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    I watched the whole thing this weekend. Yeah I think the first couple of episodes were a bit overwritten (I have never seen this guy's standup, but some of the lines seemed like they were probably his material awkwardly refashioned into dialogue and it sounded really unnatural) but it got way better after that, and some of the episodes were amazing. Especially the one with the young Ramy and the one about his sister -- I loved that all of the characters on the show were three-dimensional and fleshed out. It also made me realize how shockingly few Muslim characters we see on screens even now. I really hope this is picked up for another season.
  2. retrograde


    My household is big into card, tabletop and party games, but we'd never buy Pricetitution. It just doesn't sound like it would be fun for more than a few rounds, and doesn't seem like something you'd want to play again. That said, I do think a large part of the game market is people just buying them as gifts for friends, regardless of whether they get played or not. And as this one has a catchy name and packaging, it would probably do okay on that alone. But I can't see it going viral in a Cards Against Humanities way, where you play it at a friend's place and want to buy it for yourself.
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    I've also eaten them before. I think they're tasty, but also expensive for the small size and I'm not sure they could get away with the $4/$5 price tag outside of locations like Times Square. You can get a whole bacon, egg and cheese roll for less on every street corner. Maybe that explains why the retail side of Nuchas is stagnating.
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    There are a million six-pack-sized beer coolers out there and this one didn't seem special. It was also only sized for standard-sized cans, which cuts out a lot of the market these days.
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    Masterchef (AU)

  6. retrograde

    Queer Eye

    Agreed. I was expecting a room makeover for the girl so she'd be excited about sleeping elsewhere, but then... nothing. I hope that was just cut for time, otherwise they set the parents up for an almighty bedtime meltdown. RE: The "shower," I think the show kinda makes the participants concoct some kind of "event" to be working towards at the end of each episode. So it's possible it was all the producers' idea, or at the very least the size, venue and/or timing weren't the family's doing. I mean, if they wanted to throw a big party, that actually sounds fine to me, but I'd be hesitant to pin any of it on the family given it's a reality TV show.
  7. retrograde

    S06.E05: Public Shaming

    Monica Lewinsky is a really worthwhile Twitter follow if you enjoyed the interview. I was a kid in another country when the whole Clinton affair happened and didn't realize how much of the public narrative I'd just internalized unquestioningly via jokes in the media until she became a voice amid all the MeToo stuff. When I looked back on the whole thing with adult, 2018 eyes, it was a real gut punch. Also, although Lewinsky didn't participate in it personally, the second season of the podcast Slow Burn does a fantastic job probing and contextualizing the whole scandal, and includes many reporters and commentators from the time re-examining what they said about her at the time.
  8. retrograde

    Queer Eye

    I agree, although I will trust that his sister, who seemed great and very caring, knows him best and if she thinks he really needed a nudge, that he did. However, I did find the social situation with the anime club he was forced into a bit humiliating. I know they present these things as "These fun people just happen to be meeting here today and we brought our guy along to see if he can fit in." But really, the show surely either organizes the whole event or at the very least, must be telling everyone there first "We're trying to get this loner to interact with other humans so we'll be filming all your conversations with him today." I don't see how the setup can possibly improve your self esteem. He's not the only one who's had to do these awkward "adult play dates" either. They always seem uncomfortable for everyone involved. I far preferred seeing Thomas hang out in his actual (well, his sister's) social circle.
  9. retrograde

    Queer Eye

    From that Apartment Therapy interview: Wow, I really assumed the "week" on this show was a reality TV week, so more like several weeks. I know his makeovers are more cosmetic than structural, but still. Really enjoyed this season. Almost every episode I said, "Now this is the best episode of the season," only for it to be upstaged. In the end, I liked Jones Bar-B-Q and Jess the best, but there wasn't really a dud this season. My only complaint is that it seemed like some of Karamo's therapeutic metaphors have become a little too tortured. I felt embarrassed for Thomas having to knock down that "emotional wall." I realize just talking about your feelings may not make for such exciting TV, but still.
  10. retrograde


    Even the top quality home-use 3D printers tend to have misfires and be quite finicky, so I can't imagine this budget one is seamlessly creating toys without some hiccups. Still, I didn't understand the Sharks bowing out over the target demographic issue. If they thought it was too young, they could've just made broadening the scope part of the deal. There didn't seem to be anything about the product or software that inherently made it too young or simple for 8-13 year-olds (or whatever age they'd have preferred, I can't remember exactly). I can understand the logic of the savings site even if it seems counterintuitive. You don't need to give someone and iTunes gift card -- you could just give some cash -- but people often prefer to because if feels like a more thoughtful, real gift and it's also more fun for the receiver. I'd guess that if there's a specific page a kid's relatives can go to that outlines whatever they're saving for, the relatives will be more likely to actually participate in the fundraising campaign, and the kids are more likely to stay focused on their goal. Same reason GoFundMe pages etc are often more effective for raising money than just asking for cash.
  11. retrograde

