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  1. So now Charlie's in charge of black stuff? Wonder if Dre's new peers will be as tolerant when he wants to talk about his kids' sex lives and Bow's "monthly visitation."
  2. I liked Harrison's acknowledgment that he and Denise are kindred spirits, and his offer to become her mentor. (I was afraid he was going to hit on her.) If only the show were continuing we'd get to see how Alicia liked having baby sister yanked out from under her wing.
  3. I saw this episode once before, only then it was called "Michael Scott Paper Company."
  4. This was at least the second "Notorious" FJ about LB. I remember one about a woman who was usually described as a redhead but whose passport said her hair was light brown. How many Jeopardy! viewers needed to be told who she was, anyhow? Rodgers seemed unaware that her claim to fame was not that her alleged victims were family members, but that she was a "lady" accused of a double ax murder. If she hadn't been balked in all her attempts to buy poison we'd never have heard of her.
  5. Technically, it's their money. "There's no room in the budget for a $150 splurge" would have been a reasonable position to debate. "You're not allowed to have that because I say so" is not.
  6. So the dog’s going to raise DeVante?
  7. I didn't want Jonah and Amy to reconcile, but it made sense after each talked about how the other had influenced their path in life. Even Carol was at the BBQ. Glenn is such a forgiving soul.
  8. The only thing that made me laugh was the boys' passing reference to the "boob tube" -- hadn't heard that one for a while. Doubtless Santi was a very special baby who needed a very special diet, but wouldn't Johan have witnessed breastfeeding on the commune?
  9. Zephra goes bankrupt just in time to keep Carol from getting her settlement -- because she stalled so long with her increasingly ridiculous demands.
  10. As the wedding approaches Jonah anticipates a joyful reunion not just with Amy but with Parker, to whom he was a second daddy. When the child doesn't remember him, he accepts that there's no going back.
  11. So the "busywork" Jonah despised would have been valuable after all? Figures.
  12. Denise: "This is me with God. You don't want to see me without him." "Can you outrun a bear?" Johan should have replied, "I just need to outrun Santi!" (It's an old joke.)
  13. Nice to see the "unqualified" Mikaela and Neil putting their experience to good use.
  14. Thanks to the stockings I can finally spell DeVante's name. I guess Pops watched him when "the whole family" went to Compton. Hearing him and the dog off-screen felt so perfunctory -- how could they open gifts without the little one present? Ms. Cameron was great.
  15. I'd bet, though, that some of those women weren't so cruelly victimized by time and gravity.
  16. Maybe Miss Smutney wheedled the painting out of Lemuel. I think that was the father of Josto's former bride-to-be.
  17. Or maybe he'd just had to give up on the father who put him in mortal danger. Still, Zelmare did just mess up his life again. Hope he does get revenge, and make the world a safer place. I'm not convinced Chris Rock was miscast. Maybe he was supposed to seem a bit out of his depth.
  18. How about that leopard-print thing Bow was hanging out of tonight? It made Diane's wardrobe choices look downright Amish.
  19. There was some talk between Dibrell and Zelmare about how the devil had followed their family up from Mississippi.
  20. And apparently every bullet fired by the 2 hit a vital spot. Maybe Oraetta will tell Josto, "You owe me! I tried to kill Dr. Harvard for you! Just like I killed your father!"
  21. Yes. Little Oraetta was the victim of her mother's Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, and Oweny Milligan's history of sodomy was included for a reason. No wonder Josto was spitting out the Irish whiskey. Zelmare's going to go after Loy now, right?
  22. Bet Swanee was glad for a spare!
  23. So they're planning to give up some of the money? If the Smutneys pay off their debt with bills that have been washed and dried and still smell like vomit, they'll get a whole new set of problems. "If I don't come back, I'm dead or in jail" means "I would never abandon you."
  24. So Lord Brockenhurst finally said "last time." Too bad he didn't insist on paying the creditors himself. Glad they kept Mrs. Pope in the picture, and that Oliver finally addressed the elephant in the room (his parents' preference for Sophia) before his redemption.
  25. Yes; interesting how Dawson suddenly turned frosty when Ellis noted Mr. Pope's good looks. Want to bet she'd already spotted a resemblance? I love Maria's dark print dress.
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