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  1. The main thing I got from the interview was that a 30-year old woman had to be interviewed with her mother present.
  2. laurakaye


    Now this is a plotline I wouldn't mind see play out on Season 15. If Kody has essentially shunned Meri (who can forget his scowly-faced whinefest at their last therapy session where he claimed that Meri misrepresented herself to him from the beginning), would Meri feel like sharing her wealth with the rest of the fam? Could Kody guilt her into it or has that ship sailed? This could be kind of fascinating to explore, assuming we can get a semblance of truth out of these people. If you're the ex-first wife of a plyg man, and are now divorced and said man could not possibly care less what you do or where you live, does Meri still owe this family anything? Especially if the other wives aren't bothering to reach out to her as well? And since this is Mykelti's thread, I'm starting to think that her brand of ditzy and "whimsical" might just make her the exact right kind of person to sell polyester t-shirts and leggings with a nice possessed dalmatian or drunk ladybug print. The people buying this crap need to see someone wearing the stuff who actually seems to be having fun with it. I can see where Mykelti and Christine could potentially usurp Meri in this particular niche market.
  3. Has Meri been hunkered down at Lizzie's throughout the pandemic?
  4. I think I just pulled a muscle from snort-laughing so hard. 🤣 +++++++++++++++1000000. And I'm confused, shouldn't we call "Nike" on the ginormous belt-buckle worn by the tiny poser in the middle? Or is that just for girls?
  5. So wait a second - the girls have to wear leggings and a t-shirt under a dress because "modesty" but the douchelord in the middle can strut his stuff in jeans so tight he probably has to be carried everywhere?
  6. I will say that Anna's kids always look clean and seem to wear clothes that actually fit. That said, nice grease stain on your shirt, Smugs. I guess Anna can only do so much - she was probably exhausted from wrastling the chicken leg out of his hand so they could get their picture taken and didn't notice the stain. Also Mackenzie's painting during Lolli's Craft Hour was actually quite good. Too bad she'll have the creativity squashed out of her by the time she's a teenager.
  7. She's BAAAAACCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK (on Instagram). I can't link her latest Snowflake-'splain to this thread, but rest assured she hasn't changed a bit. Just in case you all were worried.
  8. I just watched the season 3 episode where they'd moved into their temporary pre-cuddle sac homes and yes, they certainly did go furniture shopping! I watched with my mouth open in amazement. They proudly stroll on into a MASSIVE furniture store and naturally, the first thing Kody has to do is tell the clerk (who was extremely nice and helpful and had to have made a massive commision from these yahoos) that he had "FOUR! WIVES! Ha! Can you believe that? They're all mine! Here, feel my muscles!" Now I'm not hip to the cost of brand-new furnitue, having purchased the majority of our stuff from family members or garage sales (my bedroom set was from a garage sale...we bought it on our way home from our honeymoon and I remember thinking, it'll do for now - 29 years later we still have it and I still love it, but I digress)...what was I saying? OH - they had to have carted at least 15-20 grand of furniture out of that store, unless it was a resale place (but it didn't appear to be). Meri got a couch that she hated but Kody talked her into, Janelle got a crap-ton of dark brown and beige overstuffed living room furniture, Christine got a bed (which she then covered with a red quilt and tossed on some red pillows in a room with the walls painted red - it looked like a bordello crime scene but whatever), and Robyn got an entire bedroom set because she was the new toy and Kody knew he'd be spending the majority of his time in that particular room. Kody had to have been spending TLC's latest paycheck, because who up and moves a family of 35 people and then goes out and buys everyone brand new furnishings?? For some reason, I have higher hopes for Ysabel, Gwen and Truely maybe not marrying so fast, perhaps going to college, or finding a good career. But then I also had these hopes for Aspyn and Mykelti, and we see how that turned out. Off topic - I can't believe how many INFJ's are in here! It's supposedly the rarest personality type - in fact, I take the test for fun every couple of years to see if I'm still really an INFJ. The downside for me is that I tend to take on the stresses of others even when I myself am not stressed - so, this world we've been living in since March has played a very strong part in the fact that I can no longer watch the news and have unfollowed nearly 50% of my family on Facebook.
  9. Kody asks "Would it be wise?" What kind of question is that? Would it be wise to exercise your 52-year old body? Unless you're asking Janelle from Strive, who would surely provide you with a list of reasons why NOT to exercise (too hot, too cold, too early, too late, too tired, too hungry, too stuck to the leather on my La-Z-Boy), then go for it, dude. But the part about "having something to prove" sounds like the dork we all know and loathe. Sounds like he's getting soft and needs to continually prove what a manly-man he is, either to his one remaining wife or to the dudes in high school who thought he was gay (because you know he still thinks about that all. The. Time.) But this is Kody Brown we're talking about. I just watched the episode in season three where he had to hang up a flat screen at Janelle's house and couldn't find the right hardware, so he drove to Meri's, then Christine's, then Robyn's, then the hardware store looking for the proper bolts and brackets, only to get back to Janelle's to discover that the hardware was in the tv box all along. So if he's going to start whipping himself back into shape, he will surely make it as difficult as possible - like joining a gym 45 minutes away when he could just bop on over to Janelle's and dust off her exercise bike for a ride. (LOL) (also, ewwwww).
  10. INFJ here. 🙂 *waves from a safe distance and then runs away*
  11. Yes, I admit that when it comes to humidity I am a giant wuss and cannot handle it. I live in Michigan for a reason! Some humidity is to be expected but days on end of 90+ degrees with increasing humidity is NOT. FOR. ME. The one constant I have been doing this year to keep me sane is to get outside to walk every day and if I can't even do that because outside is an actual sauna, I am not an especially happy camper. I mean I'm already a COL, but lately with lots of extra "C." Also, our governor just re-shut down bars because people are idiots. The comments....my goodness. I actually know better than to read comments but I stupidly do it anyway. I am both fascinated and repulsed by the things people say to each other from behind the safety of a keyboard. It's like I think I am at the point where I can no longer be shocked - and then, lo and behold, I am. It's a bad cycle that I need to break.
  12. So has Snowflake really not posted anything for several weeks? I am stunned. I didn't know she was capable of keeping a low profile.
  13. So we went from "look at the pretty plant growing out of the cement, awww - it reminds me of a life lesson but I'm too tired to think it all the way through" to "DO NOT TOUCH THE PRETTY PLANT I POSTED IT MIGHT BE POISON IDK QUICK GOOGLE SEARCH SOCRATES OOH LOOK HOW SMART I AM AND ALSO I AM NOT A DOCTOR I JUST GIVE MEDICAL ADVICE BUT DO NOT TOUCH THE PLANNNNNNNNNNNNNNT!!!!" This woman needs to put down the phone, the laptop, and the iPad and back away slowly before she kills someone.
  14. I live within 45 minutes of Lake Michigan. It's going to be in the low 90's here for the foreseeable future. I don't speak for all Northerners but I myself do not handle heat and humidity with the poise and grace of my southern friends...I picture them sipping their sweet tea and fanning themselves with a Country Woman magazine and saything things like "My goodness, but this heat is inconvenient! Bless." Me? I love to walk outside every day (it's bascially the only consistent thing I can do right now) but not in weather where I feel like I need a shower after stepping outside for 30 seconds, and when the air is so thick it feels like I am wearing it. So with the 4th of July coming, I fully expect to turn on the news and see our beaches packed with people trying to escape. Which is going to be bad...and following that, I expect to see a spike in cases even though we are currently doing pretty good keeping the curve flat. It's coming, I just know it. I don't think we can avoid it.
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