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  1. I felt like they took his character from being mentally ill to mentally challenged. Overall I thought Ben was far too involved in driving the plot. Wendy knows his background and still lets him in on everything. Helen knows and doesn’t object or look into his background. Ruth can’t stand him and then he is suddenly the love of her life. I just couldn’t buy it all.
  2. Tighthead

    S03:E10: All In

    I’ve tried to work Navarro’s decision into his “tell me what you want” approach and can’t do it. Bottom line is he trusted/needed the Byrdes more.
  3. I’m finding Kim’s position right now preposterous. Then when she gets called on it she is indignant. I’m just not buying it. This is one of my all time favourite shows but I’m close to jumping off.
  4. I enjoy the show for the cast and characters but its just getting more preposterous each season.
  5. Going to respond to this in whole because I agree with much of it. I think Fring was creating an alibi for certain, but the method seemed out of character, I would expect him to be more of the kind/loyal/demanding boss we have seen, even if the drop deal was rattling him. I thought Lyle was well played - many people can get strange about seeking approval from tough bosses. Fring as we have seen him would be the type to inspire such loyalty. The Acker subplot just doesn't ring true, and Kim jeopardizing her ethics for his sake is just too much. She's an experienced lawyer at this point, taking hard lines against sympathetic people is something you learn to get over in the first two years of your career, Furthermore, Acker isn't that sympathetic. It's just off, to me. Also Kim doing pro bono stuff to the extent she does is just not realistic. I'm just not quite enjoying this season as much. Kim is compromising herself constantly, for little or no gain. She is my favourite character, and I think we all fear her fate to some extent. Right now she just isn't sympathetic or believable to me.
  6. Didn't they have fire damage at one point? Cooking in a shelter seems like a way to attract predators.
  7. I’ve always thought the fire inside was risky. Didn’t the couple who built a cabin have a fire? Good to see someone get some rabbits. There is so little meat in a squirrel. It seems like trapping, hunting and fishing are all viable options this year. It’s a little more interesting. I like Ray but he might be a bit fragile based on those tears. Hopefully it was cathartic, not foreshadowing. I’m not always wild about the edits but it seems to be much less navel gazing about missing family this year.
  8. A million thoughts: The lake would have Great Lake trout but they are generally a deep water fish. At my cottage we caught them in 250 feet of water with lead core line. Pike and bass in the bays. That cut was deep, but small and easy to clean. She overreacted but including it in the show was a little lame. Donny shouldn’t have gone on the show and the producers shouldn’t have taken him. His shelter really did look good, and insulation will be critical I agree tha5 he should have boiled or poached his catch. Would have liked to see more of people shelter building or strategizing catching big game. I’m finding this season a little tougher to get into. The presentation of the participants seems more disjointed. I do feel like they have some really capable contestants. Finally, they need to get rid of the corny foreshadowing of the rescue boat, and replaying the last 15 seconds before commercial after commercial. It’s outdated.
  9. I just watched last night so I’ll dump a bunch of thoughts. Taking a gill net is smart, but not at the expense of the ferro. He will be under pressure to keep that fire smouldering. If he has to light a fire under duress it will be very hard. Definitely a season for a small shelter. I thought Tim was pretty cocky. Reminded me of Florida guy who nearly cried first night in season 1. I do sympathize that the filming creates a distraction. Of the people we met last night nobody seemed “goofy”. Looks primed to be a solid season.
  10. Well stated. I used to hate Matthew Weiner explaining Mad Men episodes. It always seemed like backfilling. Im happy to talk about songs, music, shows, books etc. But I don’t want the artist explaining them.
  11. I would assume you need some sort of ID when you deliver a child at the hospital, unless they did that off the grid as well. I’m not sure about registering Lucy’s birth as well. YMMV, but the first few episodes I thought she was as sexy as anyone I’ve ever seen on screen. After about 5 episodes they were reminding me of my own exhausting and failed relationships and my feelings had changed. That character arc may actually be a credit to the show. Lust is easy, marriage is work.
  12. I didn’t have a problem with Hayes not reading the book. It’s a slight stretch, but that book basically cost him his career. His wife worked him for information, compromising his ethics, and it was all laid out in black and white. It was her greatest achievement and his cross to bear. I’m not sure she was appreciative of the sacrifice.
  13. I’m not sure that Julie dying as the nuns said wasn’t a more fitting ending.
  14. The Nebraska ring alluded to relates to the Johnny Gosch case I believe. His disappearance has fuelled several wild theories. This season reminds me of the occasional mystery novel I read. They don’t want you guessing the plot so they make it convoluted beyond reason.
  15. The characters and acting are great, but I’m finding the story a little over cooked. I was actually quite bored during the first half of this episode.
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