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  1. Ok so if we assume that what Janelle said about David's behavior the night of that 911 call was absolutely true, then she basically used Ensley as bait the same way David did with the dog. Best case scenario she knew David would confine his rage to other parts of the house and she was just calling 911 for sympathy/attention. As a great poster has pointed out a few times she's not even capable of faking normal behavior so she didn't understand how saying you are hiding from a raging psychopath but left your kid behind made HER look worse then David in that moment. Worst case scenario she was hoping David would harm Ensley because she hates being a mom so badly or just because in that moment she thought she could use it against David. Because again she would think that the authorities would somehow overlook the fact that SHE left the child in danger. She thinks well if i'm not the one to actual hurt her I'd get custody by default. She really doesn't get that it's not just about who's the least worst person. David is just an incapable or recognizing normal behavior. David thinking that no one would notice what that video really showed was best example. He would have been content with a permanently scarred child as long as he had what he thought was the perfect video taped excuse to murder the dog. Legal eagles out there - in what way would a 911 call like that not result in cops being dispatched and a report taken since she mentions an unattended child and violence? I'm wondering where the responding officers report is.
  2. HBO released a statement about a starbucks cup faster then MTV/Viacom put out a statement on animal cruelty, domestic violence, and child abuse (i see shooting the dog as combination of the three). So I'm guessing there won't be any statement at all - or certainly not anything like what any one of us would hope for. Whenever this does all end it will end badly. It's anyone's guess who will die next but someone else is going to die. I don't think you have a case where absolutely all warning signs are present and yet nothing happens to any other animal or human. I know there are many homes where the cruise control is set to "highly dysfunctional" and kind of stays at a certain level but I don't believe that happens when EVERY warning possible is present. Is there anything we're even missing: 1. History of violence with strangers 2. History of violence with intimate partners 3. History of violence with biologically unrelated children 4. Evidence of un-diagnosed/treated mental health disorder 5. Drug abuse 6. Isolation 7. Access to firearms 8. History of reckless behavior with firearms 9. Involvement in ongoing court cases All of this and no one can get any of the children removed from the house. And if that doesn't say something to us about where we are in terms of protecting Children in this country.... John 11:35 - Jesus Wept
  3. I don’t think the man child mysoginist phenomena is particularly stronger in the south than anywhere else. I have a friend in NY with a masters and well paying job that had her fathers child up and leave to Dubai where he married then left another woman and returned to the USA and she let him move back in and supported him for AGES. When he lost his job he proposed that he not look for one and stay home to “help” the special needs child he never helped out with before so she could find an even higher paying job. My younger sisters thirty year old besty with a masters just finally got out of relationship with a dude who had drink drug and cheating issues and she’s most devestated becuase “he ended it” not her. The psychology behind both these stories could probably fill a few text books.. And I have a kick ass job myself and 99 percent of arguments with the hubby revolves around his rediculous notions of what a full time working mom should cover on the home front versus full time working dad. He has post grad degree and a good job as well. My sister and I were just conversing today about certain things that make us nutty like when the husbands try to worm out of taking out the trash or other “man’s jobs” cause we both feel like “dang it you are the man can you at least deal with the trash!!!”” Anyway this is rambling post but my point it that I don’t think it’s particularly more of an issue in the south. I’m not even sure it’s more of an issue in certain sociology economic situations or not. Between myself, sister, sisters friends etc we cover a lot in terms of socio economic diversity and yet we’re all dealing with this shit. Of corse it helps if the guy is an otherwise decent human vs a piece of shit user and abuser but the gender role stuff is a universal struggle imo.
  4. As juicy a read as it would be I for one hope that the kids don't start writing tell-alls. Neither Kate nor Jon is above pitting the kids against the other parent. Kate intentionally does it among the kids too - singling kids out, clear favoritism, getting kids upset with each other by collective punishments, and making it known her attention/affection was given only under very specific circumstances. Jon probably did it more unintentionally with his horrendous fame-whoring in those years post separation. I can only imagine the psychological abuse that went on. Speaking as someone who comes from large family with only a fraction of the dysfunction - it can already be very difficult for siblings in large families to relate to each other in healthy grown-up ways when they have developed patterns of behavior/interaction with each other while vying for attention/affection from parents who knowing use their need for attention/affection to try to control them rather than offering it without strings attached. There will for sure be siblings unable to cope with the abuse who will put on rose-colored glasses about Kate and/or Jon and will remain loyal to one or the other. Others siblings may be so bitter they are unable to find any redeeming memories of either parent. Some will fall in the middle and will recognize the good and bad in both but even those kids aren't going to appreciate the dirty laundry being aired out. One of these kids starts giving interviews or signing book deals and I don't see how the sibling relationships would ever recover. I for one though am not so sure we'll ever see the tell-alls or exclusives. A LOT of shit can go down in the lives of 8 siblings. The threat of mutually assured destruction via exposure of the intimate details of people lives (that weren't ALREADY caught on camera or sold to online rags by their own freaking parents) will probably keep the kids from giving away all the goods. I also have a smidgen of a hope that Jon's past the highest point of his famewhorishness and might actually want to see the siblings get along together as adults and so he may advise them against spilling the beans. Jon and Kate will reap what they've sown when it comes to their own relationship with each child ad they get older. But the fucking damage they've done BETWEEN the children that will affect their relationships with each other for the rest of their lives makes me want to vomit.
