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  1. jeannie

    S05.E16: Tested

    I am someone who actually has always liked Blaine, but this episode made me understand why people hate him. The idea that he doesn't see his own fiance as "a sexual being" was just weird and gross, and it made it obvious that Blaine feels like he's doing Kurt a favor by dating him. I never got that vibe from Blaine before this episode, so I feel like this is like character assassination. Everyone here is correct that they could have done a really good storyline about Blaine being a little fish in a big pond for once, and being afraid he'll lose Kurt. But no--they had to do this in the grossest way possible. On a positive note: I did like "Love is a Battlefield." Nice performance by those two guys. On a shallow note: Hello, Kurt's arms! I've always thought Chris Colfer was downright adorable, but holy crap, he's gotten hot! I love Mercedes, but hate her with Sam. I liked her scenes with Rachel. The scene where Rachel talks about Finn was the first time I've cared about her in a long, long time. Nice to see them acknowledge how his loss is affecting her. I used to really like Sam, too, but I think he's turned into an enormous asshole. I can't stand him anymore. I hated the STD storyline, but I did think Artie's fantasy/nightmare version of Kurt taking their dinner order was really amusing. Props to CC and to Kevin McHale for doing that whole scene with straight faces. Santana, please come back!!!
  2. jeannie


    I will give them credit for that one. That was pretty funny. I don't remember the name of the episode, but from last season (I think?) when Santana moved out of Kurt and Rachel's place (the first time she moved out): Kurt: Bitch took my pillow!
  3. jeannie

    S05.E15: Bash

    Agreed. And it should be well-acted. I feel like they've had this fight (or similar) about a dozen times before, so they've had plenty of practice. That actually reminds me of yet another thing that bothered me about this episode. I feel like Kurt only got beat up when he did so that Rachel would suddenly realize (yet again) that her friends are important/the fight didn't matter/Kurt has her best interests at heart, or whatever the hell lesson she was supposed to learn.
  4. jeannie

    S05.E15: Bash

    Finally watched this episode. And...WTF? 1) Why'd the camera work get all wonky during the scenes of everyone finding out about Kurt getting beat up? Also, how come Rachel (or whoever) couldn't get info from the doctor because "We're not family," and then two seconds later, they came out to tell everyone the details about how Kurt was doing? I do appreciate that after the doctors finished working on Kurt, they brought in a hairstylist. Kurt's hair is one of my favorite things about this show, and I'd hate to see it out of place just because he got beat up. Also, I won't even get into how much I hated the heavy-handed lesson we all were supposed to learn. I can't even articulate how much I hate it, because I just get into a rage and my ability to use words fails me. 2) How come Mercedes' friends had an issue with Sam's race, and not that he was acting like an enormous jackass when they met him? Because, seriously, he was acting like an enormous jackass. 3) Speaking of Mercedes, my goodness I have missed Amber Riley's singing, so it's nice to have her back. Just get her the hell away from Sam. 4) I really want Funny Girl to fail. I don't care if that makes me seem like an asshole. Please tell me the writers are aware that they're making Rachel into someone we want to root against. Because if we're supposed be on Rachel's side, they are telling the wrong story. 5) I cannot tell you how much I love that a) Kurt is getting more songs, and b) Chris Colfer is singing in his lower register. CC is basically my favorite thing on this show, and I just love his voice so, so much. 6) Hands down, my favorite thing was Burt Hummel, mouthing the words while Kurt sang. In fact, that might be my favorite thing that has ever happened on this show, ever. Mike O'Malley is simply the greatest.
  5. jeannie

    S03.E16: It's Not Easy Being Green

    I assume that she is after Rumple's brain. However, Belle is also supposed to be really smart, so maybe they'll throw a curveball at us.
  6. jeannie

    S03.E16: It's Not Easy Being Green

    Am I the only one who is super relieved that Walsh was originally human? I really want Henry to find out soon what's really going on. Maybe he'll somehow come across the OUAT book (which I assume still exists?) and he'll magically remember like Emma in Season 1. Oh, crap...I just realized what'll probably happen. I bet Zelina will tell him. I don't know how or when, but I bet he will find out in the worst way possible. I loved Hook and Henry together. Very sweet. And I am really loving Regina with Robin Hood. Honestly, I'm kind of falling in love with him myself. Overall, I am totally enjoying this story arc. Maybe I'm a sucker because it's Oz related, but I don't care. Love it!
  7. jeannie

    Thea Queen: Speedy

    I was really expecting Thea's reaction to the Merlyn news to be much more intense. I get why she's mad at Oliver for not telling her (everyone else has already pointed out why). But she just found out that: 1) Her mom has been lying to her for her entire life about her parentage. 2) The dad that she adored is not actually her bio-dad. 3) Her bio-dad is the guy who literally destroyed half of the city, and is basically an evil mastermind. 4) For several years, she had a huge crush on her half-brother. Honestly, I thought she was going to run away after hearing the news, so that she could have time on her own to process everything.
  8. jeannie

