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  1. Did anyone notice when Jack called the other houseguests into the dining room for nominations, it seemed like since he knows his announcement will for sure be shown on TV, he flipped his hair just so and softened his voice to sound "sexy". It was so put on I had to laugh. Showing my age here, but Squarehead Jackson reminds me of the old Dick Tracy comics where all the villains had overly square jaws and looked kinda weird. I don't see any attractiveness with him at all. Yes, Bella fucked up. Be like Tyler, but not too much. Every year Big Brother has to have a few Chad douchebags as contestants. At least last year, Brett was funny which made up for it. How about next year you avoid any Chads, have a couple older people, several skinny/ brainy dorks, a couple overweight people and quit turning it into a fitness contest.
  2. Just curious and I'm not a live feed follower. What did Tyler lie about?
  3. It was touching when Tyler broke down when he won Favorite Player. He thought America hated him! He has no idea. I think Big Brother may ask him back if they do a season with veterans or he he will do Amazing Race. I think he will get lots of attention and do well. Good luck to Kaycee even though I hoped Tyler would win. Also, fuck you to Snotty C. This idiot is a true narcissist. He just HAS to have the attention. Bayleigh is very similar to him with liking attention, so I don't think they will last. Bayleigh looked absolutely glowing when she said she and Fessy were an item. He must be pretty good in bed. They need to do finales just like Survivor does. I hated that they kept hurrying it along. Stupid Snaggy and his girl of 23 days.
  4. 19 MINUTES AGO, BYANOSE SAID: I want to see the bros see each other for the first time. I think Brett will be genuinely happy to see him. Then they can start their ESPN workout channel. LOL!!! Does anyone remember a workout channel and it was done on a beach? I just remember either on ESPN or some excercise channel some early morning workout channel. Mmmm! Just me? Never mind. Move along nothing to see here. Gilad's Bodies in Motion?
  5. Brett said he knew that Tyler was lying, so he didn't throw the veto at all, like Tylers asked. He fought for it. You can see when watching the competition , As soon as it was ready, set, GO!... Brett springs forward hard, but too hard to where he kinda trips on the astroturf and loses his balance. He ended up with a bloody hand from that fall, but kept going hard.
  6. When Nicole came into the house and everyone was upstairs in the HOH room, when they noticed her on camera in the house, Tyler said OMG! IT'S NIC.....ole. He checked himself halfway into saying her name. It's gotta be tough being such a fan and sucking up all your excitement.
  7. Angela said in an interview that she thought so.
  8. What I'm trying to say with Tyler is, yes maybe he needed to blindside Brett that way, but it made me see that everyone's been blindsided and I think it comes easy to him to blindside and lie. It's just my impression of him. In an interview, Brett said he played hard to win the veto because no one who is in your alliance would ever tell you to throw the competition. So he knew Tyler was lying to him. I don't know what it is about Tyler. In the earlier weeks of the game he seemed like a really nice kid with a good heart. But I see this smugness coming to the service. Has he ever felt torn up for blindsiding anyone? Has he been heard on the live feed that it was really hard for him to lie to so and so? He's lying to everyone (almost) at this point. Once the majority of the house is at the jury house, they will have compared notes and found out Tyler agreed to a final 2 with everyone. I think Sam will be crushed to hear it was all a lie, unless he takes her to final 2. But anyway, Kaycee for the win!
  9. For most of this season, I've been rooting for Tyler. I was amazed by his game and even had a little crush on him. But his game started to falter once Haleigh put him on the block and I was hoping he'd snap out of it and get back to fabulously strategizing. He had a final two with most of the house and then he and Angela started getting chummy. His game was taking lower priority to canoodling with the mean girl Angela. I just can't help picturing her being a classic mean girl while she was in gymnastics or high school. This is when Kaycee started kicking ass and winning everything. She seems like a genuinely nice person. I started realizing I'd rather have Kaycee win than Tyler. This last episode turned me off from Tyler. Hearing him in the Have Not room with Brett keep telling him over and over to "just throw the veto, I got this". Why was there a need to blindside Brett? Couldn't he have the balls to say to his face, look we're voting you out. You're my friend and you deserve to know. I just feel he's getting a little smug and has a slight sociopathic side to him that gets a kick out of lying straight to someones face. The look of worry on Sams face when she and Tyler were talking before veto, afraid she was the one being voted off. Tyler says, "Do you trust me? I'm getting someone out who was against you." Complete lie. Unless Sam is final 2, she will be voted off by the guy who pinky swore a final 2 with her and told her week by week to trust him. Being a trustworthy person is a big deal to Sam. The same with JC. He gets nervous and Tyler says, "You're getting paranoid. Just trust me. It's us two at the end." JC and Sam will be devastated when they are voted out and will take personally what Tyler did you them in the game. He strung them along and lied to them with a smile week by week by week. I'm sure Brett sees Tyler in a different light now too, even though he knows it's all game play and won't be a bitter juror. Sam, JC, Bayleigh, Scottie...they all are turned off or will be turned off by Tyler at the finale. No one hates Kaycee. Why haven't Angela and Tyler discussed final 2 at all? Maybe Angela is planning to take Kaycee too. So at this point the tables have turned for me and Tyler is getting smug and enjoying his blindsides a little too much. I'm not a fan anymore. Kaycee for the win!
  10. After a bit of searching this is fairly close to what Scottie said at his outgoing speech: "Julie, first of all, I still don't know if we're hanging out again tonight. My friends told me ...(muted by production) ... I can't make any plans. Secondly, I think you all know the right move and the smart move and I hope that you make it. If you don't, then you can suck it, except for Tyler because he's already getting a steady diet of that Hilton Head ... (muted by production and the camera pans away so unable to lip read if he said anything else)
  11. What did I miss? What was Hay's antics? I don't have the feeds. And what was so interesting about the veto speeches that Scottie and Haleigh supposedly gave since they didn't air them?
  12. I could barely understand Fessy's speech he made before leaving the house. He was talking a bit too fast. Can anyone please tell me what he said? Thank you!
  13. It's jury BATTLE back, not jury BUY back. No one's buying anything
  14. So if tyler uses his power app before nominations, can he still be put up at veto or is he completely in the clear no matter what happens?
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