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  1. I think with Megan it was to hide the weight gain ... if that is the year Brooke's BFF was put on the squad ... there were a few more from season that had gained weight and were reprimanded along with Stephanie
  2. I was thinking Ashley is a contender they have her prominent in the promos and show opener ... she does have style but not too flashy ... kind of like Holly was at point
  3. simple no means no real answer in my book 🙄 Unless someone on this board knows how its picked .. you can look back and Judy says rookies picked are alternates ... that means Jalyn was an alternate last year not regular ... alternate are for rookies
  4. They did the same thing with Janelle one year ... felt bad for her also
  5. Everyone has there favorites ... I may be in the minority but I was rooting for Savannah. She is happy go lucky and was eager to show them she improved. I know there are so many others that dance better but I cant help rooting for the underdog LOL!!
  6. So I was checking back through previous seasons. Rookies chosen for SG are alternates ... usually they choose around 3 for that position (Alternate). Now Jalyn was a rookie last year chosen for show group which means she was an alternate .... This year she was going for a "actual" SG position ... she didnt get it which means other veterans beat her out for that not a rookie . Again the candidates (rookies) were vying for the alternate positions ... which unpopular as it seems VK was one that got it .... so Jalyn was not robbed of show group by VK ... she lost out to a vet for a position .... maybe ShellyB can confirm or clarify. Maybe just maybe Jalyn was crossed out because they had too many vets on the list as regulars and one had to be taken off ...
  7. I was thinking the same thing .... at first I really thought she made it back in LOL!!!!
  8. Agreed I was really surprised they took Jenna. Charlotte seemed to think she looked too young compared to Jessica when she was dancing with on the field during finals .... some in the room thought she needed a year Wow Lauren's outfit is kind of hideous ... sorry to be so mean but yikes! and I will just keep my mouth shut about Sydney's choice 🙄
  9. Watching on pluto TV - Jenna Brooks from season 6 that was cut for weight - should have been given a chance when she came back in season 11. I am thinking once you are voted out you really dont have chance to get back in 😞 She was cut for weight not dance and she looked better and stronger than season 6 ... that is a shame and they took Briana a that had no hip hop or modern dance style because Kelli thought she was beautiful ... seriously the girl never danced to modern music
  10. True and I agree .. but being the ladies are what 22 and up ... my point is there would be alcohol on the table anyone could walk by and misconstrue what they see. After the Holly/Jenna thing I am guess the eyes and ears are everywhere. Why put yourself in that situation ... but it could really be for a number of reasons why 🙂
  11. I agree ... the girl is 19. These are older woman going to birthday parties ... most likely where alcohol is served I would not want my daughter in that atmosphere ....not that they get sloppy drunk but there is a code/rule. Who knows if someone offered a sip of something and it got back or a photo ... based on hostile atmosphere ...someone might be looking to take the girl down. 😉
  12. I wonder if Jalyn did something outside SG ...she asked about it. (I re-watched the episode) Did she turn down appearances like Angela did that last year she was on the squad and that kept her off SG. Some girls have day jobs and its not possible. I just wish CMT would give the whole story not chop it up. Look at the way they do the girls called into training camp ... it is so out of order do they think we are not smart enough to notice veterans still in their chair when they are supposedly calling the last 5 names 🙄
  13. Should have clarified what I meant sorry that was too general for some ..... by known world wide (ie game footage/ you tube and internet ... is that better??? If these cheerleaders are so local then why do girls from other countries try out ???? Big picture ..... I got it Jalyn was robbed the world has stopped turning Victoria is the evil step sister and Jalyn relegated to mopping the locker room bathroom LOL!!!!
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