    S06:09 Feat Socks NYC

    I don't think it's a millennial thing -- every generation has a variation on cocky, entitled, rich, white, male douchebags who cruise through life on easy mode and think it's because they're brilliant. I can just as easily see these hucksters on Wall Street in the 80s. I agree Marcus' convoluted plan (at least what we saw of it) made no sense and I had no idea WTF was going on most of the episode. But I do think his overall point was correct: the only thing they're actually good at is convincing people to buy crap on Instagram (and apparently, up until now, convincing suckers to invest in their unprofitable company), so they need to make that their business. They're not good entrepreneurs, and the socks will inevitably go out of style as they lose touch with the zeitgeist as everyone does. But if they can't use their social media selling abilities to shill products they don't personally love, they'll never turn it into a marketable skill.
  12. retrograde

    Masterchef (AU)

    Apparently they're filming this season in Queensland (the show has mostly been done in Melbourne, though the first few seasons were Sydney). Also Shannon Bennett is out as mentor, replaced by Poh, Matt Sinclair and Billie. I'm not really sure how much help Shannon was, but in so far as he brought anything to the table, it was wisdom from culinary expertise and experience that I'm not sure self-taught former contestants -- especially recent ones like Matt and Billie -- can really offer.
  13. retrograde


    Binged this over the weekend and really enjoyed it. I was around that age at that time, and though I didn't see myself in the main characters on a personality level, so much rang so true about the era and just generally being a 13 year old girl. I really appreciated that the kids (other than the leads of course) looked like actual 13 year olds in all their awkward glory instead of being played by impossibly attractive 16 year old models. The attention to detail on the fashion and hair was also amazing (Brendan showing up at the dance in a Limp Bizkit shirt and dog collar was so real) although I agree there weren't enough frosted tips. The early 2000s was a uniquely awful time for mainstream fashion, music and pop culture in general.
  14. retrograde

    My Kitchen Rules (AU)

    I have been watching in recent years of this show, but gave up in the first week of this one because I just couldn't handle the so-called homeschooled Christian brothers. I like a good villain, but I don't want to watch bigotry and their persona also seemed more contrived than usual. Is there enough redeeming about this season that it's worth trying to start again?
  15. retrograde

    Masterchef (AU)

    I see My Kitchen Rules has started. Masterchef usually starts right after MKR ends.
  16. retrograde

    S10.E12: Episode 12

    Hah no that's my point -- I think it's low in the scheme of wine prices, but probably around the price point the bougie millennials in those photos would think was fine for a casual afternoon with friends. (I do fully admit to spending a lot of money on wine myself, though).
  17. retrograde

    S10.E12: Episode 12

    I think there is a pretty sizable market of people who don't know much about wine and find it intimidating but would like to learn more, and I can see those people buying this wine to drink at home -- but I agree most people wouldn't want to be seen bringing it to a dinner party or when guests come around. The low price point ($18) and social media campaign suggests he's targeting millenials who would buy it for casual get-togethers with friends, which I can see.
  18. retrograde

    S10.E11: Episode 11

    Those dresses looked like something a cult would wear. Harry's, one of the larger subscription razor companies, already launched a women's spinoff brand (I was already using the men's one and have no reason to switch because razors are indeed all the same; at least they're charging the same price though), and there's also already a popular women-targeted company called Billie. "Our razors are pink!" doesn't seem a very strong point of difference, and the company's whole aesthetic looks really dated to me. I don't really wear makeup, but I really liked the makeup bag lady's presentation.
  19. retrograde

    S05.E02: Love Letters

    It's actually pretty common for robbers to indicate they have a gun in their jacket or pocket (I have to read a lot of police reports for work), and it's also common for their victims to err on the side of caution and hand over whatever they want rather than risk that it is a real gun. Of course, yeah, it became clear towards the end this guy probably didn't have a gun (though he could've had a holster) but in the real world I think the police would've still taken this seriously.
  20. retrograde

    S10.E09: Episode 9

    The kid selling the cold brew maker was a good hustler, but lying that people otherwise have to spend hundreds on machines. Even your local uber-hipster coffee shop is probably just using a Toddy, which costs like $35. The Sproing definitely looked not fun. Running on the spot sucks.
  21. retrograde

    AGT The Champions: All Episode Discussion

    You answered your own question: Australians luuurve cheese. That song, I'm sorry to say, was a big No. 1 hit (seven years ago, but still). Australia's Got Talent is also not one of the better reality competition shows in the country (even by the standard of Australian reality competition shows, which...) and doesn't attract that much, yknow, talent. A lot of kid singers and adult performers who pull on the heart strings more than they're actually good. This is really the only good thing to ever come out of it.
  22. retrograde

    S02.E11: meMento

    I have been aware that Marcos and Lorna have zero chemistry since the first episode, but it was really brought home in this one when you see how much more he has with that other light-up mutant lady.
  23. retrograde

    The Masked Singer

    Ricki Lake's husband died a few years ago, so it fits.
  24. retrograde

    S02.E10: eneMy of My eneMy

    To other countries with better laws or at least to one of the headquarters in the US, I guess. You may recall the underground was originally supposed to be getting the Struckers to Mexico, but then Reed decided they should stay and "help" because he's a moron who likes bossing other people around. Lately, though, the underground (or at least this part of it) doesn't seem to be doing much more than fixating on finding Andy and Lorna.
  25. retrograde

    S02.E10: eneMy of My eneMy

    Yeah I find I'm rooting for the Inner Circle now just because it's fun to see all the new powers whenever they free a bunch of mutants. Every time the Mutant Underground gets a new group of refugees it drives me nuts that they don't just go one-by-one seeing what cool shit people can do.