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  1. "Hey, everyone! I am saying goodbye to sugar and coffee and replacing it with dexohydroneous acetate, follicular bicellular molecule extract, and dehydrated benzolidicious-monoglobular neophosphate! Like, I really don't need coffee - it's so weird! It goes RIGHT through me now if I have so much as a sip! These products are the bees knees the cat's meow the bomb my jam! Couldn't be more excited to monitor my heart rate my liver function the continuous changes! In honor of my birthday, feel free to send gifts - DM me for my address - and also to thank all seven of you for your support, I w
  2. I have to hope that while Jill was listening in on the Zoom meeting, Derick was just out of camera range next to her, taking notes and helping to explain to her what was going on. Not that Jill couldn't figure it out for herself but I'd imagine her emotions were overwhelming, not to mention having to look at her brother on the stand in prison garb - the same brother who her parents forced her to forgive and serve. It cannot be easy coming to grips with the fact that her parents stood behind their Golden Boy rather than his victims. And while I think Derick can get frustrated with Jill,
  3. Color me shocked - seems like a stellar opportunity for her to kiss up to her daughter's in-laws by posting something like "I'm praying for y'all, y'all are in my thoughts, I love y'all." Instead, radio silence. Interesting.
  4. I'll bet JillRod has several colorful notebooks, folders and binders that she cross-references several times a day with lists of her followers and whether or not she's blocked them, unblocked them, or is giving them one more chance to be nice lest her numbers go too low, etc....probably color-coded with glitter ink pens and shiny stickers...while her kids dust the Barndo and scrounge for food and Shrek snores in the La-Z-Boy.
  5. Like, really nobody? I picture Jeremy at the signing table, flexing his fingers, Sharpies lined up neatly (because the ink will surely run out, what with all that signing), Venti Starbucks at the ready to keep him on his game....constantly looking at the door, checking his watch, shifting in his seat, waiting for the rush of (female) fans that never comes. And then I laugh. Because I'm mean. I guess they can blame Josh. Or they can blame the fact that they're just not interesting.
  6. Those Rod & Friends church-warbling videos give me such strong "Deliverance" vibes with a little "Children of the Corn" thrown in for good measure, I have to turn them off after a few seconds. But I still can't believe that song actually exists in the world, and that the entire family knows it by heart, and that they sang it at a church service.
  7. Oh, for sure! But I imagine that Rev. Fancy Pants figured it would, and that he'd be a sought-after interview subject and spokesmodel. 'Cause he's just so handsome and interesting and all. ;)
  8. I have it on hold at my library, but I made sure they'd already ordered it. No way do I want my name in any way associated with the purchase of this book by any entity. I wonder how Jere is holding up....the book that was going to make him a household name and shoot him to the top of the NYT best-seller's list, completely derailed by his disgusting brother-in-law. I just hope he's giving Jinger the support she needs right now and not huffing fountain-pen ink and wailing that his precious memoir has become dollar-store fodder.
  9. It will be very interesting to see what jobs the adult Duggars eventually find. I suspect there will be a canyon-sized gap between the jobs they think they deserve and the jobs they're actually qualified for. They might have to lower their standards - instead of, say, "working" at questionable used car lots and flipping houses for their own use, they stock grocery shelves or deliver pizza or take a cleaning job at a hospital - legit hard work for a legit paycheck.
  10. Wasn't it Janelle that took one look at the bounty that was Kody and said, "it was like I'd suddenly remembered something I'd forgotten?" Perhaps what she was forgetting was that she was already married to her sister-in-law's brother. She clearly had to have known of Kody because she married into Meri's family. For the life of me I cannot work out the timeline of Janelle marrying Adam and when she would've met Kody, because doesn't Janelle also talk about how Kody's dad thought that Janelle would be good with Kody's brother? So I wonder if Janelle married into that family in order to b
  11. Great podcast. The give and take between the couple (Cory and Carly) is really good, and I am constantly surprised by how good a read Cory has on these women. I'm happy that they are doing a re-watch of older episodes while the show is on hiatus gonna get axed in limbo.
  12. A salad from a gas station deli? Are there no grocery stores where she is? At what point do you say, "I am really hungry and we've packed up the kitchen, let's go to the gas station to get dinner?" She is so odd. You know what else is sold at gas stations? Chips. Rows of candy and cookies. Every soda you can think of. She's not showing us the plastic bag filled with Cool Ranch Doritos, Skittles and diet Coke that she cropped out of the picture.
  13. Hard pass. Which father-in-law, Janelle? Meri's dad or Kody's? You gotta be more specific.
  14. My quote disappeared but the comment I was replying to mentioned Josh thinking the world owes him, which perfectly mirrors his smugshot. He’s been told his entire life that he is the Golden Boy, to the point where his stupid parents swept his “curiosity” involving his sisters under the rug. I’m sure he still thinks that Daddy can fix this. Why wouldn’t he? He’s done it before. What I keep going back to is the fact that Anna, in her own brainwashed state of mind, has to explain to six children about where Daddy went. I feel so incredibly bad for those kids, whose lives will never
  15. Wow, mine did. I placed a hold. And I feel kind of gross about it, not gonna lie.
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