    Once Upon A Time In Wonderland

    That was the impression I got. Ana remembered Will, and that they had been in love, so the kiss worked on her. The show in general was pretty uneven, but I really enjoyed these last few episodes. I'm thrilled that Michael Socha will be on OUAT, and I hope Emma Rigby ends up there as well. I'd never seen her in anything before, but I have really come to enjoy her.
  9. jeannie

    Amy Pond: The Girl Who Waited

    I loved Amy as well (both the little girl and the adult version of her). I understand why people disliked her, but to me, she's second only to Rose. (Another divisive character, I know).
  10. jeannie

    The Eleventh Doctor: He Will Always Remember

    I really loved Matt as the Doctor. I was skeptical because he's so young (and looks even younger than his age), but man...he was amazing. I think it's possible that Eleven's episodes made me cry more than those of Nine or Ten. The Vincent Van Gogh episode, the last episode with the Ponds, the episode where it's revealed who River really is, and then..."I will always remember when the Doctor was me." Buckets. Buckets and buckets of tears. I'm not sure I fully understand everything that happened during his tenure (the River stuff, much as I loved it, was a little too timey-wimey for me, and I couldn't keep track of the timelines after a while), but he was so unbelievably fun to watch. He brought the physical comedy like no one else. Like I said, he was amazing. I hope he goes on to have a wonderfully successful lifelong career. He is so ridiculously talented.
  11. jeannie

    The Ninth Doctor: He Was Fantastic

    Nine was my first Doctor as well. My husband is a huge fan of the original series, and when the reboot started, he was super pumped. I watched the first two episodes with him "just to see what the big fricking deal is," and by the end of the second episode, I was completely in love with the show. I don't know that I can really pick a favorite episode, but I very much love "Father's Day." I'm a sucker for Rose and her parents, so that one gets me every time. When he regenerated, I cried my eyes out and swore I'd hate the next guy. (I did not. Tennant is actually my favorite). I really hate that Eccleston gets overlooked so much when people talk about the show. I liked Ten better, but I still love Nine. I've rewatched that season a few times, and I can honestly say that I truly enjoyed every episode. Not a stinker in the bunch.
  12. jeannie

    S05.E14: New New York

    Full disclosure: I like Kurt, I like Blaine, I like Klaine (but wish that their "couple name" was "Blurt"), and I mostly like Sam. What I'm saying is, I'm kind of an easy sell with this show. As soon as this episode ended, I said to my husband, "That was, by far, the least annoying this show has been in quite some time." I hate how Rachel keeps getting all obnoxious and bitchy, and then one or more of her friends tells her she's being obnoxious and bitchy, and then she starts acting nice again, but then she gets all obnoxious and bitchy the next week, etc... She's a college student/waitress/rising broadway star. Is there no other storyline for her besides turning her into an insufferable asshole every damn week? The mime class was amazing, and I loved every face Kurt made during that entire scene. I'm so sad that Adam Lambert is done on the show, and I really, really wish he'd come back and never leave. He and Chris Colfer should do a duet every week. Love them. Thank goodness Sam cut his hair. He looks so much less gross now. So happy that Mercedes is back. I really hope Santana is coming back soon. I loved Artie and Rachel's song together. I don't think I recall them ever having a duet before, but they sounded great together. However...when she made that comment about being glad Artie is in NYC because it's nice to have a friend there, my first thought was, "What about your BFF Kurt???" My husband predicts that Mr. Schue will soon move to NYC and purchase that diner where the original NYC trio work (do they still work there?). I love my husband more than anything, but I've never more desperately hoped for him to be wrong about something.
  13. jeannie

    Chris Colfer/Kurt Hummel

    Chris is my absolute favorite on this show because of his reactions. He can convey more with just his facial expressions than many people can with an entire monologue. Sometimes, I just pay attention to him in the background because his reactions are more entertaining than whatever the scene is supposed to be focused on. That mime class was amazing. Every episode should include a scene with Kurt in that class. Absolutely priceless.
  14. jeannie

    How I Met Your Mother

    I cried my eyes out because I'm so devastated about Tracy (that name fits her so well, I have to give credit where it'd due), but I am so royally pissed off right now. Robin?!? Again with that bullshit?!?! No effing way. I got started on the show a couple years ago by binge-watching on Netflix. I've been up to date since about mid-season 7. So I don't know if I feel the same pain as the rest of you, but man, this sucks.
  15. My favorite scene with PB this year (so far) was the one where he's sitting with Laurel, explaining how he wants to have a family dinner and wants to try to win his wife back. He was just so damn charming and sweet, and as a bonus, I actually found Laurel fairly tolerable during that scene. I was legitimately pissed at his ex-wife for revealing that she has a boyfriend. Who on earth can resist Quentin Lance??? Also, he totally know that Oliver is the Arrow. He has to. He just has to.