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  1. To me it's the huge sideburns of season 6 which were the worstbut tragically there are many to choose from!
  2. I'm actually ok with the end of Supernatural, I have been ok with it for 10 years now! But I appreciate the concern. I absolutely agree with Sarah about Jared's hair, just know that the current hairstyle is far from the worst ( check out season 6 if you do'nt believe me. Actually, don't, season 6 is a bloody mess).
  3. The last part of Game Time was a nail biter! The last 2 questions were so hard, and I so want Sarah to win a season. I cursed Will's name even though he won fair and square.
  4. I do believe that "A trip to the dentist" should have been voted into the canon but hey, you are entitled to your opinions. It's your canon. That being said, if king of queens had gotten in, I would have rioted the streets yelling for a recall for my episode of Psych! 😉
  5. I could take the moral high ground and not respond to Dave's insuanation about insults and my fine nation (France) but i ain't classy, so I'll just say that a person who couldn't pronounce any insults with more than 2 syllables shouldn't be so smug. * mic drop*
  6. As the French representative, you'd think I'd have something to say about Agatha Christie's Criminal Games. Especially since it is broadcast on a major network on prime time here in France, and yet... I have never seen a frame of it! I wouldn't even consider it, to me Christie must be British. I feel slightly ashamed. I have however seen "money heist" or "La casa del papel" and I concur with Dave. Claro muy bien! I disagree on Midsomer Murders though, it is so slow I just can't.
  7. I mean Joe Reid must be so flattered! Not just Joey from friends but Joey from the Japanese commercial Joey!
  8. By the way, excellent guest page on the site : D it took me a while to figure it out believe it or not!
  9. I understand and agree with everything Tara said about the Good Place but to me, plot and stakes are so not the point. It's whimsical and charming, it's like a glass of fruity white wine. It's not substential or important but it makes me very happy. On the other hand, I disagree about Chidi and Eleanor, I love them as a couple. But then I already disagreed when Tara suggested that Jake and Amy weren't an interesting couple on Brooklyn 99, so we are both consistent.
  10. Impressive recap! The "not good enough for the canon" argument is what stops me from submitting Nonac episodes. I have in mind the absolutely ghastly Big Bang Theory episode where poor Regina King plays a human resource executive who must deal with Sheldon's "accidental" racism. But I doubt the panel would consider the sitcom good at any point so....
  11. Excellent game time! I appreciated the use of past Nonacs and Canons episodes.
  12. I strongly disagree with Tara's choice in the Friends mom proposition. Judy Geller is the worst of the three, so judgemental, I'd kill her. And I would marry Morgan Fairchild's character: a rich romance writer? Who cares about faithfulness, think of the fun that would be!
  13. I love how Dave is all concerned about ethics when there is an underage character in the mix but is cool with cars as long as there is a convenient exhaust port to abuse.
  14. During game time, when Tara was asked about the eggs, my mind went directly to Under the Dome and the weird cocoons that bothered her so much :D
  15. Same. The beginning of the 3rd season was disappointing, but from Jeremy Bearimy on, it got its groove back. Regarding the canon pitch, I'm a big Community fan. I'm in the middle of my Nth rewatch, and I own seasons 1-3 on DVD. But even I wouldn't have voted this episode into the canon. Pierce is obviously not missed, but I'm not sure any episode without Troy is truly canon. If I were brave enough to record myself giving a pitch, I'd submit either Epidemiology, Remedial Chaos Theory, or Basic Lupine Urology. (I think the L&O spoof would work well for our hosts.) Contemporary American Po
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