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  1. I don't know how many actual spectators were here at the Fundie T-Ball World Series, but I know that watching just a few seconds of the world's worst rendition of Take Me Out to the Ballgame caused me to cringe so hard I think I hurt myself. I can't imagine listening to it in person and having to smile and clap for the crazy lady and her waifish choir in order to get her to shut up and sit down. I wonder if the game came to a complete standstill while they were caterwauling because I highly doubt that Jill waited for the appropriate time to burst into song. She's a lunatic.
  2. Oh for crap's sake, just shut up. Go change a diaper or ten, get your wife a glass of water and either study or find a real job, you poser. Eventually the free house and cars and golf dates and food and high-falutin' coffee drinks and organic ice cream is all going to come to a screeching halt when your mentor finds a new flavor of the month with more influencer status and you're going to end up skulking back to The Big House to scrub toilets for your father-in-law with a wife and two kids to take care of. No one cares about which of the 6,154 restaurants that you've been to is your favorit
  3. Janelle, just in case you didn't know - that's a peony, not a vegetable. Do not throw it in your air-fryer and douse it in ranch dressing. You're welcome.
  4. Maddie could've named her daughter with a combo of her mom's name and those of her beloved sister-moms...Jamertinerob, Chrijanimerbyn, Merjarotine, etc. All lovely names, and easier to say and pronounce than Evangalynn. Might as well throw Kody in there too - Komerjachrob, Jakomertinebyn, Robkomerijatine...simply beautiful. Jankorobmeritine Brown-Brush? It positively rolls off the tongue. Actually, this all reminds me of "Renesmee" from Twilight, which made me stabby every time I saw it in print, lol.
  5. And pronouncing "quinoa" as "Joaquin." :) Do we know if Garrison and Gabe are really parking the RV on the shores of Prairie Plague Pond? I guess someone might as well get some use from it. The U-Hauls are probably lonely by now.
  6. A hoarde of halfwits? A convocation of clowns? A gathering of galoots? A posse of palookas? That was fun, lol. I love words. :)
  7. I'm sure he thinks that since she's already raised several of her mother's children, she's probably got it under control and doesn't need his help. And with all the golf and food-snorfing and he-man socializing and stalking hanging out with Cade, he simply doesn't have any extra time in his very jam-packed schedule. Oh, and he goes to school. 🙄 Just by looking at his stupid face, I get the impression that he thinks that child-rearing is women's work.
  8. So basically what I'm gathering about Jeremy's seminary training based on his social media is that it's not how well you know scriptures or how you speak to your congregation....it's how good you look, how hip you are, how much you golf and how real you look posing in front of a book pretending to read. In that case, Jeremy's ready for the big time - give him his own megachurch and a national tv slot on Sundays at 9am right now.
  9. The chair and white plastic bench look they were dragged out of the city dump. And that's Tim's view out of the windows of his "home." Hope he doesn't have too many nightmares.
  10. If they are comfortable in their own skins then I am happy for them. But based on history, when Mariah posts, she's either daring her followers to comment so she can shoot them down or she's trying way too hard to convince us of something (as in the above photo where they are smiling so hard I'm surprised their eyes don't pop out). And Audge just seems to be along for the ride, but I suppose it could be the other way around.
  11. I just finished the podcast "I Pray You Put This Journal Away." The host, Justin, was friends with the Duggar boys when he was a teen. In his last episode, I enjoyed a behind the scenes story he told of when he, his brother, Josh and JD went for a hike in the woods after Josh got done with his ditch-digging "punishment." He says that there had been some playful shoving between Josh and JD, and then JD must've gotten pushed over his limit by Josh because it escalated into a slap/wrestle fight between Josh and JD (he compared it to the fight between Hugh Grant and Colin Firth in Bridget Jones
  12. But with far better fashion sense! Also, Frasier and Niles had the intelligence to back up their pomposity. Jeremy just likes to string big complicated words together to sound smarter than anyone else and confuse people who are too meek to question him. It's probably on the syllabus of one of his classes: "Big Words 101: The Art of Malarkey and Gibberish."
