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  1. I hate the term "baby daddy" or "baby mama," with a passion. Using that term does not make you "woke" Skunk! It makes you one of the terms you used for your husband - a "Knucklehead!"
  2. I am assuming she is wearing one of the one piece Denim & Co swimsuits she "bought in multiples." No wait ...hahahaha!
  3. Maybe Katrina gave her a Harvard sweatshirt as Shawn has stated she likes to wear those Ivy League shirts so people would think she went to school there.
  4. Look at it this way. Chlorine kills major unwashed cooties. It may be saltwater but still more water she's had on her in a while.
  5. OMG ! It's National Martini Day! Bet she celebrates without her viewers. 🍸
  6. Three things she loves. 1. A fancy steakhouse. 2. Not having to dress up at a fancy steakhouse. 3. Mothers and daughters. Well at least everyone knows where they stand with her.
  7. The comments about Katrina are just low-rent but not surprising coming from her.
  8. Jen is enthusiastic about all the clothes. Issac seems to appreciate that. You don't get from her "I really don't like shrugs but this one is next level."
  9. These VC slides are gellies. She just said she didn't like gellies cause they feel gummy to her but these are another level. OAP definately looked pissed.
  10. "These slides remind me of our Katy Perry line which we carry here at the Q." Way to sell the product you are selling and possibly off the Vince Caputo oap.
  11. Not going to Disney. Joe and her going to the Inn they "absolutely love" for a few days. 3 hours away and looks like an Italian villa. Bright green toenail polish.
  12. I think she used to state her bra size as double C. Now she's a D.
  13. Trying to button the swing blouse. It's squeezed too tight so sure it's the extra snug. She just gave up on.buttoning it - too uncomfortable.
  14. She is just the worst! Truth + Style. See thru top - "I would cut the label out, hate seeing the label." Pants on now - " I will say they are woven lightly with what we've all been thru it's gonna be hard to get people back in woven pants." "I hear woven and I want to run for the hills."
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