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  1. I wouldn’t mind watching Carly repeatedly and unsuccessfully trying to seduce Jason, like Wile E. Coyote getting crushed by an anvil every time. Jason: -walks in on Carly in a negligee- Carly: Oh, Jason, I forgot to lock the door, teehee! Jason: -blinks, silently hands her her robe, walks out- Carly: Dammit! Then Joss pops out from the closet: We’ll get him next time, Mom!
  2. My guess is Hayden. She has plenty of reason to want revenge on Nikolas, and with the show revisiting Nik’s attempt to have her killed in the Shawn storyline, plus Liz and Finn heading for romance, it’s a perfect time to bring her back.
  3. Ahh, but that’s the beauty of it. Once Our Great Lovers are finally reunited after all their trials, the marriage to Chase can be revealed to be invalid. “I’ve only ever truly been married to you, Michael,” Willow will whisper, wiping a tear from her eye as they joyfully embrace. True love conquers all! And then we’ll all barf, because damn, that mayonnaise is rancid.
  4. So how long before Carly suggests that she and Jason get married? Just to present a united front to the Five Families, of course. Strictly business. Not something she’s been dreaming of for the past thirty years or so, no siree. Not that that solution makes a whole lot of sense, either, but none of this mob stuff makes any sense. And thanks, show, for punting away the one vaguely interesting possibility here- Mob Queen Carly unwilling to give up control of the business to anyone, not Jason, and not Sonny when he finally returns. And I hope they don’t ever bring up the hospital escape
  5. No lie, I was going to mention that but couldn’t think of how to phrase Jason’s slo-mo un-deadening. Defrosting? Nixon Fails has just completely stranded Nina as a character. No one in PC misses her - except Jax, stupidly, and even he only suddenly remembered her two episodes ago. When Peter listed Nina as someone Valentin cares about, I wanted his response to be like, “Who?” She’s the deadest of weights- when Sonny’s memory returns she’s got to be out of here, right? Jax can go, too. Sorry, dude. You’re shouting into the void about your she-beast of an ex-wife’s power grab and you
  6. I finally found a playlist containing the original “Faison poisons Tiffany” storyline Here. There are a lot of missing/removed clips but the meat of the storyline is still there. The poisoning storyline starts about halfway down the page with this clip. Edit: Oops! It’s this one. The first one was just Faison threatening to deal with Sean and Tracy trying to get Sean to back off Paul Hornsby, who is a major player in this storyline. Here’s where things really begin.
  7. No it's the one Faison gave Tiffany, hence the need to go through the papers that Sean had. Peter had it modified. But it's ridiculous that no one asked Obrecht who was probably involved in creating the original toxin in the first place and has no love for Peter. I don't. Peter gave Chase a toxin, not a virus, so that there is no point in creating an mRNA package for it because it wouldn't be reproducible. And a variant would not apply because again, not a virus. It feels like they read someone talking about the two mRNA Covid vaccines and thought that they would
  8. My wacky theory about Austin is this: He worked at the Facility Jax Found while Michael was a patient there. Bonus hackery points if he developed a crush on Carly, the braveandstrong mother who spent oh-so-many hours at her comatose son’s bedside. <eyeroll> I mean, that explanation is not great, but it’s better than Austin being yet another Corinthos or a member of some other mob family. (Though unless the hippie act is a feint, he’s probably not the ruling boss himself and it’s his family members who are the real criminals.) But seriously, we just (hopefully) jettisoned ou
  9. Seriously, that’s a really good idea. Probably too good, unfortunately. I want Peter dead, but I do NOT want a Who Killed Peter storyline- that would be just another way for Peter to continue to eat the show even after his death. No thanks. But like everyone else has said, I doubt he’s truly gone yet. Maybe comatose - that might be a nice break - for WR, too; he can take a break from all the mustache-twirling and have a nap. And then in a few months he can wake up with amnesia and we’ll all be on the very edge of our seats wondering if he’s faking it or not as the show weighs whet
  10. Jason/Britt really is moving at warp speed, especially for a Jason relationship. He’s never been much of a casual sex guy - maaaybe he boned Carly pretty fast back in the day? But otherwise all of his other major relationships I can think of came after a slow burn with lots of buildup. I don’t know what that means for Jason/Britt in the future, if they’re really planning to go there long-term or if they’re still thinking of killing Britt off, or what. I’m not sure the show knows yet, either. I’m not hating them now, but it’s only a matter of time before Britt loses all spine and interesting c
  11. I certainly don’t think that’s what Carly was implying - she seemed to be suggesting Sasha just make up a dude. There’s no way she’d approve of precious Michael putting himself in danger for Brando’s sake - hell, I think Carly would blow that lie up herself and sell Brando out in a heartbeat if Sasha dared to try it. Really, the best play here if she’s not telling Brando (besides ending the pregnancy, which is apparently not an option Sasha is even considering) is to invent a guy, say he was from out of town, she didn’t even know him, they had a ONS and now he’s gone and she has no way of
  12. I wish Sasha had confided in Willow today. Didn’t she support Willow when she had her brief pregnancy scare a while ago? I know the Michael of it all makes it a little weird (but not as weird as confiding in Michael’s MOM, ugh), but it would make some sense and give Willow something to do that’s not sitting guiltily at Chase’s bedside or hanging out with Michael and the kid. He was really good there. And yet, Cyrus gets this information and uses it to…set up a half-assed loyalty test for a minion he already knows isn’t loyal, since he had to blackmail him into working for him in the fi
  13. Today made me optimistic that at least there don’t seem to be any current plans to attempt an eleventh-hour redemption arc with Peter; he’s still murdering innocent people, and he’s being sloppier than ever about it. Britt mentioning her previous time on the run with Faison at five-star hotels (as OOC as that seemed; I feel pretty sure Faison would know his survivalist shit) made me wish I could watch Faison terrorize hotel staff for like forgetting to leave chocolates on his pillow rather than Jason and Britt googly schmoopy blah in a barn. Yes, I noticed the deliberate opening shot
  14. Seriously. Joss: "I'm selfish!" Carly: "No, you're not! But I am!" Joss: "That's not true--you're amazing!" Sad smiles to each other. And...scene. Carly: “But you know who’s the most amazing of all?” -in unison-: “JASON.”
  15. They could do something interesting here if they really commit to the long term. A power-mad Carly refusing to cede control when Sonny eventually returns. (I see that @perkie1968 and I are on the same wavelength on that part.) There is definite potential there. What if when Sonny returns Carly actually holds him responsible for his months of complete disinterest in finding out who he really was and is furious at him? “You effectively abandoned your life and your family; you don’t get to just waltz back in and take over like nothing happened. I picked up the pieces when you died, I’ve
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