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  1. QueBueno

    S01.E06: Another World

    I noticed that too, along with other questionable translations. I predict that next week we will find out that Pole took it all wrong and that he has not been denied a residence permit. After all this time, he still doesn't seem to have developed enough of a grasp on Spanish to understand even approve vs deny.
  2. QueBueno

    S01.E06: Another World

    “Koochie cream, for cutting the grass down south.” 🤣
  3. QueBueno

    S07.E12: Aaron's Story LIVE CHAT

    New Braunfels is about 20 miles outside San Antonio. It was a German settlement and it retains much of the German flavor, including an annual Wurstfest. There are even still a few people for whom German is their first language, although it’s a dialect that has American influence (like Spanglish but with German). It’s a very charming place, although metro San Antonio is encroaching on it. The La Fiesta groceries cater to the Hispanic population. I was surprised they were showing one in New Braunfels, and my quick Google doesn’t show any outside San Antonio. I suspect that scene was scripted, and their local grocery is a HEB. Most of the HEBs have curbside pickup for a nominal price ($5 I think), so I would think that the trip to the store that was shown was unnecessary. I’m biased and think the entire state is beautiful, but absolutely come see Central and south Texas!
  4. QueBueno

    S11.E11: The Wheels on the Dog go Round and Round

    I found it implausible that Murphy, who was not a pet person (or at least not a dog person) for her entire life, was guilted into taking a dog and poof she loves dogs. I have never been a pet person, and I can’t imagine this changing if one was thrust upon me. Although I will say if any dog could change my mind, it would be Bennie. Seriously cute. I did appreciate that the scene in Texas didn’t portray Texans as stereotypical gun crazies. But the accents were terrible.
  5. Honestly, I don’t see what’s so bad about the Sgt. Baker commercial. I really hoped since it hadn’t been aired on the show for a few weeks, it would be forgotten about in lieu of Princess Toast. I know this is a snark site, but about a television show. Y’all seem to miss it, so here’s a link to get your Sgt. Baker fix. But I think he’s suffered enough. https://www.ispot.tv/ad/dt3J/usaa-usaa-members-for-life-the-baker-family
  6. Asuelo hurt his boohole. Hahaha! I graduated from high school in 1978 and I look ten years younger than Eric.
  7. Colt-ee seems jealous-ee.
  8. ICYMI, I happen to work at USAA. Not in the marketing department, so it’s not my fault. But can we say that Sgt. Baker has suffered enough? There’s more than enough ridiculousness in the actual show.
  9. I usually FF through commercials so it took me a while to realize what y’all were talking about with Sgt. Baker. I should come clean that those commercials are for my employer. I don’t totally disagree, our marketing tends towards unabashed sentimentality, but I don’t think they’re THAT bad... and water DOES cause that much damage, lol. Water losses are our most numerous type of homeowners claim and one of the most expensive. I kind of heart the guy from SOMwa.
  10. QueBueno

    Season 2 Discussion

    I think the bolded portion would have sufficed. I am a longtime participant (mostly lurker, because these folks are awesome and much wittier than I) of this forum. I definitely do not have the same impression of them that seems to be expressed in these two posts. Most of us are not linguists. We would like to write entertaining posts, not a formal dissertation. And I definitely have never sensed the moral superiority, nor reckless disregard for truth, that you describe. Heck, we're just here for the snark. If there is a real issue, we have a fabulous moderator to keep everyone in line. By the way, my friend who works in my company's Frankfurt office says my German pronunciation is flawless and I sound like a native speaker.
  11. Oh lord no, not ANOTHER 90 day show.
  12. QueBueno

    Season 2 Discussion

    Off-topic - I was also in London for Christmas and New Years! What a gorgeous city that time of year (frickin' cold though), and the fireworks are beautiful. Back on topic. While this week's episode was a shitshow as usual, it was kind of meh for me and I was only half watching. I can't decide about Hazel. I vacillated between being so sorry that her circumstances were such that she thought this was her only option, and thinking she was one stone cold lady. I hope she is honest with Tariq that he is just the ticket out for her and her kid. While I think Tariq is swayed by her looks, I also think he's convinced himself that it is true love. It's not, that I can tell.
  13. QueBueno

    Season 2 Discussion

    For Jon to get to Heathrow, yes, it is definitely cheaper to just take the tube. It takes a lot longer though - about an hour compared to about 15 minutes on Heathrow Express. https://www.heathrow.com/transport-and-directions/underground For Rachel to get to downtown London, I think Heathrow Express was probably the only viable option for someone on her first trip to the UK and having to navigate with both a suitcase and a stroller. Both Heathrow and Paddington have nice, flat common areas with modern lifts. I hate to think how she would have navigated some of the Underground stations, not all of which have lifts. I always spring for the Express train myself. I also think she would have done well to get a hotel at Heathrow for the first day, to get over jet lag and start acclimating to a foreign country. There is one that connects to the airport, and a "hotel row" you can get to with a free bus. I can't decide whether Rachel is plain or cute. It's like the Seinfeld episode where his date looked either hot or homely depending on which side of her face he was looking at.
  14. QueBueno

    Season 2 Discussion

    Tariq reminds me of Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air.
  15. QueBueno

    Season 2 Discussion

    I was just about to comment that Paul and David Poor are both from Louisville. They must have done some participant searches in those states. Regardless, Paul and David are not great advertisements for Louisville men. Was it ever discussed last year if Karine was actually 21? I never totally bought it. She always seemed like she was around 17. The emoji pillows and unicorn slippers don’t help her case. This should be a very entertaining season. Things are about to get more stupider again.