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  1. Sura, who won praise for her whipped cream, put her cakes in the freezer to cool them down.
  2. I thought it was pretty clear without a lot of explanation that he wasn’t being penalized. They judged him on the one cake that survived and said the caramel was overdone so it wasn’t like the missing ones were miraculously going to have better caramel. There have been a few accidents over the years and the judges have been pretty good about taking them into account. UK S3’s Dani (who I liked a lot until she turned out to be such a Bitter Betty post-show) dropped almost all of her bakes in episode and was certain that she’d be eliminated for it, but IIRC they praised her flavors, etc. based on
  3. All I could think of when I saw that hat was Lime Cat.
  4. This was definitely one of the most difficult hours of television I've ever seen. I probably knew about Aberfan since I was 12 when it happened, but it faded from memory in the intervening years. As soon as I saw the opening scenes, combined with the fact that it was Wales, my mind immediately went to some kind of mining disaster (I've seen "How Green Was My Valley" too many times—and talk about a gut-wrencher, that'll reach down your throat, wrench out your guts, throw them on the floor and stomp all over them.) Still, I wasn't prepared for what came and it was shattering. I'm a big-time crie
  5. What makes the diss on the Black Forest cake even more baffling is that it was the theme for the first signature in Nadiya’s season. Not in the “let’s throw it back to the 70s” sense, but as “let’s see your take on a perennial favorite.” And I think almost every season has had a least one baker doing a variation of same, without any snide comments from the judges, who are, once again, consistent only in their inconsistency. Based on most of the comments I’ve seen, most people consider David a worthy winner and indeed, he was. If anything, they may have thought he’d once again, put out bea
  6. I’m really happy for David and I’m completely okay with his win. He’s GBBO’s version of Jay from S1 of Project Runway. Never won an individual challenge but when it counted at the end, he brought the goods. David was always cool under pressure, he was creative, methodical and meticulous and even though his flavors didn’t always hit the mark, it was clear that he’s a very talented baker. I felt so bad for Steph. It seemed like anything and everything that could have gone wrong did so. In the end though she took it in stride and I think the experience did her a lot of good. I’m glad Alice’s pare
  7. I was actually surprised (or maybe I shouldn’t be, giving how “mean” they say they like to be) that they didn’t give the bakers the pasta attachment for the Kitchenaid, since they already use them. It would have made things a lot easier than trying to wrangle long sheets of dough while cranking at the same time. I make pasta all the time and that’s what I use, not only for pasta but for things like crackers, breadsticks—the fettuccine cutter works brilliantly—and such (the pix are from my now defunct blog). I have a lot of pain in my wrists sometimes, which make rolling dough out to a uniform
  8. I’d say the reason they don’t give the technical as much weight as the signature and showstopper is that you go into the technical cold, but you’re supposed to practice the others. So if you screw THEM up after baking them a few times, then you really don’t have much of an excuse. The technical is probably the go-to if they need a tiebreaker, which they often don’t. I’ll miss Rosie because she definitely grew on me, even though she was often a 78 that needed to be played back at 33 in order for me to understand her. (Did I just seriously date myself there? :D) She certainly didn’t deserve
  9. As much as I like this group personally for how supportive they are of each other, they’re definitely not the most talented bunch. At this point in the show’s run, for a contestant to say they’ve never made something as basic as choux or a genoise is almost unbelievable. The show has always claimed that these are supposed to be the best amateur bakers in the UK, but if that’s the case here, someone must have drained the talent pool because it’s awfully shallow (with a couple of exceptions). Whether or not it has to do with their overwhelming youth, I don’t know—17-year-old Martha almost always
  10. I seem to remember that almost every time they've done a challenge involving tartlets it's been a disaster. No one ever seems sure what size cutter they should use so the pastry will fill cavity—it always shrinks so there's not a lot of room for the filling—and then no one seems to be able to get the damned things out of the pan without having a broken mess. One of the things S4's Ruby did right was using paper strips for her tartlets so she could pull on the strips to remove them instead of attacking them with knives like most people seem to do. So if there's a mistake in production it's that
  11. But they all seemed so totally flummoxed by “bake a cake with yogurt.” I’m surprised they all turned out so well, but are yogurt-based bakes not that common in the UK? While the challenges were sort of meh, one thing I’m sure of is that this group as a whole is probably my favorite of all 10 seasons. I don’t even think the legendary Season 5 group gelled so quickly and seemed to care about each other so much. They’re all so quick to jump in to help or give comfort or kudos. Every one of them (even the ones that kind of annoy me) is delightful.
  12. Well, here's an interesting take on Bake Off. 😀 https://www.jacobinmag.com/2019/09/great-british-bake-off-baking-show-socialism
  13. I always look forward to bread week since I'm a hobby bread baker and this one didn't disappoint. Well, except for the very unappetizing gray breads. I've baked with charcoal powder and you need to add enough to get a good, solid black. Gray is just…no. That's one of mine, from back when I was blogging (not color corrected, it really was that black and the charcoal powder didn't affect the taste). I was very impressed with the scoring, even the ones that weren't so great, because it's still my nemesis. I agree that Noel was pushing it this week. As much as I love him, he really need
  14. David reminds me of Keira Knightly (something about the mouth). Phil is a seedy version of Martin Freeman and Henry is a dead ringer for Thomas Brodie-Sangster. Thank goodness there aren’t any more Love Actually lookalikes or I’d have to stop watching this season because I loathe that movie with the heat of a thousand suns.
  15. I sometimes think it's less about THEIR ignorance and more about what they think the audience doesn't know. I've noticed it a number of times, where they feign ignorance about a particular ingredient so the contestant can explain. For example, there have been a number of time where they were all ???? about yuzu, bakers have used it since the second season. They've done it with other ingredients as well—pandan is another one that comes to mind. Ruby chocolate isn't exactly something that's well known so Paul and Prue's supposed cluelessness gave (insert baker's name here because I forgot) a cha
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