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  1. I was browsing trying to figure out where Erika's son lives, and came across this "feature" LA Times article - highlighting police in LA. This was from 2019, but interesting it says he has been with the force for 5 years and only works nights. Seems as if he would have been working when the break-in took place. Also, he's a patrol officer - and if they have any type of car accident - on the job or otherwise, it's investigated and you are not allowed to drive until the incident is concluded. Story doesn't add up. Here's the article. https://www.latimes.com/projects/la-fo-hollyw
  2. My FIL had alzheimer's and my MIL took care of him full-time. One day he found the car keys and backed the car out of the garage into the driveway. My MIL came out, saw him and told him to stop, get out of the car. He panicked, stepped on the gas and ran her over! The car idled on top of her, until some nearby construction guys rushed over and picked up the car off of her. She survived with 3rd degree burns from her collarbone down to her knees. He remained in the car absolutely oblivious to what happened, or where she had gone when the ambulance left. After that he went down hill ra
  3. She said she got a permit. To get a temporary use permit (to put an RV on vacant property) you have to have a current permit to build so an RV would be temporary housing. A Continuous Use Permit requires all kinds of additional requirements - like an electrical, plumbing, water permit. When they all had that last meeting where Janelle said she would never move back to Utah, I thought one of them mentioned that nothing at all had been done even to begin the process of development. Could this be Janelle's way of trying to make it so Kody don't decide he and Robyn are fine where they are
  4. I would think the revelation of Tom's company "loaning" Erika's company $20 Million would now open up any/all records for her company. She has claimed that many items were "gifts", so were not open to be part of a divorce settlement (I believe that was thrown out), but this was a LOAN. The foresic auditors are going to have a field day.
  5. Erika's attorney, Peter Mastan, has filed papers petitioning the court to allow him to be "removed" as her attorney. He cited a "fundamental and material breakdown in the relationship". The paperwork doesn't cite specifics, but he said in a written declaration that it caused "irreparable" damage and that the "relationship of trust and confidence necessary to the proper functioning of an attorney-client relationship has ceased to exist". This is a major blow to her defense. Wonder what he found out that he didn't know before.
  6. Before Robyn and the move to Las Vegas, Janelle seemed to be the one who had a handle on the finances, the food storage, etc. She always seemed to be budgeting for basic needs, allowances, etc. Now it's every man for himself. Janelle was happy renting a small house, but Meri is really sticking it to them with a big rental. Christine was somewhat smart in buying but there is no equity in her place. And then they blow what's left on Robyns place. Janelle knows whats going on, that why she anxious about getting everyone together so she has more control of any finances. Their only asset is
  7. I think Janelle is in a panic. She knows Meri & Christine are fed up, Robyn is dominating all of Kody's time and attention, so NOW she wants better communication among the wives????? She could deal with it just being her and Robyn if time was split even 60/40, but Christine sees what her future holds. No building on that mud dump, no cul-de-sac existance - just four women, miles apart who have nothing in common but a man who has abandoned his beliefs, his lifestyle and is forcing everyone, except Robyn to choose to leave. I think Kody wants the other wives to leave, and "hopes" they
  8. When Christine spoke about going to the Darger's, what she seemed to be trying to imply is that the women felt loved, respected, and happy - something that isn't at all what this family is capable of having. The wives vie, backstab, gossip, complain about each other for the attention of a low life, ignorant, ego-maniacal douche bag. The TLC paycheck has to be at the center of their thinking. When that stops, only Janelle will be left for Kody to deal with. Meri & Christine will go. For the entire family it's always been about money. Not having enough, having to always live on a kni
  9. The entire pond issue drives me nuts. It's not a "natural" pond, it's a retention pond to collect rain runoff. Any normal developer would reinforce it, plant around it and it becomes a "feature", not to be used for swimming, fishing, etc. Homes are not usually built close by but they are situated so any rain/snow runoff is directed to that feature. They create huge issues with mosquitos, algae, etc. if not properly maintained. If several homes are built on property with such a retention pond, the maintenance is usually covered by HOA fees. The County has some pretty strict regulations
  10. I have a question about the house Kody & Robyn bought. In order to get a loan, wouldn't they have had to put up something as collateral? I'm just assuming they used the Coyote Pass property to secure the loan - because that has to be a big loan. Anyway, what happens if 1) they default - the bank would be in first position to take over the house and Coyote Pass. 2) If one of the other wives wanted to purchase a home, and they needed to use their interest in the property to qualify for a loan. But the property is already assigned to another loan. 3). If they did use Coyote Pass as
  11. Kody dumped Meri long before the "divorce" or catfishing. She's going to do all she can to make his life a living hell. And, no way is she going to leave the TLC paycheck, and Kody can't afford to buy out her share of the "house" money. So, as long as she has to show up occasionally, she's going to push his buttons. Once the show is cancelled, she's out of there. As far as Janelle's beloved pond. I don't deal with that type of thing, so called an engineer friend of mine who does deal with Retention Basins (not ponds). Since the property is not developed, at all, his opinion is
  12. Does each wive hold title to their own home (except legally Robyn & Kody)? Does Kody seriously think he can just build those houses immediately? By the time plans are submitted, approvals made, utilities brought to the closest property, etc. it will be over a year in planning. Also, that retention pond is not just for that particular property, but all surrounding properties - which could include neighbors. They can't just build on it, around it or right next to it. It's for rain/snow runoff. How stupid are these people?
  13. Janelle's job in Lehi was owning a company called E Z Pantry. Specialized in bulk food storage systems - and some bulk foods. It was pretty successful. In one of the early episodes, I remember Christine telling Janelle they were out of something, so she would get it at work. That could be the reason for the types of meals Christine cooked. Janelle was in charge of what food was purchased and would go the furthest to feed everyone.
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