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  1. AlottaShade

    The Frasier Game

    I tend to mentally blank on the "Daphne's mom" years of the show. Sorry!
  2. The most annoying thing about this awful tweety bird is the fact only NOW are people seriously starting to bring up the fact she drinks too much. It came up at different points last season but now basically all of the cast hates her its the big issue. She's always been a drunk. She was awful to Kyle in Palm Springs last season, awful to Adrienne and Paul in Season 3, awful to Joyce at basically any point in the season and awful to Lisa in Peurto Rico.
  3. I'm going to really miss this crazy bitch.
  4. AlottaShade

    S07.E13: The Countdown Begins

    NeNe only has something to say about your shady goings on when she doesn't like you. Keeping it real my ass.
  5. AlottaShade

    Grand Theft Auto 5

    The best console game there is. Any online players? We should start a tribe.
  6. AlottaShade

    The Sims

    I keep going back and forth on Sims 4. I'm currently playing an eight person house and it's very entertaining to see how everybody interacts, but the game is so lifeless.
  7. AlottaShade

    The Frasier Game

    Michael, Simon and Steven. The worst characters the show ever produced. Name at least four characters costumes from "Halloween"
  8. I REALLY think Wren is A and "Even a lie would sound good in that accent" has always stuck in my mind because of that.
  9. Third post! What the hell are they planning with Mike? They tried this shit three seasons ago before Mona was revealed as A to send him up as a false flag (breaking into Spencer's house). Are they really that out of ideas?
  10. AlottaShade

    S07.E13: The Countdown Begins

    Second post! I hate NeNe. Like, I really hate NeNe. She is on Jill Zarin levels of irredeemable. This whole cast is over tbh. I've reached my Kenya limit, Cynthia is playing the same old song, Kandi crossed the bridge into "annoying pushover" territory last season, Porsha is a hag, Phaedra is dirty handed and Claudia is a non event. I miss Kim & Sheree.
  11. AlottaShade

    S05.E12: Drama Queens

    First post! Christ this episode was good. I don't want to watch Kim fall off the wagon any further, but it's the only time she's interesting. I mean can anybody name me anything she did last season? I went comatose for most of her scenes. Anyway, hi Previously forum!