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  1. GenieinTX

    What We Do In The Shadows

    OMG, the bone off the roof. I laughed harder than I have laughed in a long time. Such a stupid obvious joke, but I loved it! This was the best I've liked Colin so far. He was so giddy messing with Nandor.
  2. GenieinTX

    S04.E17: I'm in Love

    I liked it a lot! Of course they were going to do a "I choose me" ending, but I'm really happy with the way it happened. Rebecca really realized she needed to do something for herself that didn't involve the guys. It was cute the way they tied it all in to the songs in her head. And how sweet was the I love everyone speech and a relationship isn't an ending? It wasn't a perfect show, but it had some important things to say and it really did make a lot of people not feel so alone.
  3. GenieinTX

    S04.E16: I Have a Date Tonight

    White Josh! Loved Loved that number, it was so great. Reading over this thread, it's funny. Every guy has support - just like the show. Everyone had a different opinion. I think Josh is a no go. That's her past, that's who she used to be. I think it's Greg, it's always been Greg. However, Nathaniel would give her a good future, she'd be happy with him. So I'm in for anyone but Josh.
  4. GenieinTX

    S04.E08: I'm Not the Person I Used to Be

    I liked it. I think the "greg is different" gag went on a bit long, but I laughed at all the "rest of the series" jokes. I'm so sad that OG Greg was busy, but I'm glad they brought Greg back. I too think they will end the series with a "I choose me" situation. But how interesting that the guys around Rebecca are growing. Nathaniel has his own life now, Josh is seeing that the world doesn't revolve around him, and Greg - well, we'll see how he turns out.
  5. GenieinTX

    S04.E02: I Am Ashamed

    I loved The Cringe! I was sitting there having anxiety because of something dumb I said in a meeting that day and then that song comes on. I so needed that! And loved the costumes.
  6. GenieinTX

    S11.E02: The Ghost Monument

    I'm really liking this season so far. I think starting completely from scratch - new Doctor, writer, companions - was a good thing to do. No carry over expectations other than the Doctor be the Doctor, and she totally is! I like that so far the stories are straight forward and interesting, and the Doctor is the hero with two hearts. She's so caring but enthusiastic and silly and clever.
  7. GenieinTX

    S04.E02: Episode 2

    I was totally relieved as well, but because we will be spared the drama of Demelza being tempted to be with Hugh while Ross is in London. I was not looking forward to that.
  8. GenieinTX

    The Miniaturist

    That was horribly disappointing, for all the reasons mentioned here. Ugh! But here is a post about the gorgeousness of the clothes and sets. Be sure to click through to the link about the real dollhouse that inspired this: https://tomandlorenzo.com/2018/09/the-gorgeous-period-costumes-of-the-miniaturist/ Did anyone read the book to tell us if the Miniaturist actually got more time in the book?
  9. GenieinTX

    TGABS in the Media

    I feel so bad for the contestants! All the work they did and no one will see it because ABC hired some slimeball to be a judge. It's not their fault. I really hope they go up online or something so we can see all the baking.
  10. GenieinTX

    S03.E06: Josh Is Irrelevant

    I love the whole "This isn't about Josh" thing. The writing on this show is amazing. The character arc for Rebecca is soooooo good. And all the side characters have some lessons to learn also. Josh has always been the center of some woman's universe, Paula needs to examine her own issues, Nathaniel is realizing a lot about himself.. UGH This Show is Amazing!!
  11. GenieinTX

    S06.E01: Fallout

    Really not happy with the addition of the kid. Damn show, don't you know that is always the death knell? This show was skating toward more annoying than enjoyable anyway, and then they added an obnoxious kid and more Oliver man pain? UGH!
  12. GenieinTX

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    Am I the only one massively disturbed by the Rooms to go ad with kids singing "My Stuff" to the tune of "My Humps?" All I can hear is "my lovely lady lumps". Ugh Fergie, did you really need that commercial money? And I disagree that the Amazon/Dog/Lion ad song is the worst song ever. I vote for this one, that song is horrible! https://www.ispot.tv/ad/w2FC/snhu-break-the-cycle-song-by-twin-bandit
  13. GenieinTX

    S07.E07: The Dragon And The Wolf

    When Sam was talking to Bran about the secret wedding, he asked Bran - Can you see it? Bran didn't look for the wedding until then and saw it. So I don't think Bran was looking for Littlefinger betrayal until Sansa or Arya asked him to.
  14. GenieinTX


    My read on Mileva was completely different than many of the ones above. Yes, she was miserable and hated everything, but I saw that as mental illness. I thought the writers were making it clear that she was obviously depressed, and perhaps had other mental illness, not that she was just a harpy. Being that depressed, and having her husband succeed and leave her behind, I could see that making it worse. Plus the son said mental illness ran in the family. I felt sorry for Mileva because she was so depressed and had no treatment and a husband who wasn't paying attention, and children to take care of.
  15. GenieinTX

    S01.E01: The Bone Orchard

    The book was hard to follow in the beginning also. But it all comes together and makes sense. Stick with it. I thought it was great. Visuals were stunning, casting is really good. Loved Audrey. I'm a huge Gaiman fan and I was not disappointed. squee!