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  1. But, but -- when do you have time to contemplate your self-care rituals, take pensive selfies and compose your deepest thoughts for social media consumption? Coming in a bit late to this discussion, but my college sophomore daughter floored me the other day when she said that each student is personally and privately asked by their professors what pronoun they would like associated with their name. Apparently there are 38 or so to choose from. I like to think I am open-minded and sensitive but you could've knocked me over with a feather, as grandma used to say. I just had no idea.
  2. I was thinking this too...I'm also wondering if anyone has a ballpark figure on how much advance notice these people get before going on the show? I garnered that Cliff had a pretty high-paying job (engineer) - plus hasn't he said that he's traveled a lot for work or did I imagine that?
  3. @TurtlePower's official guess is "kefir" for the next Strive With Janelle Breakthrough digestion aid/rockstar/newly discovered food item that many, many people have been using for decades. My guess is - let's see, she's done yoga, walking, nutmeg, ghee, peppermint, I think she did vegetables....has she done matcha yet? That's my guess.
  4. Manifest! Manifest! MANIFESSSSSSSSSST
  5. If you have to quit your job and hope that your spouse can afford the COBRA insurance while you're off on a reality tv show....I mean, come on. If this is Cliff pandering to the live feeders to get AFP, it's gross. If it's true, it's even worse. Shouting out "STD 456" once a week while your wife and kids are checking under the couch cushions for cash to pay the medical bills (to hear Cliff tell it) - hope it was worth it, Cliff. And I also really don't want you to get AFP because then all that performing for the cameras will have paid off, at least in his mind.
  6. Seems like a lot of work just to wear a t-shirt, but I suppose when you never know what the hem is going to look like, creative tucking and knotting skills come in handy. Although I am a bit confused on how one knots a t-shirt with side slits, it's early and I can't think too hard about it right now.
  7. Whoa, Janelle, that's a pretty small bottle of cardamom. Was the store out of the five gallon drums? So she remembers cardamom being in her mom's spice cabinet but it was never used or talked about. Okay...........? Is she just always full of gas, all the time? Maybe she should add cardamom to her canned cabbage. I bet that would work.
  8. I never knew they had access to the rule book. Do they have to ask for it or is it just sitting on a shelf somewhere collecting dust? Because if I were in that house, with books being verboten (save the Bible), I'd be reading that thing from cover to cover and back again twenty times just for something to do. Poor Nicole....trapped in a house for 10 days with McBeth. Too bad she can't lock them in the basement.
  9. Watching their faces as they clicked through the pictures was everything. I rewound it and watched it three or four times. TC briefly closes her eyes, MV has to look away at one point...that was some raw stuff. Just give both of these actresses and Kaitlyn Diever all the awards right now. Ken Cosgrove! I could NOT place that face. But I did love seeing Brooke Smith as the therapist. I know she's been in other things but I personally haven't seen her since she ripped my heart out as Catherine in Silence of the Lambs.
  10. So now I have to ask...do I need to start watching "Nurse Jackie?" I am always looking for a good slow-burn, understated, great acting type of show to get hooked on (such as Bloodline, Mindhunter, Broadchurch, etc.) Actually, I think the answer is yes because Merritt.
  11. Wondering how she manifests all this "radical self-love" (eyeroll) while apparently her SO, the rainbow love of her life, has been battling severe depression for months. Something's off here...maybe take five from the navel-gazing, Sludge, and see what's going on with the person sitting across from you at the kitchen table. Mariah must be so exhausting to live with. No wonder her bonus siblings didn't seem to like her all that much.
  12. During Jackson's DR when he was Snackson-'splaining how everything that happened was Nicole and Cliff's faults, he stared straight into the camera and said, "but thanks for keeping Holly." I am not joking, I felt a chill down my spine. Even my husband, who only catches bits and pieces of the show, quietly said "whoa."
  13. In that photo, Snowflake's hair is either wet or extra-greasy. And I think her dog is saying "EWWW" with his eyes.
  14. I have never seen Merritt Weaver before this show but my goodness, is she wonderful. Her soft, soothing voice is somewhat mesmerizing. I was uncertain about episode one but Merritt's interactions with the woman who played Amber (also wonderful) kept me glued to my tv for most of this past weekend. It's such a difficult topic but the actresses make it almost impossible to look away.
  15. I too want to state that I am not making light of serious depression. But if my job, day after day, was to sit in my cramped, smelly apartment digging through moldy boxes of leggings searching for that rabid squirrel print that Janet from Gravel Fork, Iowa ordered two months ago while my SO constantly yelled to me from the other room asking me to take her picture as she wrangles herself into size XS leggings and attempts one-legged down-dog from behind the ficus plant, berating me when I cannot get the perfect shot of her armpit from between the leaves, I too would consider myself depressed. However, rather than extricate herself from the clutches of her mother-in-law's downline to - I don't know, use her college degree - Audj remains under Meri's influence for reasons that I cannot fathom unless it's for a small cut of the TLC paycheck and teevee time.
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