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  1. She did say last night she had 2nd day hair. If I had hair as thick as her's, I would never have a bad hair day. That shower cap on her head is giving me Strawberry Shortcake vibes (sorry Strawberry Shortcake) Somebody more capable than me please put her head on a Strawberry Shortcake doll, pretty please)
  2. Awww the over sized lumberjack jacket she is wearing is GILI. Always sucking up to Jilted Jill. Said she bought one before the show. Lies! I remember them showing that plaid thing once before and she said she bought a couple then.
  3. Yeah I heard that and thought it was BS. She did not buy the Golden Goose sneakers and repackage and resell them. You send them back. Easier than reselling. She lies like a dog. I would not pay $25 for Golden Goose. They are fug.
  4. Seriously in this picture it looks like she is wearing a pair of those glasses with the fake nose attached.
  5. Did she look in the mirror? Do they all feel they have to wear glasses in the Skunk's presence?
  6. Early in the year I went with a friend to a healthy cooking event with Carla Hall. She met with people afterwards to chat and take pictures. She imo is a very sweet genuine person. Stayed until everyone in line got to talk, didn't hurry it along. She did mention that this was to be taped in April. Missed the first show but will catch up. Hate that Jon is gone tho.
  7. Not a fan of Jake since he ate that stupid corn dog upon finishing but am warming a little bit because of the cat towers and so far is not acting silly. Daniel Gil reminds me of Tiny Tim. Tiptoe thru the tulips.
  8. I thought it was forced. I agree they are trying to pair Shawn with someone who does her job the right way. I love the "my mom is interested in the women in control pants." Her way of trying to sell the product without saying she wouldn't be caught dead in that brand.
  9. Someone is already laying down on the job. What a shock!
  10. That G.I.L.I. dress is awful! And no Skunk it's not couture.
  11. I do not own any barefoot dreams. I have felt it in stores and it is very soft. I like some of their hoodies and cardigans but this tsv especially the pink one looks like one of my grandmother's chenille bedspreads cut up and sewn together. I don't think it looks fresh or flattering.
  12. You need a trim or a defrizzer Dear. Or maybe just pull that BF Dreams hat over your head.
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