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  1. Whoever "wins" I just want it to be a woman, but, uh. Hmm. Unlikely.
  2. I really, really enjoyed today's episode. The runner with the "Lucas Eyes" has my heart all pitter-patter. The way Sami and Lucas generate energy and chemistry in their scenes is just mesmerizing. How it can flip from screwball to passion so easily. I'm a sucker for it. Now let's see what EJ brings to this. I'm excited. I also really like how Xander has decided that Jack's people are his people now. It's a sweet way to get to Xander/Gwen, should they go there, while also keeping that edge of her secret that will hurt Jack, and Xander unwittingly abetting. Abe and Nicole had
  3. I'm really loving how the show is using Xander as a wildcard who can be inserted into any storyline. He's mixed it up with Paulina and Chanel; he's a foil for Nicole; he could easily get wrapped back up in the Sami/Lucas fun; and now he's been pulled into Dr. Snyder's orbit at the hospital, which could have him sidle up to the Tripp/Allie/Chanel storyline full circle, if they wanted him to. He's got 10 fingers in 10 pots and it's exciting to see where he'll pop into frame next. (Often literally, like today, in my biggest LOL moment.) Why is Lani such a humorless drag? Is it on purpose? Is
  4. This is all I ever wanted with this pairing, and I'm getting it, and I'm very happy. Bless the accent gods. Plus they've got a mischievous spark going and commonalities in their backstories that could be mined for some nice moments (should the writers recall Xander's mum's alcohol dependence). I'm a little surprised Xander didn't think about trying to get any cash money out of those pills. Maybe blackmailing Dr. Snyder will get added to his to-do list sometime soon. I don't think Gwen is flush.
  5. I'm already such a sucker for these Horton house mess-arounds. I was chuckling and chortling my way all through the Xander v Julie scenes. PT is having a great time, and it shows. And not just in the donut powder splotches. Based on some suggestive looks, I am starting to suspect that the Allie triangle may still be a-go. And I am not opposed. I found today pretty entertaining again (after some slogging for a couple of the past few episodes).
  6. He also thinks bat shit is made of guavas. Just a great day for Philip all around. LOL. (Did he not have the word guano forever imprinted in his brain from Ace Ventura 2 like us 90s kids? I guess not.)
  7. Kate turning the extortion tables on Dr. Snyder is not something I knew I needed. I could see them becoming an entertainingly gray alliance. I thought her scenes today were perfectly fun. I'm always down for a good revenge plot. The way she turned on the 'poor little me' voice when Jake came in was straight up hilarious. Lol at Jack surrounding himself with the *worst* people and then long-suffering through it. It's fun. I'm into it. Give me more houseguest shenanigans.
  8. Precious was such a good find. I need the recast to have that same vibrant energy. I need it. Shall I dare hope?? No. Mitigate expectations, as always.
  9. I'm expecting EJ to move in with Jack eventually since he's basically running a European boarding house.
  10. I'm enjoying the heck out of Xander and Dr. Snyder as roving menaces with low-level blackmailing schemes. This is the kind of villainy that's easy for me to digest and delight in. This round of Sami vs. Nicole feels like it's gearing up to be very fun! Rafe is the town's biggest gossip, I swear. Especially when it's sensitive, ongoing-investigation information. Rafe, c'mon man. Goodness, this accent-off between Xander and Gwen! I'm into it. Like, a lot.
  11. For anyone who saved their ears and skipped the the Kristen scenes, the short recap is that she pulled out every trick in the manipulative psychopath's handbook. Luckily Brady wasn't vulnerable enough to fall prey to it. I found it almost fascinating, but the screech level was set to 11. I love Xander and Nicole sniping at each other. They have excellent enemy-chemistry. (Chenemistry?) Three times, huh? Hats off, Nic. Now—now—Rafe is suddenly a good detective?? Well, I'll take it. It's never too late to learn competence, eh. What fun scenes. I love seeing Sami cornered and trying to
  12. Lucas's anger was righteous and beautiful, riiiight up until the point I was reminded he knew Kristen was out and about and causing havoc waaaay before Brady did. His discomfort and obfuscation—not exactly guilt but, you know what, good enough for me. (Does he have a fashionably fabulous ghost-relative to haunt his conscience?)
  13. Ben may be a pile of wet leaves most of the time but his subconscious is apparently fabulous. I enjoyed Guilty!Conscience!Jordan so much. (Oh, and that petulant little pen throw! Ha! So funny. You really showed that ghost, Ben.)
  14. The only time I've found Chad at all interesting over the past few years I've been watching was when he was a messy, drunk bitch on New Year's, saying the most outrageously offensive stuff about Abby. It was juicy and awful and I dug it. I also hoped it meant his marriage was finally over for good, but alas. (The kidnapping, Charlotte's dangerous birth, and subsequent forced institutionalization should really have been the end of it. That shit was unforgivable.) The thing I find interesting about Abby's feelings of guilt about Gwen's fall is that, no matter what Gwen lied about before or
  15. I'm enjoying creepy Dr. Snyder. A little something new to throw in the mix. Chad's tears. . . always delightful. His whole outfit is wild. Those pants are so tight.
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