  13. That "drink of water" comment in the book has had me quietly raging every since I read it the first time. I don't know if Jinger nursed but if she did, nursing makes the mother incredibly thirsty. I just picture Jeremy doing something frivolous like pretending to study or working on a new comb-over in the bathroom mirror while Jinger calls out for a drink of water, and Jere muttering under his breath, "why can't you just get it yourself." Incidentally, if my husband had ever said that to me while I was nursing a baby with my post-birth exhausted body and brain, I would've cried or throw
  14. I literally had to do a double-take on that picture to figure out who was Mariah and who was Audge. They are morphing into one another.
  15. And while we're on the topic, if she doesn't post those pictures, she doesn't have to attempt to explain what we're looking at. Most of the time I would say that food is self-explanatory. With Janelle, it's all "Made chicken! Used some kind of sauce - barbeque, I think it's called? With mustard, which I think comes from South Carolina? Did you know that you can put barbeque sauce on chicken? Also, not pictured - I swear I had a healthy green salad using all the leftover veggies in my fridge that were crammed the gallon jug of Hawaiian Punch and the package of Double-Stuffed Oreos. I onl
  16. He looks like such a massive tool in that photo. From the pose to the eyes closed in blissful namaste to the shoes to his stupid hair in desperate need of some Clairol and a flamethrower....I'm sure he thinks he looks smokin' hawt. I remain gobsmacked that four women still seem to want him.
  17. I rilly fill like the only two things that are going to give them another season would be if a wife leaves (go Christine GO!!), or if two wives have to move in together. What else is there, besides Mariah's Vegan Woke Organic Wedding Extravaganza? Do we know if they've been seen filming for another season?
  18. Under Filtering/Settings/Neck, she must've chosen "Toothpick."
  19. I've read a couple of horror books that take place under a revival tent, and that flyer would make a perfect book cover. 😱
  20. Oh wow, I didn't even clock that. Maybe his posts are so all over the place because he wants us to play "Where's Waldo" with all of them to find the common thread, lol. I really hope he's not that clever, to be honest.
  21. So much this. Her post was actually decently-written (for a change) and something a lot of people can probably relate to if they're embarking on a new gym membership - but not someone who has been to gyms off and on for the past 20 years and purports to be a health coach! Putting yourself out there and going to a gym or a yoga studio can certainly be intimidating, for sure - but after awhile you begin to understand that no one is looking at you or judging you, they are too busy doing their own thing. This knowledge comes with age and experience, and Janelle has both. It's like she is putti
  22. "Y'all know I don't do technology! For real, y'all - except for my Masters degree in face-tuning and filtering, LOL - y'all feel me on that, right? Y'all know what I'm talking about! Y'all come on up and see me sometime! I got y'all's rice krispie treats right here, been settin' on the kitchen counter since May of 2020, all ready for y'all!"
  23. The pictures above are what irk me so much about Jeremy, especially when I look at his IG stories. It's typically a picture of the latest expensive food he's about to eat, or another seemingly new pair of shoes, or a pic of his newest homie golf buddy, immediately followed by a Bible verse or something faith-based. I can see where it would be jarring to someone who is following him because of his faith - why does this dude eat out so much? Or to someone who might actually be interested in his food adventures - what's with the sudden Bible verse, bro? If he's trying to be too many things to
  24. You gotta give it to Punchable Aunt Cade, the only person who makes Jeremy look somewhat normal by comparison.
  25. Not sure how much time they have to "connect and talk" on their dates, what with Jeremy busy photographing his food and his shoes, then making Jinger capture his profile for the IG or trying to get that perfect "candid" moment of Rev. Hoover in the midst of pontificating, or pondering the meaning of life, or about to bite into a ginormous grass-fed organic vegan cheeseburger.
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