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  1. aulait

    10:09 Kody's Secret Plan

    This part of the episode pissed me off so much. I’ve mentioned in another episode thread that I had scoliosis as a teen (much worse than what Ysabel has) and had the exact surgery described in this episode. When Ysabel was talking about how weird it would be after the surgery I was completely baffled. While I certainly had recovery pain (and to be honest, there was a lot of recovery pain due to the type of procedure and big ass scar), I felt so much better once my surgical pain was over. I certainly didn’t have trouble brushing my teeth! I didn’t have physical therapy after, it wasn’t even suggested. I was back to normal activity within 10 days. I wonder where she is getting her info. It seems very dramatic. Certainly back surgery is not a lightweight thing but it’s not as bad as she seems to think. And this poor child doing these tedious and questionable exercises every day and then feeling like it’s her fault the curvature progresses. UGH! I wanted to hug her.
  2. aulait

    Siesta Key

    This just feels as fake as fake gets. Alex does not care about Juliette at all. He has zero emotional reaction to people dissing her, to dissing her himself, her getting angry at him, or to their making up. So bland. Juliette is a mess. I hope she's more stable in real life and this is not a real thing where she puts up with being poorly used over and over and over and Mr. Blandface can say, "I care about you" and she's back on the carousel. Why does everyone thing Madisson is hot stuff again? Don't get it. Maybe it's because I'm old, but I find her boyfriend(?), Ben, the most attractive guy on the show.
  3. aulait

    S10:E1 Meri, On Her Own...

    I had back surgery at 11 for scoliosis. I had 40, 72, and 50 degree curvatures. They progressed very quickly. I was diagnosed at 10 with much less severe curvature, given a brace that I wore 23 hrs a day, my Mom tried many different alternative therapies quickly... including one where I hung upside down! Luckily she had enough sense to listen to the doctors and see what was plain in front of her. It was getting worse. I could not sit or stand for long periods. Constant back pain. My final X-ray the day of surgery showed my largest curve had degraded 5 degrees in a week. My lungs and internal organs were being affected. Sugery is no joke. It was 8hrs long and they fused the vertebrae at the base of my neck and stainless steel rods bolted on either side of my spine. I have a long thick scar from the base of my neck to mid back. I also have a scar on the back of my hip from where they took bone for my fusion. I was walking the next day but had to stay in the hospital for about 5 days. Recovery wasn’t too bad. I wore a post surgical brace for 6 months. After that, nothing. I have never had any issues at all. I had three epidural births and one natural birth. My lower back only hurts when I’m pregnant or on my period. One of my shoulder blades sticks out more, and I have a slightly sloped shoulder. The scars too. But seriously NO ONE notices my little physical defects and they can’t believe the scoliosis was so bad and I look so normal now. I would be dead had I not had surgery, not to mention the crippling disability before death. My surgery was 29 years ago, I can only imagine the improvements since. Poor Ysabel needs to get surgery and move on with her life. It’s not that bad. It’s scary, like any major surgery, but the alternative is worse! And grow up parents. My Mom was scared but she was the adult and was strong for me.
  4. aulait

    True Life

    What hideous people. The Mom talking about her daughter... What a terrible person (who has horrible eyebrows). Saying her daughter *could* be an ugly duckling story??? I felt bad for these daughters being raised by such a superficial focused parent. The twins talking to the lady who said she was 23. I laughed. I mean she probably is 23 but she looked like a 40 year old trying to look 23. I get that styles change, but I seriously am mystified by this heavy makeup look that takes fresh, youthful women (and men!) and makes them look like old people trying to look young. And kind of all the same. Hiding all their unique features. None of these young people look all that young when they are all made up.
  5. aulait

    True Life

    That 17 year old was annoying as heck. His parents seemed extremely supportive but the previous poster who mentioned emotional blackmail... yes, I kinda felt like there was that hanging over their interactions. The parents made so few objections and gave so much (I would never ever empty the coffers AND go into debt for purely cosmetic surgery for a teen, wtf) that it definitely felt like there was a lot behind the scenes. Funniest scene was loading that kid head first into the SUV. Is that standard procedure??? So far this iteration of True Life lacks for me. I liked the original version which often dealt with the deeper issues and gave you some ability to empathize or understand the person. Seeing a bunch of people obsessed with social media is not compelling enough for multiple episodes, IMO.
  6. aulait

