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  1. Hope you are feeling better ! Not laughing about your stones laughing about the Kitty comment 🙂
  2. It wasnt just Cassie ... Ally Traylor was right there to berate her for not saying yes and no ma'am 🙄 and talk about a bullying Kitty was all over Taylor . I'm watching season 8 now and the lame dialog between the rookies ... One more rant ... I cant stand When Kelli tell veterans to get more dance or their life in order and comeback knowing that once you are cut there NO WAY you are getting back on ... 🤔
  3. Uh oh the Vivian season 9 is currently playing on Pluto ...has everyone memorized the poem yet 🤣LOL !!
  4. OMG I just caught Season 5 deliberation and Jay was the only one not to vote for Trisha LOL!!! Guess he feels she is also past expiration date 🙄
  5. Hey thanks I will have to take another look at season 5 ... in that case that must have been another parting gift to Brooke 🙄 so she and her bff could be together all the time 🤢 Kaitllyn on the other hand I can see making.... too bad she went down the wrong road along the way ... what a waste
  6. Not sure if this was posted .... Did Kash replace Jinelle as an assistant to K&J
  7. She didnt ... the only rookie was Olivia ... basically season 5 most of the rookie candidates were sub par.
  8. I liked her up until the 5th season when she used her clout to get her BFF on the team 🙄
  9. Watching season 3 and never realized Jay is a bit of a jerk . Two girls from the first season are trying to get into camp again after one getting cut and another got married. Those girls are in good shape and he made the comment about them having an expiration date ... 😡 WTH !?!?!? Come to think of it he has made snide remarks about some of the ladies in other seasons too.
  10. I think Lily is going to get it ... they made a point of showing her get the ABBY bear .... not everything is handed to VK out of so called fear. 🙄
  11. Just popped up on my Facebook .... looks like Tasha is still doing well with her modeling. I have to say her rookie year she kinda of grated on my nerves and that bright pink lipstick 🙄but the season 12 (the Jenna/Holly/Erica saga year) when called into Kelly's office seemed very likable and sweet ... very genuine
  12. Yes it is ... I think she tried 5 times to get onto the team talk about dedication and perseverance ... Kelli also tried multiple times and was over looked at finals ... I have picked her out in the background a few times.... and then she blew K&J away once she got into training camp
  13. Right ...... So Amy really is not point ... they did that whole segment on her and she gets the very beginning and then Maddie takes over for most of the song I would say .. I wouldnt even call it sharing .. They must have given tiny little time to Amy knowing she is retiring after this season would be my best guess 🙄 I love Maddie so I dont have a problem with her at point I think she does well ... just from the show when Amy and Kashara are talking they made it sound like Maddie got the small part when actually she has a bigger part and more of point girl than Amy
  14. The end of this video seems to show Maddie as point ????
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