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  1. When Bill was speaking about a poll that indicated more people believed the president than news outlets, I was screaming at the tv "That's a Fox Poll for gawd's sake, of course that's what it's going to be!!" I was happy to see him attempt to get some clear answers from Issa about what the republicans intend to "replace Obamacare" with, and as expected Issa skated all around a straight answer. They have no replacement plan, they just want to abolish anything associated with Obama. When Nomani said she had voted for trump, my head was exploding and I wasn't processing when she gave her reasons why she voted for him. Can anyone remember what she said? Thank you sister magpie, you answered my question.
  2. I just binge watched all the episodes and it just gets better and better. I found that I really had to pay close attention with all the timeline flipping back and forth, but love that I had to concentrate every second. Every question I had, anything that wasn't clear was answered at the conclusion; so if things seem confusing, hang in there - it all makes sense in the end.
  3. Just saw this movie and loved it; the acting was superb, scenery and costumes were perfect. I have never read the book, so I didn't know what the ending would be. I was happy that she returned to New York and I think that the nosy shop owner was the wakeup call she needed so she would realize that she really didn't want to stay in her hometown in Ireland. I am confused about one thing though, so hopefully someone can set me straight. Did her sister die of an illness or suicide? When the mother found her on the floor her head was near the heater and I thought maybe she gassed herself. And the sister did seem a bit jealous and sad about her younger sister's good fortune in New York, because she knew she was stuck in Ireland with her mother to take care of. But, later on the mother told someone she died of her "sickness". So I wasn't clear if she had killed herself and the mother and priest just covered it up, or it really was an illness. Anyone??
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