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  1. I think it was very insensitive of them to use flames in the promo considering poor Claire's condition.
  2. I will only approve of this Kate storyline if it goes on for years.
  3. I love how all the best storylines right now are ones that probably should've happened in 2008. And I'm honestly enjoying Kristen, as long as they continue to write her as gross because that's what she is.
  4. From https://soapdirt.com/days-of-our-lives-spoilers-jan-forces-claire-chloe-into-hunger-games-competition/ Like, at least Jan is fun.
  5. If I had a grandpa who was a millionaire on one side and a great-grandpa who was a millionaire on the other side, I'd just pay the $500 and complain to my grampy about what happened. Then I'd be a big, gossipy bitch about the girl who stiffed me. Of course, since this is Claire, and it's considered growth that she didn't set Chanel on fire or try to have her run out of town, calling the cops seems in character. She's a privileged white girl that doesn't quite understand racism but will use it as a weapon. Her history with Haley shows that.
  6. I'm actually looking forward to Ben and Claire developing a romance and bonding over smoke asphyxiation. 💖
  7. The mask stupidity notwithstanding, this Kate/Kristen storyline works for the same reasons the Sarah/Kristen doesn't. Kate totally could hold up a middle finger, pack her things, and leave forever with no one questioning it. Sarah could not.
  8. Or has an "oopsie daisy" and strangles a college girl.
  9. She really has! If this were KM, I'd probably be cheering "Serves you right!" but I am fully on Abigail's side here.
  10. I didn't even know the Last Blast thing was a thing until I saw it on this forum... months after it ended.
  11. "This is so painful. It's almost as if I'm being strangled." - Ben 😢
  12. I really like Jan and the actress... which means that I hope she's gone soon because we don't need another iconic crazy with diminishing returns. How cool would it be though if they actually wrote for someone who missed the last 15 years (or whatever)? "There's a South Sudan?!" And yeah, she probably killed Charlie and will most likely be put in to a coma after that's revealed. Just like Vivian burying people and Kristen shoving things in her womb and Ben's abhorrent behaviour being brushed under the carpet. *sigh* Oh, well.
  13. Kate helped Ben? For me, that's like the final nail in the coffin for the character and she's my fave. Kate can poison, frame, blackmail and act as smug as anything, but that? That is unforgivable.
  14. Do you think they could bottle and sell Ciara yelling at Claire and Ben? I needed a cigarette after that. I would love it if more characters suffered a head injury, realizing that there are just some things you don't have to be polite about, and started screaming at Pyro and Chokey.
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