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  1. I enjoyed this episode! I really liked the black fairy, and was kind of annoyed at Belle's timing with the baby stealing. Rumple must have already been in love with her because I would have strangled Belle after that. Like others up thread, I don't understand why Zelena couldn't defeat Regina. I thought in the past it was only Regina's light magic that allowed her to win over Zelena. When it came to dark magic, I thought it was canon that Zelena was stronger? (I'm going to fanwank this that originally Regina's good magic diluted her bad, thereby allowing Zelena's wickedness to make her dark magic stronger, but I still think Zelena should have given her more of fight, especially since her death would have left her daughter an orphan.) Y'all, I'm sad. Emma used to be my favorite character, but who is this woman who now calls herself Emma? I miss the pre-Dark One Emma who still had energy. I'm not sure I fully understand why the current Emma has lost so much of her spark but she mopes around looking frail and sickly all the time, and it is slowly driving me insane. I kept thinking she'd snap out of it but it's lasted so long now I'm starting to think it is intentional and permanent. Wtf? OMG. What does it say about the Charming/Snow curse, that I've watched this episode twice now and totally forgot it existed?
  2. I had not heard anything about this show but my sister (who has not read the books) mentioned she was excited to watch it based on the previews. Afterwards she told me how much she liked it so I checked it out. So as someone who knows nothing of the books and had not even seen a preview, I will say I enjoyed it quite a bit. I liked the voice overs and found them helpful, I appreciated the slow build -- a little too much, I was sad to leave "modern" times and Frank who I was just starting to warm up to, and I thought all the acting and chemistry between everyone worked well. The only part that slightly annoyed me was how bossy and outspoken Claire was given her precarious circumstances. For a military nurse does Claire have any survival instincts at all? She's surrounded by, maybe eight guys who may or may not be planning to do her harm, yikes, proceed with a bit of caution in that situation instead of telling them all off. I cringed for her because I was halfway afraid someone was going to haul off and hit her, forcing me to hate the show before I even got through the pilot, but she came through it just fine. I feel better now that I've come here and it appears her outspokenness is a big part of her personality in the books so it makes more sense to me now. When my sister explained the episode to me from her summary my first thought was that Claire would eventually fall in love with Black Jack but then, what, she married her own great, great, great, greatˣ grandson? Ew. My other thought was that they were making a point of showing so much sex between her and Frank because she would wind up pregnant in the past, but now after actually watching the episode I think I was pretty off on both counts. I'm interested to see where they're going with it. Is it wrong that I'm hoping for more Frank flashbacks as the series progresses? Kind of how Continuum flashed back to the "future" even as the heroine lived in the past?
  3. Sorry, this must have been my misunderstanding, I thought the original poster was asking if Killian remembered his past with Freya (their history together that led up to his accident), and not their past lives. My bad.
  4. I was assuming the timeline went: Twincest, Freya and Fred are friends. Beauchamps are exiled. Fred remains behind. Twincest and Fred remain friends, they take the fall for him regarding something. Twincest is exiled. ~ 200 years go by. Fred leaves Asgard and reunites w/ family. If that was the case then Isis & bro would have known about the king's curse on his own family as he probably blah-blah-ed it to everyone as a warning. I thought the timeline seemed vague, I only remember them saying they were exiled because they took the fall for Frederick regarding something, leaving it open that the rest of his family could have been gone by then? But I'm only guessing from my fuzzy memory so maybe someone else knows for sure. From what we've seen I would say he does remember his past with Freya, but there might be more magic at work that hasn't been revealed yet as the whole thing seems a bit off. I hope that's the case because he does seem fairly cold towards Freya, and if there isn't a magical explanation then he is pretty much an ass. Edited for clarity
  5. Wow, I can't believe the show finally found a use for Dash! I definitely like him more with Ingrid than with Freya. That said, it kinda bugged me that Ingrid immediately enlisted his aid instead of her family's with her lost time. I'm sure Dash will sincerely try to help her but if his past record is any indication he might make things worse, and Joanna/Wendy would probably be more helpful. I'm sorry about Vincent but I won't believe he's actually dead until I see a body. Lastly, the Freya/Killian dynamic is actually a bigger turnoff for me this season than last, if that is even possible.
  6. I liked this episode more than the previous two. I agree with everyone who said there was finally a little chemistry between Molly and John. The show is getting more interesting so I'll hang on for now. And, yes, Halle running seems distractingly awkward. At least give her a sport's bra. I'm liking Sam, I love the idea of Molly having a real friend in her corner, and I hope Sam stays that way instead of becoming just another fake thing in Molly's life. Also, I don't have an issue with Julie, I feel sort of bad for her. It seems, to me at least, that she has a genuine attachment to Ethan and he seems more animated with her than with Molly. I think if circumstances let Molly give Ethan to Julie without John throwing a fit, she would do it in a heartbeat. I feel like Molly is doing her best with Ethan more to placate John than out of a real feeling of being his mother. What bugged me most about this episode was John's barely restrained pissy attitude towards the parents at the school, as if they are "discriminating" against his toaster. It felt a little heavy-handed to me, as if the show is saying aren't these people such close-minded yokels who are not compassionate enough to accept this toaster among them? All I could think, (after wondering why all the complaining parents were white -- you'd think the future U.S. would be more ethnically diverse), is that they had a valid concern, and that "Oh, we sent you a letter explaining this" is a ridiculous response. Sure, it might be good for John's experiment, but how is that a concern/priority of the school? And why is helping John's experiment so important that even parents who have reservations about this are forced to go along? For what benefit? To help John become a millionaire? Plus, going to school all day seems like overkill, you'd think Ethan could socialize with other kids in a lab sponsored day care. Are all similar developing AI's also going to need to take up space and resources in what I assume is a public school? And all this is for what? So childless parents can have fake kids that perhaps won't even age? When the parents die of old age what happens to the "kids." And wouldn't these probably cost millions of dollars each or are they just going to develop a handful and then duplicate them?
