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  1. 3rd (unlikely possibility) Is it possible that the TVA exists in a space outside of all universes, but they all connect to it with their own variants? Could there be multiple versions of the same people running around? (It wouldn't have been an issue with one time line, but would be an issue now). Reason it makes sense, our Mobius and B-15 were in a control room, but Loki found them in the Library. Reason it doesn't make sense, wouldn't the versions Loki met want to confirm he belonged to 'their' TVA?
  2. Watching IW for the umpteenth time and I got curious and looked up the Sanctum Santorum on google maps. Based on that IW got the location correct since it's near an intersection and near Washington Park. Also, Google maps has Avengers Mansion and the Baxter Building. (The mansion is a reference library, and the Baxter Building is an intersection).
  3. The moment where she got me was in the last episode when she said, "I looked happy". She usually sounds so..tough isn't the right word, but I can't think of another one. But she sounded so vulnerable in that moment. I don't know how many actors could have pulled it off. I have to admit that I'm worried about Loki and Sylvie. I don't think either will die, but they're both Loki's. What happens if one of them has to choose between what they want and being together?
  4. One interesting thing about Kang is that in the comics he has a tendency to succeed....then get bored and starting over. (At least he succeeds when he's not facing the Avengers). So I think it would be kind of interesting if they get to the home of the big bad, and it's empty. Kang has moved on, and the TVA is continuing out of inertia. (This would fall in line with when Mobius asked Loki what he would do if he ever won. The victory might be fun, but governing would be boring).
  5. I think Frigga was her mother, but she lost her at a young age and doesn't remember her well. Which might explain why she's so different from Loki and dislikes even the name Loki. She may have lost her family and home at an age before she became bitter and resentful about her treatment in comparison to Thor. If so, she probably hates any Loki variant she comes across that has caused so much damage to their version of a home she can't return to.
  6. The comics had the same problem when the 'fixed' Superman's costume to get rid of the wrestling trunks. It quickly became apparent that they may look silly but they also broke up the blue in a way that a little belt doesn't. I think any change that simply gets rid of his trunks or her skirt needs to do more than that. Like the 90's Superboy costume that had a blue top and red pants. Or the one that had a vertical red stripe down the middle and blue down both sides.
  7. You know, Miss Minute had a southern accent. Maybe Tennessee Valley Authority customers better be extra polite when talking to representatives of the the TVA.
  8. Especially since there was a war with multiple timelines and now there is just one. All that talk of chaos could easily be the talk of the winning timeline in the war. I'm interested in the other Loki. Everyone is assuming that it's a variant from earlier in his life, but what if it's later in his life after he started his redemption arc. (As an example what if there was a Loki that managed to kill Thanos only for the TVA to show up and 'reset' the timeline).
  9. I don't know if it was intentional, but Loki was a little off in The Avengers, especially when talking to The Other. I wouldn't be against the idea that there was some manipulation going on.
  10. I took reset and prune to be euphemisms for killing. Remember the clerk was upset about almost being reset when the person attacking Loki disintegrated something next to him. It appears that they're erasing any potential timeline other than the 'sacred' timeline.
  11. The TVA has been around since the 80's, but they haven't been used too much recently
  12. I'm actually thinking that the Big Bad variant of Loki is the good guy in all of this. Regarding how powerful the TVA is, I'm thinking it's outside of time or something and stuff doesn't work there, so they're very powerful on their home turf but people can fight them in the regular universe. In other words, Loki might be able to cause some trouble if he takes some 'paperweights' into the regular universe.
  13. I'm putting this speculation here as it's based on the comics. If I remember correctly, in the comics the Time Keepers were created at the end of a timeline and created the TVA to ensure that there creation occurred. Any change in history that affected their creation was dealt with. Based on that and the mention of a previous multiverse war I'm thinking that the Time Keepers were the winners of that war, and all of this is to ensure that they're never challenged again. There's nothing altruistic in it.
  14. I'm actually glad that they remade the movie. But only because they released the original on Blu Ray to get people excited over the remake, the remake itself was hot garbage. (This is also why I liked the remake of Robocop despite never watching it). I grew up with Clash of the Titans and love the movie. CGI is better in most ways, but there's something about stop motion that I just love.
  15. I think we would get an adult Tom Holland Spider-Man in the MUC; IF he wanted to remain in the role long enough and Marvel owned the rights to Spider-Man. However, I don't see the partnership with Sony lasting long enough for it to be a possibility.
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