    True Life

    Just ugh. These folks were sad. I felt bad for Graysen’s husband. To see your spouse change so much and in this direction must be super hard. He seemed like a loving supportive person.
  7. aulait

    Jersey Shore

  8. aulait

    Jersey Shore

    I used to feel bad for Angelina, that she was mistreated by the cast and got an unfair rap. My opinion has changed. She really is gross, arrogant (though it's a facade because she clearly feels like an underdog with the cast), and tries waaaaay to hard to be shocking/crazy/interesting. It could be producer driven but it's probably not too far from the truth because no one likes her in real life either. I bet her boyfriend (fiance?) gave her permission to do whatever it took to get screen time. She didn't say a word about what he would think about getting up on Pauly. I can't believe I even watch this show at 40 years old ? I do love trashy TV.
  9. aulait


    Sad. Just really sad. These folks believe they are sick. I don't think it is a conscious scam. They are enabled not only by well meaning family and friends but by the cesspool of "natural/alternative medicine" info on the internet. Whole forums of thousands of folks who diagnose and treat each other. "Doctors" who provide the most ridiculous treatments. The psyche is an amazing thing. Believe that chanting words will help and they probably will. I notice that most these alternative doctors spend a lot of time with the patients and I think this appeals to those who feel mainstream medicine has failed them. Here is someone who cares, who has their best interest in mind. Someone who believes them instead of questioning what has no scientific backing. This is a first world occurence, largely the middle class and above.
  10. aulait

    Catfish Spinoff: CatfishTrolls

    Charlemagne himself looked like he could barely stand this show. The other host seems way too nice and genuine for this show. The trolls are awful humans.
  11. Chiming in that I have twice done a diet that leaned heavily on green smoothies (at least one a day for breakfast and often one for lunch) and they used whole fruits and veg, not just greens, and they were VERY filling. One thing that people often do is not make the smoothies large enough. The recipes I used didn't skimp on ingredients, had a good balance of fruit/veg/protein and they were large. They were between 400-600 cals, with a total days calories ending up around 1400. While it did lack the chew factor, they held me well till lunch, no problem. The issue is really with juice that removes all the fiber or smoothies that just use fruit. If I have a 100% fruit smoothie I feel icky and hungry within an hour.
  12. aulait

    Jersey Shore

    Its been interesting to watch them watch the clip shows. Many times they are embarrassed, but many times they aren't, lol. Its hard to imagine what this show will be like now that they are all grown up!
  13. aulait

    Siesta Key

    I couldn't help but laugh at Alex talking through wired jaw. I find him hard to take seriously to start with but that was NOT helping! Kelsey crying to Garret about "How could you be with a girl who would try to punch me?" was like UGH. Really? Way to put something on him that he is 0% responsible for. I never saw a punch anyway, just grabbing. Why was Madisson so pissed at Alex/Juliet too? Damn, I hate this show but can't stop watching.
  14. The Sussex Pond pudding was a success! Super easy to make. I am going to make more steamed puddings. Nice to have the oven free. Plus I have a lot of suet to use up, lol. Mine didn't pond quite as much as seen on the TV version but still delicious. My daughter was taking pictures and was really geeked about the whole thing. Every pic she took was shaky :)
  15. I went to three high end groceries and two regular grocers and asked for it specifically and no one had any. One said that it did usually have some but they were totally sold out. The nearest real butcher is about 30 minutes away so I decided to just order online. Suet isn't just beef fat... its specifically fat from around the kidneys and heart. Regular beef fat trimmings could have been had easily but it was the particular fat from around the kidneys/heart that was difficult to find and while I'm usually amenable to substitutions I really wanted to do this the "real" way :) Due to my guests being sick last week I didn't get to make it... but today is the day!