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  1. VOTY and ROTY are picked by teammates. Pro Bowl is also voted on by teammates but I believe K&J have input. ROTY: my guess is Lily. VOTY: really not sure about this one; i could see Maddie, or possibly one of the second years like Bridget or Cici. Pro Bowl: Heather
  2. it was after that year the girls started getting paid more per game, more period. 36 is Charlotte's current cut off for the number of girls who can be on the field at one time.
  3. $$$ Cheaper to have current DCCs perform per game than all star.
  4. I can't speak for everyone but I've been following Julia since the last time she auditioned . I also follow the Anderson sisters and they've featured her in their MUV choreo which is often pom style. https://prodancecheer.com/?p=69704&fbclid=IwAR0cl4_y7CCwW3vYs3swWFxmjvZDAi98XzJoIkeJGQtu3NfSO4CWNEolOGE
  5. I think what's hard for me is just the comparison to last year...the Second Years are just tens, all of them (IMO). Pretty girls who can dance and seem to carry next to no drama. Maybe it was next to the legacy/Malena drama last year but I honestly didn't get 'here for the fame' from any of the year 2's either. No over the top extra girls either. My spidey sense is tingling with Kalyssa vibes from a couple of these new girls, I hope I'm wrong. Julia was one of the few where I was like, she loves to dance, she's pretty and works in media so she won't be a risk, and she knows what being a DCC is all about because she lived with the Anderson sisters fora while (Evan Anderson, former DCC). Oh well. Chandi is now my top choice.
  6. Same. She was my top pick. With VK making SG, Judy saying eff it and going with two points, and now one of the prettiest/strongest dancers getting cut at zero hour... lmao. Jumped the shark for me.
  7. Yeah. Lily's cut seemed more like they had it down to a few and they eenie meanie minie moed it out and it just wasn't in her favor. If they give her critiques this year and she doesn't correct them, that's a different story. but give her a fighting chance this time! and change her hair lol
  8. I don't like them cutting vets either - my belief is they should not be on the fence with any vets at auditions. It's a yes or no. But if they were to cut one...honestly, just none of the second years LOL I love all of them.
  9. i HATED that one!!! like really? we are supposed to believe they would have Stephanie get all dolled up in uniform and go eh...no. you can leave now. WTF
  10. Smpl is right, more than one point. I can share now that it's Travis Wall and Kitty splitting center; that's why Kitty has been hiding out, she wanted to really perfect the dance behind closed doors and they've had to work out all the contractual things with Travis. the outfit for him has been the biggest hurdle - the white chaps they originally had planned ended up being a bit risque. Victoria is going to be the middle girl in line behind them, where Rachel W was at Oxnard. Going to be the most dramatic season yet tbh. #dccmttcreateyourownadventure
  11. if hers aren't extensions i will eat my hat. They almost look like the clip in ones i got super cheap on Amazon for fun lol I think if you get the like hairbychrissy extensions that all the dlist Bachelorette franchise women get it can look real and maybe men don't have a clue it's not...but these. oh well, whatever floats yer boat. they do look cute together and i'm glad she's happy!
  12. I actually really like Sydney now and think she's one who matured a lot over the years so I'm not really wanting to rake her across the coals now. I guess to put it as briefly as possible she made some of her own rules and when others tried to let Kelli know, it was "oh, Sydney is harmless." Well, she took Jenna under her wing as her bestie soooo... and then of course the whole movie debacle with the lying and whatnot. but again, I think sydney is a much nicer person now and grown up a lot.
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