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  1. Agree 100% - they already tipped this episode upside-down by showing us production interaction, giving us the "this is a very special episode" cards to read, and - I'm not quite sure why - showed a brief glimpse of a cameraman and boom operator following someone down the beach. And yet, they couldn't let Kellee talk. This was so gross - all those people patting Janet on the back and telling her how much they love and admire her and then writing her name down to vote her out. I was so afraid that Janet wouldn't play her idol and get voted out due to feeling assuaged by the "oh Janet but we LOVE you" chorus of liars. I'm so glad she used it, even if she didn't have to. I love that she wasn't fooled. As a woman Janet's age with a daughter of my own, I would've voted as Janet had - because she thought she was helping protect the younger women who were looking to her as a mother figure, a protector. And then after she protected them, they made her the outcast and let her sleep alone on the beach. So while I think I would've voted as Janet did, I'm not sure I would have made it through the night on the beach without removing myself from the game. And for that, Janet is definitely a bad-ass.
  2. This infuriated me - we saw her complain to Missy about how Dan was placing his hands inappropriately in the shelter when they were sleeping (complete with video footage). When Elizabeth went to Dan and suddenly said, "Hey, dude, I have NO PROBLEMS sleeping next to you and I never have!" - I felt stunned and sickened. I couldn't believe what coming out of her mouth. Regarding Janet - no one realized that she was sleeping alone on the beach?? So the women made a complete pariah out of Janet, the very same person who they also said made them feel safer around Dan. They all suck, every single one of them except Janet. I am, however, extremely proud that Janet stayed in the game. I can absolutely see myself, as a woman her age, bailing because the emotional toll was incredibly hard to bear. And on a different note, what was up with that stupid note that Jamal found hanging in the tree? I found that whole thing super insulting as a viewer. He sees something that says "You found me, I'm yours" and he's somehow NOT supposed to read it? In what universe is that going to happen to a player who knows he's on the outs? And then Jamal supposedly didn't notice the note was folded in such a way that it revealed more information? I thought that whole set-up was ridiculous. I cannot believe I am now rage-watching my all-time favorite show.
  3. wtyow toiufdx oiut, ctnnxx nhtyyx brhyzx sdlk? xmtt, ykjjs rytws!! LOL! (disclaimer: this is jibberish. But at some point this is how we're going to be talking to each other if the woke folkx have anything to say about it. If you need me, I will be at my local library reading real books, typing letters on a typewriter and making calls on my rotary phone, petitioning for the return of card catalogs and the Dewey Decimal system).
  4. I am reading it right now. There is so much in there that correlates directly to what we see on Sister Wives. I've already read stories from the pioneer version of Meri, Robyn and Kody.
  5. I was going to say, it's tricky to smile when your clothes are made of recycled tin cans and there are sharp edges poking you in your delicate areas.
  6. It makes me nervous that LLR is branching out into prison onesies, "elegant" wear and pleather jackets...what's next? Bridal gowns? Bathing suits? Shouldn't this company be downsizing and concentrate on selling the crap that put it on the map in the first place? Although I guess it's possible that the thinner they spread themselves, the sooner this company goes belly-up so I guess, bring on the prom dresses! The three-piece suits! Home furnishings!
  7. Yxs, thx nxxt phxse wxll bx thxt evxry wxrd ix spxlled wxth xn X. Bxcause xll wxrds shxuld bx eqxal.
  8. I stayed at home with my kids when they were little, and I do understand the excitement when hubby would come home because I would get a little bit of a break from being the sole person responsible for keeping two tiny humans alive. However, Jill's excitement is on another level. It tells me that she's screaming out for some time without her kids, and also that Dreck is the only available person she has to talk to on a daily basis. It's pathetically sad that she can't call up her mom or one of her sisters to talk, or make play dates, or drop the kids off at a church-run nursery school or daycare and do something to recharge her batteries. But I also have the feeling that this is just how Dreck wants her - completely dependent on him, but at the same time, that dependence is driving him to be gone from home a lot of the time. You can't cultivate a stage-five clinger and then get irritated when she clings, Dreck. Plus, those kids would probably be so freaking happy to go somewhere else and play with new toys and make new friends. She's not doing them any favors by keeping them landlocked in her house every day.
  9. And the LLR machine just keeps on churning out new products. I just cannot fathom how this company is not only STILL going strong, but actually manufacturing new stuff. I don't want to think about who is making this crap and what their working conditions are.
  10. Your entire post was excellent but this paragraph stands out as the reason I too want to reach through my screen and punch the smug off of this kid's face...this brat who thinks he deserves to stand in the frame of a photo of men and women who served our country in ways that Smuggar 2.0 couldn't even begin to fathom - and not just because he's young but because he's uneducated and ignorant. He's in way over his head. I can't wait until he gets put firmly in his place and goes back to his other pretend job at the car lot.
  11. This might be a stupid question, but do these poor kids just sit around and think about the best way to get through the day by demonstrating how they live to serve their mother? Is this how they manage to get a bigger slice of the pie - literally - by being the kid that puts mommy on the highest pedestal? Because it seems that the crap that Jill writes, she either writes it first and demands that her kids follow her script, or she (or her nutjob husband) drop anvil-like suggestions on the kids about some way to shine a spotlight on Jill, and then Jill acts stunned that her children are just so darn thoughtful and crafts a social media post around that. I don't know, it's very weird and unsettling.
  12. "One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn't belong! Can you tell me which thing is not like the others by the time I finish my song?" Is Becky from the third row somewhere in here?
  13. Exactly. I had no idea that this happened until I watched "Escaping Polygamy." I cannot fathom sending my teenage son out into the world to fend for himself with no skills, no money, no place to stay. It's sickening.
  14. This is so cute! PTV SW woke folx meeting up with each other! Color me disappointed, though, that you all didn't strike up a nice down-dog in the lobby of the restaurant while waiting to be seated. Next time!
  15. laurakaye


    That onesie has a v-neck front AND back, so not only would you constantly be pulling on the bottom portion as it creeps up, you'd be tugging at the drawstring when it rolls up or down AND yanking the sleeves back up as they slip down your shoulders. It looks like LLN's version of a straightjacket. I can totally picture a bank customer sitting across from FT at this desk and FT being all, "Hang on there - I'm just about finished playing D&D with my stuffed animals. They have one more quest to go on and then I'll deal with your dubious money needs."
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