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  1. I am not a New Orleans expert by any means, but the times I have been there in the past few years I was struck by the absence of any decent size grocery store anywhere I went. The best I found was whatever was in the CVS. I mean, I am sure there are groceries in NO. But maybe not within walking distance of where they live? If Jovi isn't in town a large percentage of the time, it's very possible he doesn't own a car. I can't remember if we have ever seen him driving. Once I asked my Uber driver about it and he said after Katrina, major grocers didn't come rushing in to replace stores that
  2. HBO Max is introducing a cheaper version with ads for, I think, $8.99/month.
  3. I’m on Clubhouse, the social media app started by Elon Musk. I of course searched for 90 Day Fiancé. So far I’ve only found Coltee and Avery (who was with Ash), and Larissa but I can’t locate her again at the moment. So far Colt has not attracted more than a handful of followers. I’m not about to add to his list. I also found one of the show developers, who has ten times as many followers as Colt.
  4. My older half-sister was named Mary Elizabeth but my mother called her Bettye (spelled like that). She HATED being called Bettye, but she either came to that decision pretty late or just never pushed the issue until she was in her 50s. By that time, sorry sis, you are Bettye and your family will never call you anything but that. I did my best but I would slip up occasionally. She could get pretty nasty about it. I never thought it was that bad, and maybe Mother Brandon likes it fine. My first name was trendy when I was a kid but not at all now. That's just life, and I can't imagine chan
  5. From https://www.tvinsider.com/974378/discovery-plus-streaming-service-90-day-fiance-series/: I always wish that adult television was uncensored, and if you want it censored you pay extra. But failing that, I might pay extra for uncensored so that I don't spend brain energy trying to figure out what was bleeped and blurred. That said, knowing that the Tell Alls are tell nothings, I doubt that there will be baring all, or even baring some, in 90 Days Bares All, and that the unbleeped conversations will be riveting television. The others... yawnnnnnn. I can think of 90 better ways to
  6. During Sumit's conversation with his parents about falling in love with Jenni, he conveniently forgot to mention the part where the first part of the relationship was him catfishing her and she thought she was talking to a British stud.
  7. Here in South Texas, beer and tomato juice is a michelada. It's not my taste, but it's pretty popular. https://www.chilipeppermadness.com/chili-pepper-recipes/drinks/michelada-recipe-traditional/
  8. Hey now. I have told people for years that Ricky Martin keeps up the facade of being gay so that we can throw off the paparazzi and live our life together unbothered. Keep your hands off my man! I remember that episode of Hoarders too. Such a gorgeous mansion. If Cheesedick is the best my home state of Texas can produce, no wonder I'm still single. There is something weird about that guy.
  9. Off topic, but I was in Houston a couple of weeks ago, and before I left town I decided to go by Dr. Now’s office and peek in. The interior of the office looks a lot smaller in person than on TV. The surrounding area is very upscale, and there’s probably not many apartments around there. But still funny to think about!
  10. Love the thread title! I had been thinking about "Catfish & Chips" but "The British Aren't Coming" made me literally laugh out loud. 🤣
  11. I will say he seems to be the most literate person ever to appear on 90DF. His perfect grammar and complex sentences might make him even more unsettling.
  12. I'm trying to decide whether the previous episode was so unentertaining that I accidentally stopped the recording early thinking it was over. The last I remember from last week, Gary had a gun pointed at him. I was expecting to see what became of his road rage incident, and instead he was rolling out of bed with a random woman. What did I miss? Clearly he didn't get shot.
  13. Yes... digging it out of her bra.
  14. Those are gateway seasonings, you know. Before you know it she's grabbing a Mrs. Dash.
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