was a trip with the ghost train. On a formula: I've seen before yet never such a big bullshit.