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  1. summerfungirl

    S04.E19: Devan & Rylan

    This was one episode that I did not miss Max. Todrick was great. He asked the right questions, and actually made Michelle feel better about herself, not like the thug last week who had a huge chip on his shoulder through out the whole episode. He missed father's day with his daughter because he CHOSE to be on the show on that date. The camera work on this episode was ridiculous. When Michelle was standing on the lawn they mad her look like Shrek. And clearly she was not that tall and gargantuan.
  2. summerfungirl

    Jessica & Ryan D

    Sorry, I am behind, but watching the honeymoon episode. Ryan is so total douche. Jessica is telling him something important about her life and he is looking around and probably thinking can you shut up, let's talk about me. I hate him!!!!!
  3. summerfungirl

    S04.E07: Stephanie & David

    The whole time I was watching this episode, I could not get past her skin issues. She didn't wear foundation or anything to cover it up. And the bad camera angles made it worse. But her pictures on F.B, her skin was perfect.
  4. summerfungirl

    S04.E06: Felipe & Jasmin

    As far as I remember not once have tried catfishing from a dating site, match.com, eharmony, plenty of fish, etc, that would be much more fun, and people would find out what kind of people are really on these sites. Maybe a lesson for all the people who actually pay money for these sites. I can tell you match. com is 19 dollars per month for 6 months, not that unreasonable, but they charge you the full 6 months in one shot, which is rather expensive. I guess they do not want to expose these sites, because they might face a huge lawsuit. But it would be more informative for people who actually use this internet sites. Rather than people who hookup on Facebook, my space, etc. Just my opinion.
  5. summerfungirl

    S04.E05: Chitara & Priscilla

    Wow, what a boring episode. The guest host was boring...whoever he was...they could have gone with no guest host and it would have been the same outcome. Can they do a Catfish with older people, not the 20 sometimes. Do people in their 50s not lie or are not catfished. I highly doubt it. Get some new material please. I love this show but the endings are starting to be highly predictable. Funny Ashanti just turned 18 and no one asked how old here new boyfriend is. We need Max back.
  6. summerfungirl

    S04.E04: Daisy & Marcus

    This podcast thing is very interesting but the newest one is him and Angel. Where do I find the one from this week? Thanks in advance.
  7. summerfungirl

    S04.E04: Daisy & Marcus

    Very strange episode. I think Daisy has a lot of deep rooted emotional issues. When she met Marcus her New Jersey accent came out very strong. I thought Marcus was a nice guy but very shy.
  8. summerfungirl

    S04.E01: Miracle & Javonni

    Sorry I got the names confused Miracle was catfished and do not remember the catfishes name. But still was disgusting to use Lupus as an excuse.
  9. summerfungirl

    S04.E01: Miracle & Javonni

    You guys are hilarious. Had to sign up today. I thought Mohmed and stupid Daniel were a train wreck but this show is train wreck every week. But I am hooked...yes, they catfished me. I am in Canada so I went through hell and back setting up a US account. Even went to punjabi.mtv and was still blocked. Finally got a US account to rewatch a few selected episodes with more commercials than ever. I am very surprised that nobody mentioned...whatever the [snip] name was...oh yes, Miracle because her crack addicted heroine abusing mom had her as an exchange. The show should have stopped there. I was scratching my head what is an exchange, lovely Miracle explained. Still I was thinking What? And lovely Miracle went on to make anybody living with Lupus look like some psycho idiots who have nothing better to do than spend their hours at home catfishing people because the disease is so debilitating and that makes it right. I am actually shocked that they aired this episode. I feel sorry for the people who actually have this disease and Miracle is their spokeswoman.