  7. I can't remember, were we ever told what Victor's curse was? He seems to be immortal or close to it. I don't care if greasy brother is under a spell, when he was all, "Oh, I hope my begging you to leave my brother at the alter wasn't the reason you left my brother at the alter since I now realize it wasn't about YOU" -- -- I just wanted to punch him in the face. I don't usually like Freya but she's growing on me and I think she showed some nice restraint. I still think Kendra owl is going to steal greasy's powers. Maybe she wants to wait and get 2 brothers for the price of one. On a shallow note, I love Wendy but I wish they wouldn't make her hair so dark, it's almost too harsh for her. When she had it a medium-dark brown I thought it looked stunning but with the dark brown-black color I don't think it is as flattering.
  8. Thank you, GenL! OK, I will check out a few more episodes and see how things go.
  9. I just started Season 2 and I am so disappointed that they changed Shelley out for a different actress! Wtf? I read an interview where TPTB were basically saying, Yeah, Shelley was great in Season 1...so we decided to replace her with a different actress. This show is spotty at best for me so it pisses me off when they can't even keep the good parts of the show intact. Based on Season 1 I was sure I'd watch all of Season 2 but I'm on episode 3 and not really liking where this is going so far. For the bromance, they aren't setting up another boring love triangle are they? For anyone who has seen the whole second season, is it worth watching the rest for someone who is a Shelley fan? Does the New Shelley get better or is this pretty much how she is?
  10. Don't forget you also predicted Duke putting tacks on Nathan's back, that was practically clairvoyant.
  11. True, we haven't really seen much of Mara yet, but we have seen Audrey's reaction to feeling the Mara personality and we've had some Mara flashbacks where she described breaking every rule with William as fun. The Audreys may be very human but Mara seems like a bit of a sociopath. I am interested to see where they're going with it. Well said. I am curious what the final version of "Audrey" will be once all is said and done.
  12. OK, I am double-posting because I wanted to keep my speculation separate from the thread description. I think the show is at it's best when we have Nathan, Audrey, and Duke against the world rather than trying to splinter up the group and have that be the tension. The idea of Mara was kind of worrying me because it took me a while to adjust to Lexie and Mara seems worse. That said, I was re-watching some of the past seasons and thinking about Mara and where the show is going with who Audrey really is. [For the sake of clarity I'm going to call all the past and future incarnations of Audrey the "Audreys."] Early on, the show hinted that even though the Audreys had different memories they were always still the same person at heart, the same good woman in a storm trying to help others. Now we're told that Mara is the original Audrey and in reality she is someone who would rather hurt people than help them. O-kay. So if anything, shouldn't Mara's personality have been what showed through on all the Audreys? But she wasn't. So this leads me to believe that if you wiped Mara's memory and left her blank she would be that good woman in the storm, her nature is to be that woman. So, does that mean nurture is what made her be the way she is? Are we going to have to hear a Mara hard luck story? Also, do you guys think Audrey and Mara will be vying for control of Audrey's body, or do you think it will be just Mara or just Audrey in control when we return?
  13. Hope it is OK to create this thread. This is for anyone who wants to speculate about what is coming up in Season 5 but who wants to remain spoiler free.
  14. OK, just watched this premiere. Mental note to Self: Never admit to another human being in RL that I watch this show. First, the tentacles. Splinters, yo. That is all. Second, I hated EMT guy. I don't know if he's supposed to be a prospective love interest but he's a rude asshat. Unless they plan to disintegrate him like Mike, he can leave now. Third, I liked when they used a real cat for Cat Wendy, not a creepy CGI cat. I may have to now take back some of my Cat Wendy love. Fourth, Killian lives. Damn.
  15. Now they are the ones who need to be linked so that if you kill one you kill both. Maybe Freya can run off with them both and they can have a spinoff show of their own, The Unoriginals. What I liked: The show's premise. Wendy Cat Wendy Ingrid, but if she ever goes back to the goat blood orgies she's off my list. What I didn't like: The triangle Freya (I don't need poor man's Phoebe, the original Pheebs was horrifying enough.) THE TRIANGLE Julia's wonky line delivery (Am I the only one who hears the weird pauses? It drives me nuts.) All I can say is I'm glad with Season 2 coming that I have a place where I can talk to you guys because I will probably have a lot to bitch and moan about, or maybe I will be pleasantly surprised? Who knows? I'm a semi-optimist. Maybe a shark ate Killian.
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