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  1. taicraven

    S02.E19: The Living Doll

    Blondie's case made me think of Katella, who also wanted to be a doll. The difference was, the doctors spoke bluntly to Katella, told her to cut the shit, and suggested she get psychological help. Why did they not do the same for Blondie? Could it be because she is thin, white, bankrolled, and not transgender? But don't worry, Blondie is going to be just fine, she is having "reinforcement" hypnotherapy. Great. I know what makes them want to do this. I have felt it too. But here's the kicker: The dolls are modelled on us.
  2. taicraven

    S02.E16: Breast Greedy

    Waited for them to mention Candace's craniofacial dysplasia, but no mention ever came. I realised early that I couldn't with Elle, confirmed by the TH at the club begging Dr. Nassif to "give me a chance." Because, like, seriously you guys? I just really need to be a rich mans wife already? These women on the show in their 50's and 60's who are so over the top cheerful, syrupy sweet, bubbly and giggly make me sad. At least Charo is getting paid.
  3. taicraven

    S07.E10: Prancing Queens

    Kid 'n' Play guest judges please and thank you.
  4. taicraven

    S07.E07: Snatch Game

    If Max's claim is true that RuPaul asked her to sing, then why did she explain to the panel why she was singing? And fumblingly apologize? It's like the newspaper cover she ripped herself to fetch more on eBay. She didn't care that that might hurt Fame. All she cared is that she got her moment. And quite frankly, she done already done had herses.
  5. taicraven

    S07.E07: Snatch Game

    PS: I just farted with laughter at next episodes preview.
  6. taicraven

    S07.E07: Snatch Game

    Max reminded me of this older boy at school who did Marilyn Manson as Willy Wonka for a play one year. He thought he was the business, and everyone else was howling inside with second hand embarrassment. So beat it Wonka. I know she's great in a lot of ways, I just couldn't get past the stagey facial expressions or the pretentious Brit... ish accent.
  7. taicraven

    S07.E06: Ru Hollywood Stories

    This episode was a relief for me. It was creative, it was chaotic, it was stupid. Because really, in drag and in general, I don't give a shit what you wear. I just want you to make a mockery of everything I hold dear.
  8. taicraven

    S07.E04: Spoof!

    Jessica Alba is as snaky as Pearl's outfit. That whole thing with Violet was ick. I find Lucian Paine to be an awkward personality, and I thought his "Britney" comment to Kandy Ho was uncalled for. Does anyone else feel there is something a little off about Mrs Kasha Davis? I can't figure out what it is. Ross Matthews actually said LOL's. And he didn't pronounce it "lolls", he sounded out the letters L, O, and L. He is 35. TL;DR: I hate everything.
  9. taicraven

    S07.E04: Spoof!

    And don't forget the effing NAPPIES, girl! Maybe Kennedy's drag daughters can wear them as padding a la Mrs Kasha Davis?
  10. taicraven

    S07.E04: Spoof!

    Marsha, stop reading my mind, this is what I wrote over in the Shakesqueer thread Great minds something... something... :D
  11. taicraven

    S07.E04: Spoof!

    For me, this season feels impersonal. Everything is very quick and slick. Visually, it is yummy. But it's empty.
  12. taicraven

    S07.E03: ShakesQueer

    I didn't like Ru's excuses rant. The delivery seemed forced and the editing was off. It reminded me of Ru's choking up with tears voice, which I also hate.
  13. taicraven

    S07.E02: Glamazonian Airways

    Me too, Season 4 teeth are not Fame™
  14. taicraven

    S07.E02: Glamazonian Airways

    Say what you will about Fame, but she has good teeth. From Transformations, before RPDR. She must have blacked them out for the challenge.
  15. taicraven

    S07.E02: Glamazonian Airways

    I am so sad Sasha had already done had herses. I thought she was funny and hot.