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  1. I don't think Kyle received much of an education. She may have a difficult time reading at all.
  2. I believe that Solomon is very shy. He may have felt to be under a lot of pressure being alone with Kody and being filmed. I mean Sol watched Kody belittle Truely over a bike ride. He doesn't want to be the next target.
  3. Robyn Brown needs to take a long hard look at how her white knight of a husband treats and interacts with his other wives and children. For a woman who proclaims continuously that she was mistreated and abused by her first purity stealing husband she should be horrified at how Kody treated Ysabel and Christine and at the cold inhumane way he spoke to Ysabel. Even if the way he treats and speaks to Meri seems justified to Robyn it is still heartless and cruel, It is abusive. So much for standing up for other women Robyn. This also goes to Janelle to a lesser extent. Is this family so
  4. I am actually thinking about not watching the show ever again. Watching Ysabel and her heartbreak made me sick to my stomach. Kody is a selfish coward and should not be a father to any child. Those scenes with Ysabel were a deal breaker to me.
  5. Sister Wives is returning February 14 https://people.com/tv/sister-wives-season-10-supertease-kody-brown-wife-relationships-under-strain/
  6. Christine's younger offspring seem starved for Daddy time also. I think Kody and Robyn have a monogamous relationship now and none of the rest of his family counts.
  7. Robyn grumbled on camera last year saying that She didn't have any other wives and that financing anything should not be as difficult as it is. This is all Robyn's doing. One less tie and/or responsibility that Kody has on paper with one of his "spiritual" wives.
  8. Even with rose colored glasses it has to be impossible for Christine to ignore the fact that Kody CHOSE not to be with Ysabel during her surgery. Yes, it was a choice and ultimately his decision. I don't care if there is a quarantine in effect, his daughter was having major surgery. A good loving dad would have moved mountains in order to be with his child at such a time.
  9. The Sun can exclusively reveal Kody has transferred the three-bedroom, three-bathroom home to his wife, to whom he is "spiritually" but not legally married. In the Warranty Deed obtained by The Sun, “married” Kody is listed as the grantor, while “single” Christine is the grantee, meaning she is purchasing the home from him in the amount of “10 dollars.” The Warranty Deed was dated August 28 and was filed with the Arizona court on November 6. The address listed for Kody is the $890,000 home he shares with fourth and “favorite” wife Robyn, who he legally married in 2014. ht
  10. The cast is way too thirsty. All trying to be the breakout star. I'm one and done.
  11. Over and over and over again. Every single thing Kyle said during all 3 parts of the reunion sounded scripted and rehearsed. Nothing about her is genuine........or nice.
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