  5. I can totally see her pulling out the most recent incident report and trying to use it to cover up abuse at home.
  6. dabronx

    S08.E27: Thirsty

    Can someone sum up context of jace’s pieces of shit statement? I’m not able to watch.
  7. Uggg if CPS couldn’t intervene for lack of evidence then I would think poor kai also will likely be returned whenever a hearing takes place and Dorris could be at risk of being declared in violation of custody agreement in court. Poor child.
  8. A friend of mine recently started working for CPS. Even though I always kind of knew it - it’s still shocking to hear how high (or would that be low) the bar is set for th before action is taken let alone removal. Apparently a shit ton of time and resources is devoted to family members calling on each other in tit for tat nonsense. Also if Parents refuse to let you in you can go back but with Sherrif. If parents still don’t answer I’m not sure how many times they’ll keep going to see inside of house (i’ll Ask when I back from vacation) also cases can be closed out just be seeing kid get off school bus and looking clean and dressed. I don’t think contact is actually required (again I’ll ask when I back). If those kids’ living situations change it will be because babs and Dorris and or Nathan go to court to enforce or modify the terms of their agreements long before CPS does anything.
  9. If Janelle received enriched air certification than as a pre-requisite she’d have to have her open water certifications which is different to the basic scuba diver course that is typical of quick training on vacay which allows you to be a supervised diver. Open water certification allows you to be unsupervised diver. All I’m saying is go ahead and knock Janelle for her treading water lunacy, knock her for her horrid life choices etc etc but there’s no reason to diminish or downplay what it means to have accomplished open water scuba certification or the enriched air certification to knock her. Does having it make anyone super special? Is it Einstein level math or seal team six level training? No - but it does take enough brain power and commitment to be an accomplishment.
  10. No where in my post did I say that so not sure why you are asking.
  11. Former certified rescue scuba diver here. My two cents is that anyone’s who gets their scuba diver certification and does not feel it’s an accomplishment is probably someone who didn’t pay very close attention or take the safety and classroom portions of the course too seriously and is frankly not someone I’d want to be diving with. There are briefer courses that people take on vacation to go out for a short dive but if Janelle completed her full certification than yes it’s an accomplishment. Janelle can be a wretched human and still have things to be proud of that us “normals” would be proud of too. Taking her scuba course seriously and being proud of that is a good example. Marrying David and being proud of THAT? Not so much........
  12. Kaiser definitely looked sick in that pic I could see it in face especially eyes even before zooming in a bit and seeing the redness above his lips. I’m certainly not opposed to a sick kid still getting fresh air but that kid needed some Vaseline and a proper hat and gloves at a minimum.
  13. For me it’s “I gave you the right” yes fucknut in a sense you gave them the right. But you literally gave them your rights as in YOU NO LONGER HAVE ANY FUCKING RIGHTS!!!” I don’t get how he gets to be so condescending without even understanding what he’s saying. You can’t give up your rights while simultaneously keeping your rights. Uggg
  14. Agreed right up there with: "Ain't no way this f**** kid needs a doctor" and then after being proven wrong..... "Ain't no way I giving this kid the meds that f**** doctor gave him" I don't get how why MTV excuses his homophobia? Or that no one in media has called them on it.
  15. Random thought - I don’t doubt for one second that now she’s out on the land Janelle can’t be bothered to drive her kids to the doc. She couldn’t even give jace hand delivered prescribed meds barb gave her. Seems she waited quite some time to even get Kail to doctor. Did she even get him to doc or were the meds over the counter? And I don’t think I believe Janelle saying that Nathan cussed out Lurch’s Mom. I do believe he has a hair trigger temper but he seems to want to play the freaking game when it comes to co-parenting and dealing with janelle. I don’t see him cussin her out unprovoked although I would believe it in an instant if lurches Mom touched the right nerve. He does not seem to have self control in those scenarios. Speaking of lurches Mom I put zero stock in anything she says or does givin that she hasn’t filed for custody of lurches kids herself. She seems to be supportive of his pathology. Did she not remember she forgot Kaiser’s medicine and made no attempt to deliver it? Did Janelle not txt to see how he was doing or if they had any questions about the meds? Did she not ask to make sure meds were handed off? If she did and New meds weren’t delivered why didn’t she get ass in car and deliver herself? It really infuriates the sane to see Janelle’s bullshit excuses. You have to literally suspend reality and any level of common sense to believe a word out of her mouth or believe she has any defense in these situations.
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