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  1. Glad y’all said it first. I actually couldn’t tell Isobel and Cam apart during the first episodes or so in season one. Anyhoo, I think the notion that Maria may have alien ancestry is interesting. It might figure into why her mother is having memory issues in that perhaps alien gifts aren’t as compatible in a mostly human body, particularly when that gift isn’t tempered with the flower, for instance. I like the idea that another poster mentioned about alienness being referred to as psychic ability, something humans can easily dismiss, as a way to hide in plain sight. When I saw that end scene, I also thought that the man at the cabin (and his descendants) could have been gifted with extrasensory powers as a reward for helping the aliens. Perhaps Mimi receives a tune up or communing with the aliens from time to time because of this. I agree that it was time Maria found out. I kind of wish Michael had been able to say what he’d been planning on saying anyhow. I wonder just how much he would have revealed. I loved the angsty slap, push, and pull away of the moment. Great choices in acting, I thought. Maria is hurt, angry, shocked, and upset and a major source of what could have been a comfort for her, a shaken Michael struggling to hold on to her here, is also an accomplice to the crime. The impact of the camera’s cutting away was effective, but I wanted to see more of that scene.
  2. And her reason makes sense, right? She almost succumbs on her own, but when she remembers that doing so will create this protective bubble around her (deafening Max’s cries), I get it. In his own Idontmeantodoit way, he is still hurting Rosa.
  3. I binged this show over the past day or so and it’s highly addictive. My faves are Michael and Maria and I enjoyed Rosa here as well. She says so much of what the audience is likely thinking and I think the actress sells her tortured artist nature. In a plot that is balls to the wall crazy, I think her reactions grounded things. I am enjoying the music too—I will continue to watch.
  4. I thought it was an interesting nod to earlier conflicts between Max and Helen regarding ways to help the hospital—her bringing in donors versus actually working with patients s1 and questions around exploitation of patients to raise funds. Max was doing that not listening routine when he feels especially righteous, so I’m glad Helen ignored him and listened to the kids. Twould have been great to see the two discuss their almost “moment” last epi, but we must let the angst build, I guess. wow! The cast cleans up nicely, don’t they? “That...is a dress.” “Those are scrubs.” Lolz I liked seeing Bloom and Iggy together and the notion of therapeutic fibbing was interesting. Hope Iggy starts to get help for his disordered eating sooner rather than later. This is no time for “physician, treat thyself” and next week...previews *breathes deeply. We shall see...
  5. a few random musings Rahim’s last words for Eric were pretty ominous...or predictive given the fragile nature of Eric’s budding relationship with Adam. “Make sure he can catch you” or something like that. I guess he’s saying Eric is headed for a fall. Yeah, there’s a lot about their (Aric) relationship I don’t love that has already been covered by other posters, but generally speaking, I don’t like relationships where one of the parties has to do so much emotional heavy lifting. While it took courage for Adam to come out and proclaim his love for Eric in front of everyone, he won’t be magically different over night. He could benefit from a visit to Jackson’s therapist. Adam still has the capacity to hurt and disappointment Eric tremendously, even passively just by being so new to any kind of relationship. And when Eric has that hurt look on his face, it breaks my heart. I kind of wish Eric had talked with Rahim more about his feelings earlier. I cried a few times this episode, like when Ola tells Adam she considers him a friend—that was so sweet. The Girl Power Breakfast Club edition—that worked for me too. Small but powerful moments. I also really like Viv and Jackson together too. I ship them as friends or something more—I can see her dating and Jackson being in denial about feeling jealous. I need a knight to slay a dragon for Viv—she is such a great character. The ending? Whew, chillay. I’ll buy Isaac not telling Maeve about Otis, yes, but I wish Maeve returns, Issac looks “off” and she says something like, “Did I miss anything?” Isaac says, “Nope. Let’s just focus on celebrating your victory tonight.” In that way, we see that he is even more deliberately set on wooing her, feels conflicted about withholding my information (Iron-knee lol because Otis says withholding isn’t lying) but his not deleting the vm means there isn’t the dragging out of Maeve getting his message. That trope just bugs. (See Anne with an E for an olde school approach to a similar trope) It also paints him as more solidly villainous, and there’s no way we’ll root for him. It’s one thing not to mention Otis in that moment; it’s altogether something else to delete voice mails. Alas, I also binged this season overnight and into the morning😭
  6. I think the show makes sure that all the main characters have storylines which include the hospital and some other out-of-hospital element...except Helen. I don’t mind a little slow burn angst, but it seems like Helen is making the greater sacrifice in the Sharpwin dynamic.
