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  1. Yes she is in Canada. Check out her instagram for the pic of the ugly boots in the snow. Girl so clever.
  2. Where do you purchase a huge picture of donuts?
  3. They made love? How does that work? Did he roll her in flour and look for the wet spot?
  4. I'm wearing an xxs tall in this jumpsuit. No bitch you are not!
  5. The Mukluk cabin socks they recently sold for $19 and change for a two pack. Same at Walmart for $9.97 .
  6. She has said she gave her dad many of those green drinks per day. I promise you it contains 3 to 4 times the amount of Vitamin K your body requires each day. I was told it doesn't even list the amount of Vitamin k it contains. Her dad has afib like me and is on a blood thinner like me. Vitamin K thickens the blood. Could be very dangerous to alot of people.
  7. Exhibiting quite the muffin top tonight Skunkster.
  8. I noticed it alot more last night with that top. Her gut starting to spillith over.
  9. Sidebar! She's trying to be a stylist tonight. Walking out of camera range alot. By the way she is in the xxs. I hate when she asks Issac to paint a picture scenario.
  10. Gag. Betheny Frankel. Ugly ass jumpsuit- and no it's not flattering on everyone.
  11. She said it - in her soft spoken serious voice.
  12. Well during I believe the NEST presentation she said she was answering Facebook questions then and read one that stated she could not stand Skunk and turned the channel when she was on and went into a long speech about how nasty social media could be and how nice everyone should be to each other .............. Well Skunk don't act like a total AHole on air and give everyone fuel.
  13. Closing the show with Courtney last night she told "Coco" that she was sorry with how the show started out but she promised it would be better next week. Wonder if at some point when she disappeared that she was pulled aside and talked to. She seemed to settle down a little towards the end but boy was she manic at first.
  14. "I don't remember if this coat is made in Montreal or Quebec." Hahaha.
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