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  1. Every time I see that fluorescent-pink Plexus stuff, I wonder what it smells like...I imagine it smells like the Rockstar energy drinks - that sharp, fake-sugar/berry scent. I used to work with someone who chugged Rockstar and as soon as they opened the can, I could smell it. I don't know how Plexus is really used but I cannot imagine drinking that crud on an empty stomach, or early in the morning, or whenever you're supposed to chug it. And I really can't imagine giving it to small children. Any liquid that color just looks like poison.
  2. What you do here is - you ask yourself out loud, "what the (insert curse of choice) did I come in here for?" Then you end up having a nice long conversation with yourself, where you mutter that the sink you just cleaned already has spots on it, you ask yourself if you have enough coffee to last the week because surely no one else is going to check on this or do you need to go to Aldi AGAIN and then you visit your secret candle cabinet because you know if you're going to Aldi you're probably going to end up with another candle so you'd better make room for it and then you remember that the lau
  3. Truely might be having a decent time because she gets to go home to a warm house with a nice private bedroom. Savannah knows that she gets to head back into a confined space with almost no place to call her own that smells like sweat, Plexus and dog farts. I also wonder if the glum look of the photo is because the two girls are both in the midst of yet another life-changing upheaval...both Christine and Janelle appear to be in the process of pulling up stakes and moving again (to who knows where).
  4. My thought was that when Meri dragged Mariah to join her in Disneyland to meet up with "Sam" and he (oddly enough) didn't show up, that's when Mariah got a real clue. And if Mariah did indeed warn Meri and then repeatedly saw her mother giggling in the computer room while Mariah was there, then Mariah was justified in her anger, IMO. As for Meri's latest photos where she tells us that the "trees are her happy place," she must've deleted the part where she said "but not too many trees - just enough trees so that I can remove my walls - and not at dusk when too many trees make it dark unle
  5. What the heck is a Kendra Scott Color Bar - another MLM? I don't know how there are enough hours in the day for Christine to promote all the crap she shills. And while I do appreciate the fact that she doesn't filter her face into looking like a department store mannequin, those facial lines age her by 10 - 15 years. The dark eyebrows don't help. I know she's dropped weight, but I'd like to see her drop about 170 pounds of her Ramen-headed fake husband and see what that weight loss does to her face...I bet it refreshes her better than Botox.
  6. "Someone said there were 16 triangles in this picture but I only found 12...THEN I had my morning quart of Plexus and WOW! I suddenly had the energy to find all 16 triangles! If you feel sleepy and out of sorts, I promise if you join my Plexus downline for the low startup cost of $799.99 (payable in 4 monthly installments for a low fee of $99.99 per month), then you too can have the energy to count triangles and tackle the day ahead! Message me NOW, this offer won't last long!" See, Maddie? Missed opportunity right there.
  7. Did I see a picture of gum in Jill's IG post about the wonderful gifts Jonathoan brought for Kaylee? What is it about these people and gum that says "appropriate courting gift?" Does gum contain certain sentiments like flowers do - where a red rose means true love, lilies mean purity....does Dentyne mean "you're cute but your mom scares me?" Does Juicy Fruit mean "Rowwwrrrr can't wait until we get married if you know what I mean?" Does Kaylee think of Jonathaon when she chews the gum and is she supposed to keep the container forever?
  8. Whatever, Jeremy - at this point a picture of a cheeseburger that you're about to snorf down your gullet is as common as the sun rising in the east. And look, your homie of the day is flashing the peace sign, keeping things cool and hip like the kids nowadays. As for your dare, the cheese broccoli soup I had yesterday was pretty darn good so if you want to throwdown, I'm right here.
  9. Is Kaylee even allowed to break up with Jonathoan if she wants to? And I would think it would be a living nightmare if for some reason Jonathaon broke up with her - BME would no longer have a handsome new beau to flirt with and it would be all Kaylee's fault....the irony being that if he were to break it off with Kaylee, it would most certainly be because his future mother-in-law scared the absolute crap out of him.
  10. That's a loaded question nowadays but I was actually going to come here and post the same question! Since going to Colorado I feel myself kind of slipping back into being "comfortably numb," - i.e., mentally shutting down because it's too much to do anything else. I think it's because I don't see us going anywhere again until maybe late spring at the earliest (normally we head south in February to escape the dreariness of winter in Michigan but that ain't happening). I am anxious about another hard winter, pandemic-wise. I feel like it's getting to where I want to hibernate, turn inwar
  11. I get claustrophobic just looking at that dusty space crammed to within an inch of its life with furniture, tchotchkes, wall hangings, musical instruments, and other assorted random crap. You must have to possess the skills of a ballerina to get from one part to the other without sending Jill's Willow Tree figurines toppling like dominoes.
  12. Jeremy could post a live stream of himself making a glass of water and Hilaria would cheer and clap for him.
  13. I thought his name was "Jonathon" - Jill wrote "Jonathan." Also LOLOLOL at how she managed to squeeze in Nathan's name while congratulating the happy couple. Hope Jonathon/than has at least three jobs........
  14. laurakaye


    Can we change the title of this thread to "Miss Informed, Street Tacos and a Baby?"
  15. Well, it sure was sweet of Meri to get you banned from her Live sale while still allowing you access to purchase her precious leggings and slightly-damp sweaters. That Mere - always looking at the bottom line.
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