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  1. 'The Bold Type' Renewed for Season 4 on Freeform With New Showrunner https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/bold-type-renewed-season-4-freeform-1210680
  2. WYNONNA EARP: EMILY ANDRAS TALKS “WHEN YOU CALL MY NAME” Exclusive: Wynonna Earp Star Explains Their Sudden (but Totally Heroic) Death Interviews with Emily Andras and Shamier Anderson
  3. "Hollywood is calling and has been for a couple years now. We’re all very open behind the scenes and Shamier had indicated that as grateful as he was to Wynonna, he was ready to move on. We felt like he gave us an extra year to tell more of Dolls’ story and we felt like this was the best course of action to make everyone happy." According to this interview, it was Shamier Anderson's decision to leave, and he got to choose how Dolls exited... Was Dolls underdeveloped? Sure, but he also isn't the main character. Given more time, we'd probably have gotten more back story/focus on Doll
  4. Wynonna Earp Renewed for Season 4 at Syfy https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/wynonna-earp-renewed-season-4-at-syfy-1128974
  5. I love Mona, but Ali would ruin this for me too. I have absolutely no interest in watching more of mild-mannered high school teacher Ali. They should have kept her as bad-ass sociopathic Ali. I'd watch that Ali with Mona in a heartbeat. Edit: has there been any mention of Emily or the twins? Are they included in this spin-off?
  6. Poor Sarah Drew is out of work again Sarah Drew — who learned earlier this spring that this season of Grey’s Anatomy would be her last — will not be starring in a new CBS drama, either. Shortly after word circulated of her availability, CBS cast her in a reboot of Cagney & Lacey. She was going to play Cagney opposite Michelle Hurd’s Lacey. But not for long, unfortunately. EW learned today that CBS passed on the pilot and went with a reboot of Magnum P.I. instead.
  7. Hope all the fan interest and outrage leads to another network picking up this great show. Of all the memes floating around, I think this is my favorite. Source: http://chelseperetti.tumblr.com/post/173778947554/saveb99
  8. Not a great announcement on International Women's Day, that's for sure. Feels like a bit of kick in the teeth, especially with the "creative" reasoning. If you have writing talent, any character can be interesting and get a decent story, even on an ensemble show. Firing two of your most popular, loyal actresses after 9 & 10 years while admitting you're in a creative drought is not a good look. Especially with all the feminist bragging they did after Ellen published her pay raise. I'm guessing we can expect a dramatic death during a random epic disaster, since that seems to be Grey's f
  9. I'd think that that would have been explained to her when she started work there, although admittedly I'd never heard of it being a detective's responsibility to order medical examiner toxicology reports. Where I live (FL) that's completely the ME's responsibility, although the detective may have input if there are specific drugs that should be looked for. A general tox screen is run on most, if not all ME cases that require an autopsy, especially in a homicide. It seems odd to me that in a homicide case nothing would have been run without the detective specifically ordering it. I'd think
  10. Grey's Anatomy's season just got a little longer ABC ordered two more episodes of Grey’s Anatomy Monday, bringing the total order to 24 episodes this season.
  11. Grey's Anatomy: Spoiler Not Expected to Return for Season 14 There will be one less familiar face making rounds on Grey’s Anatomy this fall: TVLine has learned exclusively that Tessa Ferrer — whose return last season as fired doc Leah Murphy was met with considerable fanfare — is not expected back for the ABC drama’s upcoming 14th season. Not shocking in the slightest, she was in like 6 episodes last season? What a waste for Tessa. At least she'll be replaced with 3 underutilized interns.
  12. Grey's Anatomy spoiler! Look who else is leaving Grey Sloan EW has confirmed that Marika Dominczyk, who recurred as Eliza Minnick, will not be returning for season 14 of Grey’s Anatomy.
  13. There's a lot of these behind the scenes videos on Youtube. I thought this one was interesting (2x06) because they talk about incorporating Melanie Scrofano's pregnancy into the show.
  14. I saw a small clip of it and at first didn't see what the big deal was either. The cast was joking about something pretty obvious: of course Kara/Lena is not going to happen. However, after reading a few posts on Tumblr, I can see why some fans are hurt. It's not really about them saying Supercorp is never happening, it's the way they did it. Having the entire cast singing (minus Chyler Leigh/Floriana Lima who weren't at SDCC), with Jeremy screaming into the camera that Kara and Lena are never going to be more than friends, while the rest laughed, danced and sang along. There was no need
  15. It also appears she's wearing a ring. So I guess she says yes to Alex's proposal. Edit - found this photo as well. Alex and Maggie both wearing rings.
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