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  1. vegankitty

    S05.E17: Forgive & Forget

    Caitlyn also needs to stop sitting on Tyler's lap (she does this is several episodes). I don't particularly like Tyler, but Cait...sweetie...you are just too big for that, K?
  2. vegankitty

    S05.E17: Forgive & Forget

    Deborah looks like/walks like she has rickets.
  3. vegankitty

    S05.E16: Skeletons In The Closet

    1. Technically, April is co-parenting Nova. Isn't a 3/4 split what Leah and Corey have now? 2. Ryan said, "I'm so high" and laughed in the scene where he was playing darts....right before they went outside to eat. 3. Tyler also seemed to be on something when he was eating out with his mom; he could hardly form a sentence, his words were garbled, he made some strange sounds in lieu of words and he was grinding his teeth. (I feel like Mr. Hand on Fast Times at Ridgemont High....EVERYONE is on dope, lol) 4.Sophia complaining to Farrah that grandpa is boring sonetimes; so, like her mother, she is already expecting others are to be at her beck and call, entertaining her/fulfilling all her whims? Wonderful.
  4. vegankitty

    S05.E15: The Big Day

    Butch did a Q&A for The Ashley and he said there was some sort of stipulation in his parole about being around April...I don't think a restraining order exactly because he didn't use that specific term (and we KNOW he is familiar with what restraining orders are, lol)...he just said something about not being near her. So maybe this was the reason he went to the campground? And maybe the driveway was too near April? Just throwing that out there :-). And Carly probably DID scream "daddy" around Tyler, but probably because creepy Ty scares the shit out of her and she was calling for her REAL dad to come save her.
  5. vegankitty

    S05.E15: The Big Day

    Little punk ass bitch...LPAB? New name for Ty Ty :-)? So appropriate.
  6. vegankitty

    S05.E15: The Big Day

    I just re-watched the whole episode again for the third time (I have a rowing machine and I like to have the latest TM running in the background for laughs...I just watch the same episodes over and over after I read all the comments here). Did anyone catch the little lecture Tyler gave Butch in the car after he picked him up from the campground? Butch had asked about meeting Carly and Tyler told him that Teresa said no, blah blah blah. So then Butch said something about how he would let B&T set the pace as far as what they were comfortable with and Tyler said in a know-it-all tone that yes...that's how it had to be with adoptive parents...THEY decide the rules. Okaaaaay, Ty....why dont you go make another Carly video montage and post it on Facebook, lol? He just annoys the SHIT out of me. I really, really hate his little high pitched effeminate sing-song voice he uses when he wants to emphasize certain things or seem funny. Everything about his demeanor just seems so fucking FORCED and for all for show. I have disliked him since he was a shit to his dog in season 2 (when they lived in the trailor). I think cruelty to an animal is a pretty good indicator about who a person really is (his abuse looked disturbingly natural....like he hit the dog on a pretty regular basis, just not necessarily on camera).
  7. vegankitty

    S05.E15: The Big Day

    Why does Debra's house look like a cross between Hoarders, an estate sale and a thrift store? There are literally random end tables/weird ass tables piled with knick knack junk just randomly scattered throughout the kitchen and hallway. No wonder they are screaming at each other...they are being buried alive by tacky.
  8. vegankitty

    S05.E15: The Big Day

    I love the kudos Maci gives herself....look at all we've done in the past year....we bought a house, we had Jayde, Bentley's playing baseball (um...wtf?), I have a job in the career I want to work in (I thought she had a job at a check cashing place)...at our age! Maci...hon...you do realize all of that is because of MTV and nothing you've done, right?
  9. Edited because someone already responded and posted what I had posted, too :-). So I'll just say some other random thing: there was a scene where Maci was holding the baby...standing and Taylor was on the couch...where she had piled a blanket (it looked like) literally on top of Jayde's face. It just looked like suffocation waiting to happen and was kinda strange. That is all.
  10. Important take-homes from this episode: Medical assistants save lives. Much like dramastically, Nathan has butchered "to a T" into "like a T" (as in, "you played the victim like a T") If there were strippers on "The Jetsons", they would wear dresses like Jenelle's.
  11. The thing about Dr. Drew is that he is an addiction counselor. He has been trained to NOT be confrontational because that tactic simply does not work effectively with addicts. He uses a few counseling techniques (strength-based and motivational interviewing) that are meant to build good relationships with clients and to help them come to certain conclusions on their own (instead of being "told" to do things a certain way or being confronted with how wrong their behavior is...these things often lead to resistance and defiance and are counter productive in counseling). Anyway, what looks like coddling is actually a therapeutic process. BUT, it makes for horrible tv :-). And is frustrating to watch. Although he is not in a counselor ROLE here, I think he just can't get past his training. In this setting, they need a Dr. Phil, not a Dr. Understanding. Source: I'm in school to be a Chemical Dependency Professional (counselor).
  12. vegankitty

    S06.E12: Face Off

    Leah sounds like a Stepford Recovering Addict: I need to put myself first. I'm not a perfect person...no one is. It's about learning and growing. She must have memorized every cliche from the posters hanging up in her counselor's office :-). It's real easy to SOUND like your in recovery, but actually changing? Not so much.
  13. vegankitty

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Um,Nathan? Please stop skipping leg day.
  14. vegankitty

    S06.E06: Walk Out

    1 minute into this episode and I'm already dumbfounded....WHY are Nathan and Janelle even up at 4am??? I see that Nathan is drinking, but still....even in my drinking days, I didn't stay up until 4am. Now....using DRUGS, being up at four makes sense. Just makes me wonder... And they are both texting/calling people on their phones. WHO??? Who else is up at 4 that you need to communicate with????
  15. vegankitty

    S06.E03: No Apologies

    Regarding being an addict (that was me)....I'm actually a drug and alcohol counselor now :-). Of course I'm still an addict, but you also gotta kind of gauge your audience when discussing your past and how to phrase things. If this was an AA board, sure....a Teen Mom board? Probably not. To each their own :-).