  7. Rewatching now. Wish all the episodes were still available on Netflix. Great cast❤️
  8. I binged this show in about a week. Really enjoying the stride its found. I would watch an extended version of Will’s Distract Dem Kiddos Dance any day of the week.
  9. I watch this show through the same lens as I began watching Scandal in later seasons. As in, I watched it as a political fantasy...and the fact that I watch NA, medical drama fantasy, while I do other things (tweeting, chores) as well, probably aids in its deficiencies failing to bother me much. I do appreciate the spotlight on the different health care concerns of varying groups which exist outside the show, however. I don’t watch many medical dramas, but I doubt many of these shows “go there.” These moments aren’t without their flaws. I also appreciated seeing the injured black female characters too as the warm and playful (and not so playful) bickering of the two sisters, in particular, felt familiar—helps that the episode was written by a black female writer. I do also kinda dig the running theme of faith/hope this episode. Though I did cringe when Kate asked Max to pray. I believe that a patient would do that, but I still caught second hand embarrassment. Bloom appeared to be reading something inspirational if not religious, and she is clearly still! struggling!, but she has faith in herself—pulling through like a boss in the hot chaotic mess of a suddenly busy ER. Kaye and Max, though not really on the same side religiously, complement one another’s views of the ambiguous nature of the right thing to do in a tight spot. Though the bit with guardianship and a woman (disabled or otherwise)’s right to choose got a little muddled, it definitely could spark conversation about those issues as well as impacts on relationships and the overlap of black Christian culture. All o’ that said, someone really really needs to do a wellness check on Max. His self-martyrdom is too much. That carpet? Also too much. And his constant pushing away of Helen just grates at this point. He’s a doctor; he’s got to do what is best for his child. Hiding bloodstains, insufficient rest, combined with “seeing” his dead wife on the reg, that’s not what’s up, doc. (Sorry, couldn’t resist)
  10. Aw, man. I just started this and I like it, but it appears the boards are dead...
  11. I agree that this episode tied things up but also left openings and possibilities. But, I kinda just wanted to see more of the gang interacting without an immediate call for more action. Like those Golden Girls’ episodes that are reruns with their chit chat and joking in between. I love that Cooper returned and that Roberta has options. Love that Doc will make his way to his love and a new call to help the Waterkeepers. I totally agree that Warren has chem with everyone. Like those scenes with George, I was like, dang, that’s fire😊. I have to admit that I’m not heavily invested in Black Summer-I love this cast. *off to fanfic it on out...
  12. I honestly didn’t find this idea far fetched at all. At. All. Public executions, attended by families, some of whom took home souvenirs, happened in American history. What we have layered over it and throughout are technological advances which enhance the victimization, voyeurism, and groupthink/mob mentality. Though I’m not familiar with those British female criminals, I do know that the backlash for POC and women committing certain crimes is worse and that actress is both. I think its super effective that we only have parts of the story. Would it make a difference if she was also a victim or already cognitively disabled? Should it, to the degree that this justice is carried out again and again. No one speaks out against this. No one. And there’s always the discussion of Eye for an Eye, Tooth for a tooth. But what if it looked like this? Again?
  13. I wonder if she’s some sort of Talker; if she was actually dead and came back. Why doesn’t she need biscuits then? Maybe Cooper fed her what she needed over the course of their time together...? I dunno, but I really want to know.
  14. The news about the series not being renewed colored my viewing of this episode, but my faves moments are: Estes’ knowing something had to be up seeing as Warren and George were collected so easily Murphy’s work with the talkers. He’s really come so far. I think he was able to control them because they were almost rabid (more Z like) w/o biscuits. Kaya and CZ’s hacking date inside the soda machine. Addy and Murphy trying to be civil with one another as they work together for the greater good. The bit about Cooper returning in the next episodes—been awaiting for that one. Doc/10K’s moment While I can’t say Sun Mei’s death was a fave moment, it was fitting that her death served to put the cure in the hands of our faves—good people who’d try to get it to everyone. It was also interesting seeing Red fight a Z who she doesn’t want to kill/hurt, yet she also has to look out for herself. Add me to those ready to see Pandora get her proper comeuppance.
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