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  1. rocketinu

    Good Bones

    Karen eating the live cockroach was a little too Chip Gaines for me. Apt was cute but I would hate to climb those stairs each day.
  2. I bought a couple pairs of Vince Camuto booties at Nordstrom's in an 8 1/2. I ordered a pair of VC booties at QVC in the same size and had to send them back and get a 9. There is a proper way to do this by simply saying to order a size up from your regular size. This is how online stores do it as some brands run large or small. You don't act like an idiot and put major blame on the company and try to embarrass them and ruin sales. NYDJ jeans run large and the idiot Skunk has no problem with explaining that away. She was totally pissy to the Vince C OAP. She was trying to make a point and Skunk cut her off with her Ok, fine. At the end of the presentation the OAP said Well I guess I will see you a little later and Shawn just walked away. Anyone see how she was with Gravel? Didn't catch it.
  3. Yep. That was when I took the dogs out. Might want to look up the number of Knotters Anonymous Skunkie.
  4. I had it on the whole two hours with LOGO. Not one knot. Maybe a come to Jesus meeting?
  5. Wow. Sensible low heel booties. She must have fallen and hit her head. Hair a mess tho.
  6. Addicted to knots. We could use that and slightly change the words to Robert Palmer's Addicted to Love as a theme song for her. "You're gonna have to face it you're addicted to knots."
  7. I refuse to watch her stupid self serving Dare to Bare Keeping it Real shit show. So last night I am channel surfing and there IT is! Huge face looking into that ridiculous camera mirror with her mouth wide open brushing her teeth and mumble talking with foam running everywhere. Gag. Couldn't click away fast enough.
  8. rocketinu


    I believe the hate Beth has for Jaime was the reason John sent Jaime away to college. He didn't need a family member lawyer and Jamie just wanted to be a cowboy.
  9. IN the two hours I only remember two items not knotted or belted. She spent most of the two hours off camera changing into clothes and leaving Graver to hang. A couple of times she walked in front of G and the models which is probably one of the first no no's you learn in broadcasting. I really would like to know why she left her news anchor job in Florida. I tend to believe it's because she is lazy. Those jobs are hard to get but you have to work hard to keep them. She did get bored towards the end of the show and started asking everyone what kind of pizza they liked. Best lie of the night: She said she was wearing the xxs while a taller and skinnier model was in the xs. Skunk's were loose on her. She said one of the other hosts asked her the brand of the jogger pants she was wearing and said she wouldn't tell her as she wanted the other host to buy them during her show so she could get the credit.
  10. Graver has had it mostly on her own tonight as Skunky Knotinger keeps leaving in order to change into every clothing item and either knot or belt all. It's apparent she hates flowy loose clothing. She reminds me of that old SNL skit where Adam Sandler and Chris Farley were dressed as Gap Girls and told all the customers to "just cinch it." OMG she actually just said she is not normally a belt person. Crazy Bitch.
  11. First Graver item and the filthy Skunkster knotted it. My dislike for her grows with every knot. I am counting knots tonight.
  12. rocketinu

    Home Shopping Network

    Those G.I.L.I. jeans with the back slit would drive me crazy.
  13. rocketinu


    Aw Jamie - Beth came into the barn to purposely insult and threaten you - you had a pitchfork and horse shit at your disposal and didn't use either of them. Disappointing. Funny when Jaime assumed his brother and father were driving him to the "train station."
  14. rocketinu

    Good Bones

    That race car bed. Yuck. While I realize a lot of little boys would like it,those tires would smell. Also the house looked to almost sit on that street. I also think I spotted a school across the street. During school hours the traffic would be awful.