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  1. Last night she told her producer to get a washcloth and wet it as she "was about to shave her feet and make it snow." I would have shot her the finger.
  2. Actually the first hair shot looks the best. Second shot is Judy Jetson. Third shot is Moonbeam McSwine.
  3. I'm out. She's getting ready to file her feet. Damn she's loathesome.
  4. The great unwashed one is presenting Tweaked by Nature tonight. Why they let her present hair products will always baffle me.
  5. Kourtney knows we already have a Kim Kardashian? Right? Sorry Kourtney, one is enough.
  6. She just said she used the tweaked by nature hair care system today. LIAR! OAP has got to be thinking oh shit! Besides thought she only used WEN.
  7. Thinking Joe might need one of these to get her clean.
  8. Just after gulping down the Goli gummies. They do work! Watch out Joe!
  9. For the love of God please don't purchase the turbie hair bands "as is!"
  10. I will never be able to unsee this. She had all day to wash that shitty hair. What a role model she is to you know who. It's sad Kourtney is trying to turn into the Kartrashians.
  11. Two days off since she was on. She didn't have enough time to wash her hair or fix that fingernail. You know Joe pretends to be asleep when she slimes drunkenly into bed.
  12. My hair has never been that filthy. I would never walk out of the house with it looking like that. I can only imagine how she smells. She is not a piece of shit. She's the whole turd.
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