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  1. To me the interesting part of the 'boy messiah' part is that it was made up by the Bene Gesserit. They created the Fremen prophecy in case it was every needed by someone in their order. So, I see it as a subversion of the White Savior trope.
  2. This clip from Rachel Maddow talking to a weapons safety expert explains all the procedures put into place to ensure accidents like this don't happen. At the 7:30 mark he makes it clear that it would have taken breaking multiple rules for this tragedy to occur. It's also been mentioned that some productions have already moved to CGI prior to this. Maddow specifically mentioned Mare of Eastown. To my mind the only argument for continuing to use blanks that I give any credence to is the fact that actual recoil makes for more realism.
  3. I think that Harry misunderstood the reason for the divorce. On some level he thought it was because he was into some shady things. That's why he was OK with the new husband since he was a 'good' guy. I feel like he put her on a bit of a pedestal and thought she was a better person than him. He must have been gutted to find out that she didn't care about the shady business and just thought that he was a bad husband.
  4. I've been wondering if anyone has purchased the new Middle Earth Ultimate Edition. The reviews indicate that it doesn't include the appendixes that the extended editions have always contained. However, the reviews were from before the release date. Has anyone gotten the ultimate edition? If so, can you confirm if the appendixes are missing? (I'm willing to get The Hobbit movies if it I get the appendixes for LOTR, but I'm not paying $240 unless the appendixes are included). https://www.amazon.com/Middle-Ultimate-Collectors-Blu-ray-Digital/dp/B09DTYBMRW/ref=sr_1_1?crid=30TAWQRSPWN9W
  5. So I'm re-watching S1 for signs of 'evil' Nate and noticed that in the beginning of the second episode Ted was clenching his hands like he does when he has a panic attack, then put them in his pockets. (It was when he and Beard where having their first day of training). Beard noticed the hands, which indicates it's been an issue long enough for Beard to have at least an inkling that something was wrong with his friend.
  6. I really hate Nate now, and want to re-watch S1 in part to see how much of this version of Nate was there from the beginning. I do like the fact that someone can be an underdog and a bad guy. I also wonder if Nate will accept fault when faced with the consequences for his actions or if he'll be one of those people that always blame everyone else.
  7. I just had a thought about how this will play out when Nate explains that he went to the press because he felt unappreciated. That might be a trigger for Ted due to his feelings about not telling his Dad that he was appreciated.
  8. Not only that but Ted made him a coach when he had been in charge of the kits. I would say that was Ted giving him credit.
  9. How does Nate think this will end? Trent giving him up as the source sped things up, but it wouldn't have been hard to figure out who the source was. Here's the people that knew about the panic attack and what I see as Ted's opinion of them as a potential source: Dr Fieldstone: There's no way she would do that. Roy: Roy Kent would never go behind someone's back Leslie: The guy that was willing to give up his office for the sake of the team? Rebecca: She would have done that a long time ago if she had wanted to. Coach Beard: The man who followed him to England. Nat
  10. Normally I agree, but this was only a half hour and it was animated, so I was able to enjoy it for what it was. Live action is a little too real, so I don't think I would enjoy even one half hour episode. And a movie or series would be a hard pass. Regarding the general What If stories, it's been years since I've read them but generally they either prove that the main universe is the best one or they show that everything happens in the same basic manner with one change.
  11. I'm a little confused by something. I that that Thanos was in New York. (I'm assuming he got infected after getting the time stone from Dr. Strange's body. They said the infection was via saliva, so maybe someone's saliva got in his mouth). To me the implication was that he would be cured along with everyone else, then get the mind stone and get rid of half the universe. However, I saw a lot of comments on the AV Club stating that he was waiting for them in Wakanda. Did I miss something?
  12. I've been wondering if there will be a (probably gruesome) reference to Trevor in Shang-Chi.
  13. A depowered Thor that could take out multiple shield agents makes as much sense as Hawkeye or Black Widow. Besides Pym wasn't actually thinking rationally.
  14. In the first Thor he had been made mortal by Odin as a punishment until he proved himself worthy, so he could have been killed at that point in time. Regarding killing Thor, Pym did say that he realized Fury might want to recruit him. So, he killed him just in case.
  15. Her decision actually makes sense (if you don't care about the loss of human life). More people would have died, but the JL could have taken out Starro. On the other hand, anyone with knowledge of Task Force X, might get curious about what was going on if a bunch of super villains turned up in Corto Maltese. Does Waller really want Batman looking into this?
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